Trump's 71st Birthday Reading

Lets take Trump as an example: June 14, 1946


Trump is a THREE  of Diamonds, his Birth Card, his 'Who He Is' Card

Diamonds symbolize that which we value

3 of Diamonds: Uncertain Money Conditions

Challenge for the 3 of Diamonds: Dependence on Others

There are twelve THREE  of Diamonds Birth Cards, one for each month. They share the same concerns about Money and Dependence on Others but differ in their Perspective Astral Signs which can give differing Planetary Ruling or what I characterize as their Ego Card.

In Trump's case he has the ACE  of Spades, the Card of Ambition as his Ego Card. Also, the June 14 birthday is in Gemini, an Air or Mental Sign. This combination is assigned the Moniker: Gutsy Confrontation by Astrologer Gary Goldschneider in his book The Secret Language of Birthdays. Think Che Guevara, 14 June 1928.

All twelve, THREE  of Diamonds have the same two karma cards, the SIX  of Hearts and the QUEEN  of Diamonds. The SIX  of Hearts is negative karma, they owe a SIX  of Diamonds cardholder. Steve Bannon has been portrayed as a manipulator of Trump, where Trump unconsciously can't get enough of Bannon, the November 27 SIX  of Hearts. Trump is Bannon's slave. Conversely,

Trump needs to find his own slave, the QUEEN   of Diamonds. The  likes to spend money on nice things, however, in Trump's case good taste does not come with this karmic blessing.  Real Birth Card QUEEN  of Diamonds types like Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Cruise, Hugh Hefner can 'walk the talk.' However, it does explain Trump's passion for gold leaf ceilings and glitzy things.



George Washington

Herbert  Hoover

Bernie Sanders

Donald J. Trump

22 Feb 1732

10 Aug 1874

8 September 1941

14 June 1946

57 in 1789 to 1797

55 in 1929 to 1933

74 in 2016

70 in 2016

Aquarius-Pisces Cusp




Planetary Ruling - Ego Card

Planetary Ruling - Ego

Planetary Ruling - Ego

Planetary Ruling - Ego


I like using Birthday Readings of political leaders because as their fortunes go, all of us are affected somewhat and, I just like political/economic commentary. I confess to being a double dipper, at $27 a pop, for Bernie 8 September 1941, first time in my life to contribute. What do Bernie and Trump have in common? They are both THREE  of Diamonds along with George Washington 22 February 1732 and Herbert Hoover 10 August 1874. Under Hoover the country suffered the most because Hoover being a Leo meant his Birth Card and Ego Card were the same the THREE  of Diamonds - the most challenging (worst) card in the deck.

Donald Trump

6/14/2017 to 6/14/2018







 Birth Card

Long Range






Trump’s Inherent Focus (Long-Range) is on Sales Success

This is the salesman's card and the card of the successful entrepreneur. If these areas interest you, this is the year you could apply yourself to achieve much success and prosperity. This creative energy can be applied to any work or business you are involved in with success, so think of ways you could use this. Everything involves selling of one sort or another. Watch a tendency to avoid taking responsibility or to stretch the truth to suit your needs which are other aspects often associated with this powerful card.

 Pluto Challenge Card: Can Trump Rise to the Leadership Challenge?

One of your major goals this year will be to achieve more prosperity, probably by starting your own business or by taking a leadership position in some company. The King of Diamonds is the card of the successful business owner. He has full authority in the realm of finance and knows how to turn a profit in all that he does.  He can be materialistic to a fault but knows what he does very well.

The Wheeler-Dealer Card:  Both Putin and Xi Jinping are TWO of Diamonds, 

The net result of one of your important goals this year is likely to be successful financial partnerships and arrangements. Your Pluto Card will tell you more about this or tell you who you are joining forces with. Taking advantage of other people's help (Putin, Xi Jinping, Mattis, Tillerson, Mnuchin) may cause you to go through some changes this year. However, cooperation is the key to your success and all business deals will have to be a 'Win - Win' so that you and all others profit from them.

Spiritual Knowledge: Hard to believe with Trump but Bill Clinton's Birth Card is the SEVEN of Clubs. Maybe, no for sure Trump could use a little spirituality now.

This is a year that you could receive many benefits from exposure to 'spiritual knowledge'. Spiritual knowledge comprises any sort of information that leads us back to a deeper understanding of ourselves.

The Desire for Love and Money: Now that he has the job, Trump wants to make a go of it, hopefully in the altruistic sense.

This year you could have an enormous amount of ambition and the desire to start a new business or job. In fact, you may have several ideas for new ways to make money and these could prove to be profitable to some degree. Personal relationships will also take on a degree of importance this year and though you may experience an important completion of some key relationships, there are sure to be many new people in your life and among those, some that become close.

The above five cards present the big picture for Trump and any individual born on 14 June 1946 at least 10,000 in the United States alone. What happens depends on whether or not your father left you a million dollars

We can get a better fix on the future by comparing the five important cards for the Ego Card which in Trump's case is the ACE  of Spades, the Card of Ambition.



