Che Guevara Reincarnated

Trump is a Nazi, a Hitler, the Evil Orange Man, and after the January 6th Capitol riots Trump has been officially labelled through impeachment, an Insurrectionist. Wrong. Trump at 72 is a disruptor. like Che Guevara at 27. In June 1955, at the age of 27 Che joined Raúl Castro and his older brother, Fidel Castro, in their 26th of July Movement to overthrow the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista.  

The  Cardology scripts; (Birthday Readings); or horoscope narratives authored by Robert Camp in his Destiny Cards cover  ages 0-45, are then repeated from 46-90, making Trump at '72, if not the reincarnation, at least a parallel to the disruptive behavior of Che Guevara at 27.


In Astro-Psychometric terms, the narrative for Trump's Self, Ego and Affinity cards are the same as those for Che on June 14th 1955.

Famed Astrologer Gary Goldschneider gives each one of 366 Birthdays a unique 'moniker.' Trump, Che and all June 14th babies get the"disrupter" label.

Trump at 27 the slumlord


Bernie at 27 marching with MLK


Che, 3rd from left, marching with Fidel to Poster fame.

Che ran the central bank, military and government operations but after Alberto Korda's photo went viral, Fidel sent Che overseas first to Russia and later to China.



Guerrillero Heroico

Che was assainated by the CIA in Bolivia October 1967 at the ripe old age of 39 passing from his 26/38 Mars period to the Jupiter 39/51, leaving the Three of Diamonds stage to Bernie & Trump.  



Everybody loved  Bernie in 2012 and 2016 so howscum he lost twice?

2016 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders smiles as a bird lands on his podium as he speaks during a rally at the Moda Center in Portland, Ore., on March 25, 2016. 



Are all the June 14th  rabble rousers always so ruthless and lack Bernie's lovability?

 Che and the Don are the June 14th  the Day of the "Gutsy Confrontation"



“So you're the little lady who started this great war!” - Abe

           Harriet Beecher Stowe another June 14, 1811  'disrupter' moved to Cincinnati at 21,  Her interviews with the trials of Eliza and other families arriving on the Underground Railroad inspired her 'soft power' novel Uncle Tom's Cabin which brought abolitionist sentiment into the mainstream, increasing sectional tension to the breaking point. 




 "Gutsy Confrontation"

The June 14th UNDECIDED VALUES Card    

Donald Trump & Che Guevara  June 14th GEMINI



  Che                                 Trump

Che gets an 18 year head start on Trump


Astro Psychometric June 14th  Visual

 "The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall." Che Guevara

 Ego  The Card of AMBITION The Ace of Spades is the ancient symbol of the secret mysteries, the most spiritual card in the deck, and yet, also the most material. The ACE person usually has a life-long conflict between their material, worldly urges and their deep, past-life spiritual heritage.  As their karma from previous births is discharged, they come to realize this and learn to follow the unwritten law of spiritual truth. In many ways they have put themselves upon the cross. Whenever they deviate from the law, or disregard their spiritual nature they seem to be unjustly punished. Those Ace of Spades who are mostly material- minded seem to have one problem after another. However, whenever they do follow the law, they are protected, finding the inner peace they seek through awareness of their wealth of spirit.



  Affinity  The UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE Card This is a card of sexual enjoyment and pleasure seeking. Donald thinks or has an Affinity for sexual exploits. Che Guevara was a notorious Love 'em - Leave 'em character.

 Uncertain Money Conditions 

 THREE  of Diamonds (Pentacles, Coins, Disks) in TAROT 


Karma: Dependence on Others

The Karma Cards for all 12 are the six of hearts SIX of Hearts PEACE MAKER's Card You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. queen of diamonds QUEEN of Diamonds:  PHILANTHROPIST Card This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.


There are 12 THREE  of Diamond birthdays;  Each birthday comes with a (Birth, Sun, Superego, Soul, Unconscious) Self  'Who We Really Are' card; their (Planetary Ruling, Preconscious, Ego) Ego 'Who We Think We Are' card; their (Decanate, Alter Ego, ID) Affinity  'Who We Wish We Were' card. 





 The September 8th UNDECIDED VALUES Card     

  The "Puzzuling Purist"

Bernie Sanders & Peter Sellers  September 8th VIRGO

Why Bernie lost to Hillary in 2016 and to Biden in 2020 is because he is a nice guy and his 



 Bernie, Peter Sellers and the September 8th  folks have the  'Sacrifice through Love' Affinity (Decanate) card. Affinitya feeling of closeness and understanding that someone has for another person because of their similar qualities, ideas, or interests.

According to Freud (1915), the unconscious mind is the primary source of human behavior. Like an iceberg, the most important part of the mind is the part you cannot see. Our feelings, motives and decisions are actually powerfully influenced by our past experiences, and stored in the unconscious.

I have resurrected my 'architectural license' to liken the ID on Freud's iceberg as Affinity.



"Universality"  George Washington & Ted Kennedy

 AQUARIUS-PISCES Cusp  February 22nd  


 The UNIVERSAL GIVER Card Ego & Affinity a double dose of "Spiritual Awareness"

Of the 
February 22  'Oscar' nominees: George Washington 'turned down the King job, 



George began his military career at 21 retired at 26 to marry Martha.

Frederic Chopin 'leading symbol of the Romantic era in the public consciousness, Steve Irwin, 'The Crocodile Hunter" conservationist'Edna St. Vincent Millay, political activist poet, Edward "Ted" Kennedy boo-hiss, 


At 27 Teddy graduated from law school helped Jack win the 1960 primary in Wisconsin and got himself elected to the Senate in 1960.

Robert Baden-Powell Boy Scouts founderCharles O. Finleydefinitely the most financially creativeSparky Andersonthe best baseball manager ever, As a native Cincinnatian, what can I say?



  "Velvet Voice"

The August 10th UNDECIDED VALUES Card  

Herbert Hoover & Kylie Jenner  August 10th LEO



The Leo August 10th 's are 'Obama' confident b/c their Self and Ego are the same card. Leos don't waste a lot of time pondering the Self-Awareness issue of "Who They Really Are' - there is no doubt in their mind,

The WANDERER Card They have an Affinty or Wish They Were a Wanderer like Nixon and Zhou Enlai.


AQUARIUS Moon Jae-in & Esther a.k.a. my mother January 24th the Day of the Aloof Icon

 "the Aloof Icon"


The NINE The May 23rd UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE Card of Clubs Universal Knowledge is here to end a major cycle in their soul's development, a completion that should see them giving their wealth of knowledge to the world.

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