Trump will not win the 2020 election, Biden will lose it.

Many people will not like my prediction of Trump winning, but this is not about Trump but about a test of the validity of lunar astrology applied to a specific event such as the 2020 presidential election.  There are many alternative ways of predicting the outcome,[4] but traditional horoscopic analysis should find that each candidate is in the astro limelight and has a strong success track record, otherwise, they would not be where they are as candidates for the highest office in the world.  A lunar analysis avoids all this background noise by focusing solely upon the emotions of the electorate in just a few weeks or days surrounding the election. -  Terry MacKinnell


Joe is in the 'Most Blessed' Position This Year, Unfortunately it's 17 Days After the Election

Your Birth Card falls in a very auspicious position this year, the spot in the very center of the Grand Solar Spread known as the 'Most Blessed' position. This position has what we call a 'double Jupiter' influence. Because of the fortunate effects of Jupiter, you are absolutely going to receive a tremendous blessing this year. In effect, you will receive the thing that you want most in life. However, this will be the thing that you truly want in your heart, not just some fanciful wish that your mind plays with at times. Whatever you wish for most and that thing that will bring you the most true happiness will come to you this year. Therefore, this is a very auspicious year for you and one that marks the end of a long cycle in your life.

If you are a materially minded person, this wish may manifest as greater financial blessings or something on the mundane level. However, it will only come to you if this thing will truly bring you more happiness and peace of mind. For spiritually minded people, prayers are answered and major turning points in life are reached. Many embark on a higher path at some point during this auspicious year.



 The Four of Hearts in the Mars Period 09/26/2020 till 11/17/2020

This influence brings happy relations with men and aggressive women. Combine aggressiveness with love for maximum benefits during this period. Aggressive pursuit of social popularity can bring success now. This card could also be the sign of success in a legal matter or any endeavor where men are concerned. This is a good influence for actors or actresses or anyone interacting with the public, particularly with men.


This stabilizing influence of this card is powerful and will bring a happy period for you, even if the indications of your other Mars Card are more challenging. Even if your other Mars card indicated a challenge or problem, this card guarantees that you will overcome it and that the result will be a positive one.


 Biden is in Neptune from 09/28/2020 till 11/19/2020

Joe drew the SIX of Clubs (Wands) in Tarot - the "Messenger" or "Missionary" Card.

This is a good time for inner development and simply enjoying the things you have worked for and acquired. This is not a good time to plan or execute any major changes in your life.

One of the possible benefits of this card in Neptune is that you could discover or deepen your life's purpose. All that is required is for you to tune in to your thoughts and feelings, especially when you are alone or meditating.


"Orange Man Bad" does it again!

 Draws the most powerful card in the deck for the 52 days of JUPITER 11/17/2020 till 01/9/2021

KING  of Spades (Swords) in Tarot

This is perhaps the best card there is for business success. If you are ready to take responsibility in your business, there is no limit to what you can achieve this period. Trust your wisdom now and plan to expand your operations to take advantage of this auspicious influence. This is definitely the time to set goals and priorities. Much of what you define as a goal will happen just as you planned.

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