Two Peas in an Ideology Pod

Our childhood wound determines our attitude in relationships.


ACE of Spades - The Need for Inspiration


of Diamonds: Uncertain Money Conditions


Challenge for the 3 of DiamondsDependence on Others

The Bern made the big mistake of Depending on Hillary & the DNC to give him a fair shot.

Trump has perpetual personnel problems b/c he's afraid to Depend on others.


 Bernie #48 The Way of GROUNDING - Dancers and Dreamers to Literalist - 

CORE LESSON: Disciplining themselves to set tangible goals and adhere to them; 

GOAL: To literally manifest their visions and dreams in reality;


Trump #36 The Way of EXPERIENCE - The Titan to the Seeker

CORE LESSON: To be open to a variety of experiences, no matter how small

GOAL: Redefining who they are;

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