Trump's Not Hitler, He's Che Guevarra

Trump is a Nazi, a Hitler. Wrong. Trump is a disruptor. Trump is a Che Guevara. In June 1955, at the age of 27 Che was introduced to Raúl Castro, who subsequently introduced him to his older brother, Fidel Castro, the revolutionary leader who had formed the 26th of July Movement and was now plotting to overthrow the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista.  

The script from 0-45 is repeated from 46-90 making Trump at '72 the redo of Che Guevara at 27. In Astro-Psychometric terms, the narrative for Trump's Self, Ego and Affinity is the same as it was for Che in June 1955.

 Trump's Affinity Card Calc:

Trump 14 June 1946 is a GEMINI a GEMINI III - The Week of the SEEKER June 11-18; his 2nd Decan birth date Libra (Venus). When Trump was age 13-25 and the Venus stage of life with the SEVEN of Hearts "The Spiritual Love Card" as his astrology 'Decanate' card or Psychometric 'Affinity" card.


THREE  of Diamonds:  Lifetime Karmic Path
                             Diversity in Values, Financial Creativity
0/12 13/25 26/38 39/51 52/64 65/77 78/90
Moon Mer Venus Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Pluto



  Self                                                              Fated 


The Six  of Spades is the card of 'fate' and 'destiny'. Many times, when this card is present, we have major turning points that lead us to our ultimate destiny. If you take the time to tune in to your deepest thoughts and feelings, you may get an important message as to where you will go next and what you will do.



           Ego                                                           Vision '72

The Jack  of Clubs tells us that you will be dealing with some very creative and youthful energies this year, either your own or those of an intellectually stimulating and, probably, younger man. This creativity can be channeled profitably and successfully into many endeavors such as writing, sales work, or anywhere new and creative ideas are of value. You are really on a creative high this year and can expect good results from all forms of creative work. On the negative side, watch out for a tendency to be irresponsible and frivolous under this influence and also be watchful for others that play that role with you.


           Affinity                                                              Faith


The Seven  of Spades indicates that this could be a year of work and health
difficulties or a card of success in spiritual work. This could be a year when you
have to face squarely any negative attitudes or patterns that have been accumulating.
Take this card as a spiritual challenge. Now is the time to take stock of your
thoughts, words and deeds and to see how they have created your world. Then it is
possible to actualize this card's potential for spiritual success. The potential for inner
development this year is enormous with this auspicious card present. Any problems
that you have this year have inner solutions. See yourself as the source of your
success and good health and take positive steps to create the work and health

conditions that you desire.

The Seven of Spades is also called the 'card of faith' and is one of the most
potent of the spiritual cards. For this reason, the possibility of success and personal
freedom are that much greater, provided one has listened to its message and learned
to live and walk as one who is 'surrounded in the light'.

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