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 Gobekli Tepe, a place of worship created by a community of hunter-gatherers 12,500 years ago was laid out in accordance with the 12 signs of the Zodiac. 

How old is the Bible? The famous Dead Sea Scrolls, which contain most of the books of the Hebrew Bible, date to 408 BC to 300 A.D. So the oldest Biblical text we found is about 2700 years old. Hinduism (precursor.2nd millennium BC) gets first place as the oldest religion.

How old is religion? The first signs of organized religion as we understand it today, occurred when humans started to move from a hunter-gatherer way of life to a more settled agrarian way of life.  This brought them into continuous contact with others, and a need for language. This has been the status quo for the last 10,000 years or perhaps more for organized religion. 

The importance of the Golbekli Tepe discovery:  1) it predates agriculture by 2500 years  2) it illustrates that hunter-gatherers were no schmoes in community development and 3) their coreligionist practice revolved around astrology. The Chinese embraced astrology 5000 years ago, while Egypt has confused everybody since 2000 BC about the differences between mono-theistic religion and star-gazing. 

Most everybody knows their zodiac sign Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn and the well documented legitimacy of personality characteristics based on a person's date of birth.

Olney H. Richmond published information about the true meaning of the playing cards in 1893 in his first book, The Mystic Test Book Or The Magic Of The Cards Olney established his temple in Grand Rapids, Michigan to preach his own take on religion versus astrology claiming that the The Order of the Magi was the star religion of the ancient Chaldeans. He said that this tradition existed 20,000 years before the birth of Christ. Indeed, it was held that the three Magi of the Bible were members of this order and that Christ himself later became an initiate. Richmond held that the Order had centers in not only Chaldea, but also Egypt and Persia. Moreover, he held that Pythagoras was a Grand Master of the Order (by way of the Egyptian temple.)


Southern Michigan, Holland and Grand Rapids in particular received Dutch Calvinist immigrants who fostered many Protestant religious philosophies e.g. New Thought, Seventh Day Adventist, Unity, Christian Science and pantheistic mind/science beliefs. The origins of the "Law of Attraction" and Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich can be traced back to Michigan. The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is the 'Harvard' of psychology,  organizational behavior and psychometric testing's quadrant theory.


However, Robert Lee Camp brought this Solar Brockchain technology to the mainstream world of Astrology by translating Olney H. Richmond's "weird shit" into layman language via two books, Love Cards and Cards of Your Destiny. Whether, Pythagoras had anything to do with the mathematical calcs required to take 365 birthdays and allocate each to one of 52 playing cards is still a mystery. Here is Camp's interpretation.

The formula 55 - [(2 x the birth month)  + Day #] = one of the 52 playing cards.

January 1st for example equals 55 - [ (2 x 1) + 1 ] = 55 - 3 = 52  

 52 birthdays. 133  birthdays, 131  birthdays. 49  birthdays




















 December 31




















































The Bitcoin Phenomenon

Gavin Andresen, Bitcoin core developer "Bitcoin is designed to bring us back to a decentralized currency of the people," and "this is like better gold than gold."

The engineering construction company that I worked for in Brazil paid its American employees in Cruzeiros, 20% more than the official exchange rate of 10 CR = 1 USD because their currency was blocked. Thirty years later I'm an ESL teacher in China getting 6000 Yuan a month and I need to send money home to pay bills in USD. Each month I would visit Crystal at the foreign exchange desk of the Bank of China and she suggested that I get a Chinese friend to do the transaction in their name to eliminate the onerous paperwork required to process it in my name. Even though I had a PayPal in Hong Kong, that was blocked along with Google, Youtube, Facebook, the NYT, WSJ and anything you might like to watch on Netflix. The Chinese citizenry were limited to 40,000 Yuan or about $6,500 they could send out of the country.

When I read about Zimbabwe's last bout of hyper inflation my Brazil China problems were nothing. Then the rising use of Bitcoin in Zimbabwe, who hasn't had its own currency since April 2009 or where it takes a Bitcoin to buy lunch in Venezuela or the Chinese using Bitcoin to keep their money safe and available, I knew why. The Chinese buy real estate, they buy one, two, three or as many apartments as they can afford, because everything is controlled by the government.

Bitcoin has been compared to the rise of the internet. Steve Jobs and Wozniak created Apple, Bill Gates provided the software to allow IBM PC owners a way to use the internet and AOL gave ordinary folks at home, a reason to use the internet.

Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke and the US Federal Reserve are the Jobs, Gates, and AOL of digital-crypto currencies. They gave the world a reason to use Bitcoins, here, there and every where. A 1913 USD can now buy $25.19 worth of stuff. If Bitcoin had been invented back then a $1 would be equal to at least $25.19. A 1913 dollar in the bank at 3% compound interest after 104 years comes to $21.63. The big four BOJ, BOE, ECB and the FED for the last nine years of those 104, have kept interest rates near 0% so we would know how the Chinese feel about not having anyway to save money other than real estate..

Gavin Andresen's quote about Bitcoin being "gold, that is better than gold" is due to its stability and ease of use. If my grandfather had purchased a 1913 dollar's worth of gold I'd inherit $25.19 today ($520.59 divided by $20.67 = $25.19). Wait, wait the 10-12-2017 Gold close was $1293.75/oz or about 0.6% per year. Better yet, if gramps had plunked down $20.67 for a Bitcoin I'd have $5475 in my Bitcoin 'wallet.'

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