Trump's 52 days 'n Saturn begins January 8th: Trump Gets Religion!

"You are being brought in line with the will of God."

Trump draws the SIX  of Clubs the "Messenger's Card" in SATURN January 8 to March 2

Intuition is present for you, but you may find it hard to follow, or fears prevent you from using it. You may feel that you are being forced by circumstances into making compromises and adjustments with others. Be aware of how you talk to others because what you give you will get in return.

Be open to others' ideas and plans in order to get the most out of this powerful influence. If you have told untruths in the past or made promises that you haven't kept, this may be the time that you have to pay up or come clean. Otherwise, this influence could indicate a time when you become much more aware of your life's purpose. You are being brought in line with the will of God.

Now, almost everybody knows, that the SIXES are Cards of Fate, of which the SIX of Spades is the worst. The SIX of Clubs delivers its 'Message' through Intuition - will Trump listen?

Adding to the intrigue, fuel on Saturn's fire, - none other than Little  Rocket Man, Elvis and David Bowie have their birthdays on January 8th.

Just saying - teg

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