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After a very successful 52 day stint in Jupiter, on 9 January entered the schoolhouse of Saturn - where all your karmic chickens come to roost.

 Trump's 'Who He Is,' his Soul card the THREE  of Diamonds (it just happens to be the worst - most challenging card in the deck, that Trump also shares with Bernie, George, as in Washington and Herbert Hoover - enters Saturn at the age of 71. The interpretation is as follows:

The SEVEN  of Diamonds "the Millionaire's Card" in the Saturn Period: "This card indicates a loss of money connected with the ill health of yourself, an associate, friend or relative or a lack of funds as the cause of your own health problems." The Don's over indulgence in MacDonald's 'comfort food' is a sign of inner dis-satisfaction.

The SIX  of Clubs "the Missionary Card,"  in the Saturn Period: "Health conditions, whether good or bad, will not change under this influence. Intuition is present for you, but you may find it hard to follow, or fears prevent you from using it. You may feel that you are being forced by circumstances into making compromises and adjustments with others. Be aware of how you talk to others because what you give you will get in return."

First words out of his Saturn mouth "S*it-Hole Countries."

"Be open to others' ideas and plans in order to get the most out of this powerful influence. If you have told untruths in the past or made promises that you haven't kept, this may be the time that you have to pay up or come clean. Otherwise, this influence could indicate a time when you become much more aware of your life's purpose. You are being brought in line with the will of God." I don't think Trump will go that far.

Schumer-Pelosi DACA 19 January, Government Shutdown

 Trump's Ego Card the ACE  of Spades "Ambition," gives further insight into the karmic payback challenges that Trump may encounter in his 52 days in Saturn.

 The FIVE  of Diamonds "the Seeker of Worth," in the Saturn Period: "Under Saturn this card brings a restlessness that contributes to a loss of money and financial insecurity."

The EIGHT  of Diamonds "the SUN Card," in the Saturn Period: "This card represents a large sum of money made through the illness, death, or loss of another (i.e. inheritance) or through plain or hard work. Or the money could be connected somehow to death, hospitals or healing. This can also mean a meeting of doctors. Friday 19 January the Don passes his 'good genes' physical - yes they didn't give him any cognitive tests, so he may still be crazy. You may have to work hard under less than ideal conditions but you can be successful, and the money coming in now is proof of that. This card is one of overcoming illness or undesirable influences through patience and perseverance."

"This card is such a strong influence that it will override any negative influences present during this period. Even if your other Saturn Card were one of challenge or problem, this card guarantees that you will have a successful outcome and an overcoming of difficulties by deciding exactly what you want and going after it."

 'Fire and Fury' came out four days before Trump's official Saturn start but piled on all the other 100  'kitchen sinks,' Russian Collusion, pussy-gate, the Stormy Daniels affair... you would think that everyday is a Saturn day in the Trump universe. Like I said the THREE  of Diamonds is the worst card in the deck. The difference between Bernie's version and Trump's, comes from their vastly different birth date monikers. Trump is the June 14th "Disrupter" like Che Guevarra and Bernie is the September 8th "Puzziling Purist" a political Peter Sellers.

I'm going out, on a fortune-telling limb, and predicting that Trump survives the remaining 38 days of Saturn and easily slides on through Uranus and Neptune, to his 72nd birthday, June 14th, unbowed. Mid 2018 Trump begins another cycle through the Planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

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