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Your Long Range (Focus, Theme & Plot) Card

This card can mark a year in which you find a deeper purpose for your life and work. Any six in such a prominent position can signal a time when we discover something that we are fated to do. In this case, it would involve helping others to find a more meaningful set of values to base their life upon.

Auspicious Events Occurring for Bernie This Year 


Environment           Displacement

This is a Major Completion Year for Bernie because he has a Nine card in a prominent position this year (Long Range, Pluto, Result, Environment, or Displacement)
Bernie's September 8 2019 to September 8 2020 Reading

Your Mercury Period begins 9/8/2019 and ends 10/30/2019 - Bernie has a heart attack in Vegas Oct 1 - “Bernie’s Back” rally in New York on Oct. 19



Your Mars Period begins 12/21/2019 and ends 02/12/2020


Your Jupiter Period begins 02/12/2020 and ends 04/4/2020

Sander’s wife’s $10 million ad buy arrangement

 "Another important meaning of this card is that your marriage partner is making more money this year. So, in a reverse sort of way, this card is a good indicator of financial success for your partner, whatever work they may be involved in. It also holds true for non-marriage relationships, but only when your partner helps to support you financially."


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