The World Is on the Cusp of Mass 'Individuation'

 When Deng Xiaoping opened China to the West, a billion Chinese were free to pursue individual economic freedom. The fall of the Berlin Wall led to economic and political freedom for millions to restore the 'individuation' process they lost seventy years before. Reunification of the Korean Peninsula, will once again demonstrate the power that political and economic freedom, has on an individual's quest for self-actualization. The current 99 to 1 ratio of economic inequality, here, there and everywhere, is fast approaching its day of mass 'individuation.'

Astro-Psychology delineates the Psyche as the unconscious Self and the conscious Ego and how the individual responds to life events. Through no fault of their own 25 million Koreans found themselves on the wrong side of the 38th parallel. Astrologically speaking our psyches are a homogeneous Korea that sees what is going on around them through their ego lens, while remaining ignorant of their true self.

After East Germany joined West Germany they raised the individual psyche awareness to the current civilized norm, where only Buddhist monks, philosophers, and a smattering of Eckhart Tolle types concern themselves with the Self-Ego dynamic. We are in a pre-Gutenberg world, Astrology has all the answers but after you receive your Wheel reading, you are not much better off than taking the Myers-Briggs. After, ten visits to the Psychotherapist you understand how your childhood messed you up but still worried  about how your going to pay the therapist.


Horoscope Wheel - Alan Leo, 'father of astrology' England 1900 

Psychometric Quadrants are descended from Dr. William Marston, a physiological psychologist, who shared it in his book Emotions of Normal People, published in 1928. 

Astro-Psychometric Quadrants - In 1962, Bruno and Louise Huber founded what is now known as the Astrological Psychology Association. These overlay the astrologer's glyph laden Natal Chart onto the social-scientific community of psychologists' four quadrant matrix. I liken Astro-Psychology to pre-Gutenberg where a Monk astrologer renders a narrative explanation of an individual's attributes. Similarly, a psychotherapist Monk spends X number of 50 minute sessions trying to uncover what went wrong in your childhood experience. 

The third option is the Monk psychometrician who uses the internet printing press to publish a shotgun, one size fits all, analysis. Yeah, free internet Horoscopes, what am I's, animal, movie star, best vocation, are available at a click. The disconnect is the language Jung and many psychotherapists use astrology to help them understand their patient but not publicly, for fear being painted with the Dark Arts brush. The Astrology language acts as job security, as the priest says mass in Latin, only an astrologer can read the Wheel

In a moment of Self-delusion, I ordered a half dozen astrology books, three titled Astro-Psychology, only to confirm why I got a 'D' in high school Latin. I am sticking to translating the works of Robert Lee Camp's Destiny Card System into modern day Psychometrics.


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