"A Kamala is a Biden VP pick designed by a DNC committee,"

 Self "Sharing of Ideas" 

Karma Fear of Cooperation

The old school Republican establishment thought Jeb was the answer and placed their $100 million bet on the third Bush to win, place and show. The Democrats take "the camel is a horse designed by a committee," approach. Hillary, was no Bill Clinton kind of candidate but she had earned her establishment creds. When Bernie got his nose to far inside the DNCommittee's tent - well we all know what happened to "Feel the Bern."

The Establishment Left Committee has announced who they think would best serve the interests of the Permanent State - Kamala Harris: October TWENTIETH   the Day of VOGUE:. The 2020 nominee has got to be a woman of color, a Generation X Nomad like Obama, no Boomer white folks like Biden, Liz Warren or God forbid pre-boomer Bernie. No Kamala is an ethnicity centerfold with a MLK activist Indian father and a Jamaican mom.

The Astro-Psychometric Perspective

Clubs govern the period of life after childhood when we are sent off to school every day. It is the second season of the year and represents the summertime of life. In cardology, the Clubs suit represents the mind and mental activities. Clubs people love to read and to learn new things and thrive on conversation and communications in all forms. To a Clubs person, education of some sort is a prerequisite so they may fulfill their responsibility of comprehending and translating the facts of life. They are detail-oriented people too and will notice and find things that other suits miss.


 Why Are There No TWO  of Clubs Presidents?


Martin Van Buren

John Tyler

James Buchanan

Ulysses S. Grant

James Abram Garfield

Chester Alan Arthur

Benjamin Harrison





William McKinley

William Howard Taft

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Dwight David Eisenhower

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

William Jefferson Clinton




Why Are There No TWO  of Clubs Presidents? They prefer to work alone because of their Karmic Challenge Fear of Cooperation.  They don't trust anybody, therefore nobody trusts them.

Open Loop Limbic System

Clubs live in the Cerebral world of Abstract Conceptualization and feel compelled to make a Judgement call, based on everything they discover in their 'egghead' research. So why did they unanimously pick Kamala? The even numbered Clubs 10 FDR, 8 Eisenhower, 6 Harrison (never made past inauguration) are more successful dealing in the mundane, which should work for 2 Kamala but her mundane world is taking care of Kamala. So, how did she get the 2020 job?

Answer: +Karma KING  of Hearts "The Master of Love Card," the Brad Pitt and yes, Joe Biden, Birth (Self) Card. Kamala and the October 20 Day of VOGUE person goes Joe one better with her Ego selection, Who She Thinks She Is, the JACK  of Diamonds "The Super Salesperson Card." Bloomberg is a real JACK  of Diamonds but he didn't make the cut because of his old white guy, pre-boomer status.


        Self                                                       Ego


 The Permanent Democrat State intentionally over looked the Millennial candidate Tulsi Gabbard because she is a bigger threat to both sides of the Establishment - a Bernice Sanders and standard bearer of the Hero Generation

Now that Kamala is the VP, what does her script say for her 20 October 2020/21 year ahead?

" You have arrived at a very significant year of your life, perhaps the most significant year. Because your Ego (Planetary Ruling) Card is in the 'Sun' or 'Pinnacle' position, this year will mark a great transition for you in some respect." 

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