Ego Card 

Long Range






 Long Range Goal Orientation: Trump the 'Buffoon' gets recognition as President

The Ten of Clubs can bring measurable success and recognition in one of the mind-related fields or endeavors. This could be publishing or teaching or other areas where large groups are benefiting from your talent and brilliance. Recognition for your talents and efforts are forthcoming this year and will somehow touch upon all the areas of your life and take on a light of prominence in your affairs.

Pluto or Challenge Card: Trump 'Comes to Jesus' or at least allows 'Bible Study' in the WH.

This year you have taken on, or will be handed a major challenge. That is to bring your thinking up to a more positive and productive level. Whether by your own hand or forced upon you by events and circumstances, you will discover that your own thinking is the source of many of your problems and that you have the power to change them by changing your attitudes and thoughts about them. Attachments to old ways of looking at things will have to be let go of as you elevate yourself and your life by using your mind to create a better life.

Result/Reward: the Sword of Damocles 

The powerful creative nature of this card must be handled carefully to access its healthy, positive side, because it can easily turn into stress and poor health. Take the meaning of your Pluto Card combined with the influence of this creative energy to give you the total picture of one of your major goals and challenges for the year.

Environment: Spades are powerful, Doer cards, think 'Creative Doer.'

Many benefits will come to you this year through creative self-expression. This is an especially good influence for any sort of artistic pursuit such as painting, design, music, or acting. You can also receive many blessings by diversifying your work situation. Working two jobs or projects at the same time will tend to bring you more success and less stress. Look for ways to express yourself and to diversify to take best advantage of this card.

 Displacement: A TEN is a TEN and the TEN of Clubs is the Teacher Card, think Dick Cheney, no-no think FDR 

 Because your card sits in the position of the Ten of Clubs this year, you have a great deal of good fortune coming your way. This year marks the beginning of a five-year cycle of good fortune in which some of your greatest goals may be realized. Of course, this will only occur if you are clear about where you are going, but if you have important dreams and goals in relation to your work, go for the highest. You will get as much as you wish for.

Moving Right Along

The year is divided into 7 fifty-two day periods:  Mercury,  Venus,  Mars,  Saturn,  Jupiter,  Uranus and  Neptune. It's like having seven birthdays a year, if you don't like how things are going wait a little while for the next episode.

The Mercury Period  for Trump began on his birthday 6/14/2017 and ended 8/5/2017


Trump starts of his new year with the Actor Card and the Knowledge Power Card. Think Clark Gable and Elizabeth Warren (she's like a machine gun of 30 second sound bites). Eisenhower is a better example of an EIGHT  of Clubs Knowledge Power. Trump comes out of the chute with two good cards. Check back after August 5th to see what happens next.

 The ID: Seeks Pleasure   EGO: Seeks Reality

Trump's Mercury Period for the ACE of Spades, his Ego Card also begins 6/14/2017 and ends 8/5/2017


The SEVEN  of Spades in the Mercury Period. This period could also bring some trouble with your work. The good news is that, because this is the Mercury period, this situation will probably be very quick and painless. Things happen quickly in Mercury and don't have a major impact on our life in general. 

Also keep in mind that a strongly positive card, such as a four, eight, or ten as the bottom card, could bring a very positive outcome to the situation at hand.

The FOUR  of Diamonds in the Mercury Period: this is such a powerful and stabilizing influence that it will produce very good results during this period, even if your other Mercury Card is one of challenge or adversity.

Trump has finished up his first (Mercury) 52 day period with the Mooch in, forcing the Priebus and the Spice out. Then General Kelly told the Mooch he was done. But the Mercury- capper was Trump's West Virginia rally and the WVA governor flipping back to the Republican side.

Round One of the Seven Event year was just a warm-up, now we start Round Two the Venus Period which goes from 8/5/2017 till 9/26/2017. Trump must have his own astrologer, who advised him that now that he was done with Mercury it a good time to go on a 17 day vacation, which he did cutting out early on August 4th.


The Don, draws the QUEEN  of Clubs, "The Mother of Intuition" Card up and the ACE  of Clubs, "The Desire for Knowledge" Card as his under card. Since he is now in Venus, the meaning of these two cards is:

This royal card  bestows upon you several gifts during this period that you can use simply by being aware of their presence. First, your intuition will be much higher than normal. Many bits of information may seem to come to you about your family or work.  Your mental power is also heightened. This power of mind can bring you success at work or with friends, especially females. You love others from a higher place now. You walk with the Mother Mary. - I think the bit about walking with Mother Mary is a little over the top but when Bernie Sanders was 71 he had the same prediction.

The interpretation of the  under (supporting) card follows: During this period, you receive benefits from intellectual pursuits and sharing these with loved ones. Your wish for certain knowledge or information could be gratified or you may receive a welcome letter or communication, perhaps from someone you love dearly. You will have a love of learning and things dealing with the mind and communications now and many good things will come from this. Your communications with women and those you love will be better than usual. - bear in mind all this lovey-dovey success with women stuff happens during VENUS, Goddess of Love, so we should see a kinder, gentler Trump until September 26th.

Trump puts the pedal to the metal with the most powerful card, the KING  of Spades supported by another power card the TEN  of Clubs. The real action, blood in the streets, begins the first day in Trump's Mars Period which stretches from September 27th to November 17th. I don't want to give it away - like I really could - but the man (most likely Robert Mueller) has Trump against the ropes a few times. to be continued... 


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