The Evolution of Lincoln & Darwin

A 153 years ago on February 12, 1865 Abe Lincoln and Charles Darwin celebrated their 56th birthdays. Each received the same Astrological Horoscope (Birthday Reading). Abe went to the theater, but Charlie kept writing his book for seventeen more years.

Auspicious Events Occurring at Age 56

Abe & Charlie's Ego card placement at age 56

Abe & Charlie, your Ego card the SIX  of Diamonds falls in a very auspicious position this year, the spot in the very center of the Grand Solar Spread known as the 'Most Blessed' position. This position has what we call a 'double Jupiter' influence. Because of the fortunate effects of Jupiter, you are absolutely going to receive a tremendous blessing this year. In effect, you will receive the thing that you want most in life. However, this will be the thing that you truly want in your heart, not just some fanciful wish that your mind plays with at times. Whatever you wish for most, the thing that will bring you the truest happiness, will come to you this year. Therefore, this is a very auspicious year for you and one that marks the end of a long cycle in your life.

Darwin went with the 'Most Blessed' Position Forecast

If you are a materially minded person, this wish may manifest as greater financial blessings or something on the mundane level. However, it will only come to you if this thing will truly bring you more happiness and peace of mind. For spiritually minded people, prayers are answered and major turning points in life are reached. Many embark on a higher path at some point during this auspicious year.

This is a 'Major Completion' Year for You Abraham


Because you have a Nine card in a prominent position this year (Long Range, Pluto, Result, Environment, or Displacement), we know that this will be a year in which you achieve an important ending in your life. This Nine may occur in either your Self (Birth) Card or your Ego (Planetary Ruling) Card Spread. Endings can be seen as disappointments if we disregard their true meaning. In truth they represent graduations from chapters of our life that were important but are now no longer helpful for our personal growth and development. What is also beautiful about endings is the wonderful freedom we feel after we have passed through it and are on to our next stage of work and development.

Whatever the nature of the endings in your life this year, be glad that you have reached the point in your development that you are ready to move on to better things and relationships. We are often afraid to let go of things that have become so familiar to us. Sometimes we are not even able to see that these things are no longer of any real use to us. Rest assured that this is the case for you. You are ready to move on and by this time next year, you will be in an entirely new and better place for your personal and professional development and expansion.

Your Pluto Card is also a very important card in the Yearly Spread. It signifies something or someone that will cause a significant change in some part of your life. It may define an area where you experience a 'mini-death' in your life, a place where you release a negative pattern to make room for a more positive way of life.

 Your Ego's Pluto Card is the NINE  of Hearts "The Divorce Card."

This year you will likely have one or more of your most important relationships coming to an end. The time has come to let go of these and move on and yet, it may not be easy to do. Either you are wanting it to end and that is a problem for you or you don't want it to end and it is ending anyway. Personal attachments may be surfacing that make these endings very difficult. These endings could manifest as a divorce, either personally or professionally, or as the actual leaving or death of someone close to you. Even the death of a pet would qualify as a Nine of Hearts experience, especially if you had close bonds with the pet.

If these endings leave you disappointed in any way, it is likely that you are emotionally attached to someone. It is likely that you have an internal conflict about this. There are probably two parts inside yourself - one that wants an ending to one or more relationships, and one that doesn't. If you can tune in to yourself, you may be able to resolve this inner conflict and reach a place of acceptance.


  Self                                                 Ego

The ACE  of Spades as the Pluto Card in Abe & Charlie's Self, Soul, Birth, Who They Truly Were, KING  of Diamonds Card, Birthday Reading for 1865.

 Your Pluto Card "The Challenge."

The powerful Ace  of Spades signifies that this year will see you go through some major changes, internal and external. You may have to face the loss of one or more close relationships or other facets of your life may come to an end, leaving you changed as nothing else could. You may be ending a major chapter of life. The Ace  of Spades is one of the most powerful cards for personal transformation and this year it is challenging you to let go of the past and start over. This can be a year where you have a strong desire to make a definite and fundamental change in your lifestyle or work.

On a mundane level, you may be wanting to begin a totally new line of work or effect a total change in the way you approach your work. You may be looking for something that will really motivate you to put yourself totally into your work.

On a deeper level, you may be overdue for a totally new way of living your life and you are making a concerted effort at self-exploration to uncover the deeper mysteries of yourself. This quest may lead you to the study of metaphysical sciences such as this Science of the Cards or Astrology. On the other hand, the passing of someone near to you may be very challenging to be with this year. Since the Ace  of Spades is the card for death and transformation, this passing would radically change you as well.

Look to the Result Card to get more information about this change you are wanting in your life this year. If the Result Card is that of someone you know, then this change will be directly related to that person. If not, study the meaning of the Result Card and combine it with the basic theme of radical change to get the whole picture of the challenge you have put before yourself this year.

Affirmation: I create a powerful transformation in my life this year. I am manifesting new beginnings in many important areas and letting go of the past.

Mercury 12 February 1865 to 5 April 1865

 The JACK  of Hearts "The Jesus Christ Card."

This card represents a younger man of the Hearts suit with whom you will have some communications during this period. It could be romantic or simply an exchange of information. This card is also called the card of sacrifice. It brings with it a high spiritual energy that encourages us to do good things for others, even if doing those things takes something away from our personal list of desires or needs. In that light you may choose to do something to help another during this period, something that requires you to give up something you value in the process.

 The NINE  of Clubs "The Universal Knowledge Card."

At this time there could be something disappointing, or some bad news that arises suddenly and passes away just as quickly. This could be a sudden antagonism to your wishes or plans by another. There will be some sudden and unexpected disappointment, but it will pass quickly. This influence could also represent a sudden interruption in your education, perhaps because of a family member.

Your other Mercury Card may tell you what thing or relationship in your life that is coming to an end during this period. Nines usually mean that a cycle of life is coming to an end. Whether we feel like we are graduating or are disappointed because of the loss is entirely up to us."

So, Lincoln had every right, to feel satisfied, vindicated and looking forward to knitting the country back together, now that Lee had surrendered at Appomattox. Why not kick back and take Mary Todd to the theater? Never leave home without checking the cards in your hand.


Shenk mentioned in his article that Darwin, same birthday, 12 Feb 1809, as Lincoln, also suffered from mood swings and bouts of depression. Therefore, I had to see what happened to Charlie on his fifty-sixth birthday.

While Abe was fighting the Civil War, Darwin published his Origins of Species in 1859 but avoided using the word evolution. In 1865, Darwin's work was still unfinished and he stuck around until his 1872 6th edition before dropping his Evolution of Man bomb. Darwin's version of the 'Denial of the Power of Love Fear ' karma, that he shared with Lincoln, was he feared that he would die before his epic work was done.

Comparing the two February 12 boys at age 56, Abe was satisfied in what he had accomplished, while Darwin realized that he knew he was right but his real contribution to mankind had just begun.


 When you have finished your karmic mission, you are free to go.



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