TRUMP ASTRAL AGENDA At 71 Years and 4 Days



Trump, whose birthday was 14 June, starts his Astral year in Mercury until the fifth of August. The JACK of Spades, the Actor Card  February (Js) FIRST: the Day of WILLFULNESS coupled with the EIGHT of Clubs, the Power of Knowledge Card  indicate that Trump will be doing his Clark Gable-Liz Warren impersonations over the next 52 days.

The SEVEN of Spades can mean an accident but Trump lucks out again b/c the FOUR of Diamonds negates any negative influence from the . On the year ahead Trump has the TWO of Diamonds, the WHEELER-DEALER Card, as his Reward/Result Card. Therefore, for this year and this year only Trump thinks, acts and talks like a  which endears him to the two brothers  Xi Jinping and  Putin. What makes it all work is the South Koreans, impeached their lady 'prez' and elected a LIBERAL,  Moon Something-or-other, who just happens to be a birth-card carrying THREE of Diamonds like Trump. 

The real drama take place later in the year, 17 November to 9 January to be exact, during Trump's Jupiter (Payday) Period.  Dennis Rodman will escort the boys Xi, Vlad, the Don and Moon around Kim Jong-Un's version of Camp David. After, the kimchi bowl has been emptied a couple of times, Kim agrees to reunite with South Korea in exchange for a Lebron James NBA style contract complete with  COLA to adjust for inflation. Of course, China has to pay for the reunification stuff while Russia's Syrian chemical weapons inspectors will supervise the shipment of Kim's nukes to Iran for $7 billion in unmarked bills.


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