Trump in Jupiter


Trump is in Jupiter from November 17th to January 9th and once again he skates through. The EIGHT of Spades (in Jupiter) is one of the strongest symbols of business and personal power and success. Jupiter is the payday period of the year but Trumpie has Spades: "Just Do It" cards instead of Diamonds: "Money & Values" cards. His under card the SIX of Spades: "FATE" the Elvis, David Bowie, Reagan and Kim Jongun card guarantees resolution by the first week in January 2018 in Trump's favor.

Speaking of 'Little Rocket Man' January 8th, 1984 SIX of Spades, Kim Jong-un is in Neptune now and until his birthday. Timing is everything and I'm sure Kim's astrologers are telling him:



Our Neptune Card often represents who or what are our 'hopes and fears' for the year. It can represent things that we secretly want or things that we may be afraid will come to pass. The Neptune Period is usually not a good time to make any definite decisions about our future as things often appear blurred from our point of view.

 "This period could bring about either difficulties at work, or illness related to travel, drugs, or something secret. Worry, unrealistic expectations and other negative habits will likely be the cause of any difficulties during this period."

However, the spiritual nature of SEVEN of Spades suggests that you could attain a high state of awareness and freedom of mind  by being honest with yourself and looking within for the answers to the problems you now face."

I hope Kimmy is listening to his star gazers and takes their advice: "not a good time to make any definite decisions."

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