There's No Time Like JUPITER Time

Everybody knows that the JUPITER time frame means good things will happen for a day, or for 52 days or even 12 years. And almost everybody knows that the cards you have in Jupiter tell you what good things are coming. That being said Trump has the EIGHT of Spades on top    supported by the SIX of Spades   the card of Fate "


 "This is one of the strongest symbols of business and personal power and success. You can overcome all obstacles now through honest effort and integrity."

Trump's 52 days in Jupiter begins on November 17th and runs until January 9th. However, the real screamer, in my humble opinion is the prediction that Trumpie is here to stay in Spades

 "Because of the position of your    Planetary Ruling (Ego) Card this year, you are approaching a particularly significant 7-year cycle of your life. We call this the Ascent to the Pinnacle Cycle."

Part of the reason Trump is accused of being an egomaniac-psychopath is due to his ACE of Spades (Ambition) Planetary Ruling Card. The Planetary Ruling Card resembles the Who You Think You Are or the Ego Card. Most everybody has one Ego Card but no, no, the Don doubles up with two .



"this year (14 June 2017) and the next three years together will mark a rising to a position of accomplishment and recognition. This year will see significant advancements in your career interests but the year that begins three years from this birthday 2017 + 3 = 2020 will be the Pinnacle Year, where you could reach the very top of your profession and end up on a new level of work and attainment. Many people have achieved great goals and dreams during this 3-year period."


 "two years after the Pinnacle Year (five years from this year 2022), you will arrive in what we call the 'most blessed position' and during that year, you will receive that which your heart desires most. This is indeed one of the most significant cycles in a person's life."


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