The Wicked Well-Intentioned Step-Parent

My excuse for being a 'wicked' well intentioned step-parent: I was in the throws of my mid-life transition. If I had known then what I have learned now, from this Parent Child Relationship analysis - I would have fliped our roles. I was the child and Redhead was my parent-boss - uggggh! 



teg as Uranus to the Redheaded Leo 

First Connection: The crux of the problem (opportunity)

 teg is the Uranus Card to Redhead in the Life Spread (where the rubber meets the road)

The first and foremost meaning to a Uranus connection is friendship. The second word that we must also use to describe it is freedom. Often, relationships can conflict with either friendship or freedom. But in this relationship, teg and Redhead have the opportunity to experience both freedom and friendship, qualities that are extremely valuable and sometimes difficult to achieve in an intimate relationship where personal needs become so important.

This can truly be a relationship of the future, where both teg and Redhead respect each other's differences and allow each other the space and time to pursue their individual goals and aspirations, and yet value the time they spend together.


  Second Connection teg is the Pluto Card to Redhead in the Spiritual Spread (I see it now but not then)

This connection produces a sort of 'fated' quality to relationships. teg represents certain qualities or characteristics that are a part of Redhead's personal transformation in this lifetime. He may challenge Redhead at times, making him feel confronted or even threatened.

This may or may not be intentional because in Pluto relationships merely the presence of the Pluto person is enough to effect a lot of change in the other person. Each of us has a Pluto Card that represents an important area in our life where we need to die and be reborn in some way. It represents something or things that we need to let go of or change in order to progress to the next step in our evolution.

Someone who is our Pluto Card will in some way remind us of this change we need to make and at the same time, act as a catalyst to get that change happening.


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