The Globalization of Unbelief

The Globalization of Unbelief: lack of religious belief; an absence of faith "the darkness of unbelief." The New World Order is almost here, it is a good time to study up on Carl Jung's Spiritual Problem of the Modern Individual.

Phil Donahue Saved Me from Religion

 “Animal Magnetism, Mesmerism and Hypnotism Denounced” was the subject twice a year in Sunday school, at Norwood First Church of Christ Science. I was born a third generation Christian Scientist, a designated ‘cult’ group by the Christian establishment. I dutifully carried a note to the school nurse every time shots were to be administered because taking medicine in any form was against my religion. Being a Christian Scientist was always an embarrassment. Why couldn’t I have been born a Presbyterian or even a Catholic.

Phil Donahue on his very first show in November 1967 had Madeline O’Hare, the Atheist, as his guest. The Christian Science parents, who refused medical treatment, for their dying of cancer, 12 year-old daughter, appeared sometime in the late eighties.

I had survived childhood, college, the Marine Corps, five DUI qualified car wrecks, with only a band aid for a knee injury and aspirin for my numerous hangovers. If I had needed a blood transfusion as a Jehovah’s Witness's child or some serious illness as a CS’er, my parents, thanks to Donahue, could have gone to jail.

Looking back, it seems to me, that each religion freezes a moment in time and claims the future, through their proprietary philosophical lens. What they didn’t tell me in Sunday school, was the fact that Phineas Parkhurst Quimby was the author of all that “Animal Magnetism, Mesmerism and Hypnotism” stuff and Mary Baker Eddy had been his patient-protege.

What my parents, Esther, the true believer and Marion, the go along for the ride, didn’t tell my sister and me, was we were just flotsam in the evolution of New Thoughtism. We were on the leading edge of metaphysics and my future heroes: Napoleon Hill, “The Law of Attraction,” Louise Hay and Deepak Chopra. I could read their books and ascribe to their philosophy, even if I were Presbyterian, Methodist, Catholic or a doubting former 'cult' member.

The Commencement speaker of the University of Cincinnati Class of 1968

Norman Vincent Peale related that at one time he almost resigned from his pastorate as his teachings came under heavy criticism from fellow clergymen. His father, a Methodist minister, came to the rescue and persuaded him to continue saying, "You have evolved a new Christian emphasis out of a composite of Science of Mind, metaphysics, Christian Science, medical and psychological practice, Baptist Evangelism, Methodist witnessing, and solid Dutch Reformed Calvinism."(Spirits in Rebellion, p.391). While his dad recognized what an eclectic mishmash he had, he failed to recognize how this was a departure from the Christian faith.

In 1976, Watergate conspirator Chuck Colson's book Born Again gained international notice. Time magazine named him "One of the 25 most influential Evangelicals in America."

The Born Again Movement

The term had become widely associated with the evangelical Christian renewal since the late 1960s. First in the United States and then around the world, born again came to refer to a conversion experience, accepting Jesus Christ as lord and savior in order to be saved from hell and given eternal life with God in heaven, and was increasingly used as a term to identify devout believers. By the mid-1970s, born again Christians were increasingly referred to in the mainstream media as part of the born again movement.

Esther was so proud, not that I was serving out my Nixon's draft notice, but Haldeman, Erlichman and Colson were all Christian Scientists. After Vietnam I became an unbeliever in both religion and politics. I looked to Deepak Chopra, listened to his buddy Wayne Dyer (another ex Christian Scientist) and relied on Louise Hay (daughter of Christian Scientist mother) to aleve my hangover headaches.

"the darkness of my unbelief"

Race, Religion, Politics, Sex and Money have remained on my topic board forever and I could all-knowingly joust around each of these subjects, based on having the same living-work experience, in America, Brazil, Egypt, China & Turkey; as an architect, goat farmer, ESL teacher, and currently an expat Baby Boomer.

Howsoever, the coming Global Financial collapse has interrupted my treatises on Race, Religion, Politics, Sex and focused my mind, body, & soul on Money. Only three percent of the folks in Brazil, Egypt, and China have, and always have had, all the MONEY. Only 2% of Americans, since George Washington, ever have enough financial independence to retire without social assistance.

Obviously, whether it is 97%, 98% or 99% to 1% in Greece, Zimbabwe, Wiemar Germany in 1923 or Venezuela today, 'we,' the collective conscientiousness, are in big trouble. 

In atheism, non- belief, agnosticism, heresy, apostasy, irreligion, heathenism, godlessness, nihilism, and lack of faith, our belief in Money is being tested.







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