Deja vu des Assignats

Fiat Money Inflation in France


Deja vu des Assignats


The Pisces-Aquarius Age


  Copernicus 1473-1543



The zodiacal constellations are like a massive clock probably mapped by ancient astrologers-astronomers at least 4,000 years ago to tell us the `time’ – with the hour hand indicating the progression through each age of approximately 2,150 years each. The constellation of Aquarius has been appearing on the eastern horizon before dawn on the Vernal Equinox for many centuries.  History supports this fact.  Since the time of Copernicus, Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton and so on, the world, starting with Europe, dramatically lifted its game and accelerated into the modern world of today.  Aquarius has a strong association with sudden and unexpected discoveries and developments not to mention democracy, electricity and air travel.


  "In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue"



At a time when the Aquarian Age appeared, it should be expected that the previous age, Pisces, had achieved its greatest potential.  This is exactly what happened commencing in the 15th century.  Europeans set out on a maritime exploration of the Pisces ruled oceans of the world.  First they discovered the Americas then circumnavigated the world for the first known time. Independently but at the same time the Chinese also embarked on their most adventurous maritime explorations and claimed to have discovered Australia in their travels.


  Galileo 1564-1642




Industrial Revolution 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840



French Revolution 1789-1799


   Atomic Age 1945-2148

 The Forecast


Deja vu des Assignats

In Fiat Money Inflation in France, Andrew Dickson White presents the still-largely-unknown story of a major factor behind the French Revolution. As John Mackay writes in the foreword,

It records the most gigantic attempt ever made in the history of the world by a government to create an inconvertible paper currency, and to maintain its circulation at various levels of value. It also records what is perhaps the greatest of all governmental efforts — with the possible exception of Diocletian's — to enact and enforce a legal limit of commodity prices. Every fetter that could hinder the will or thwart the wisdom of democracy had been shattered, and in consequence every device and expedient that untrammelled power and unrepressed optimism could conceive were brought to bear. But the attempts failed. They left behind them a legacy of moral and material desolation and woe, from which one of the most intellectual and spirited races of Europe has suffered for a century and a quarter, and will continue to suffer until the end of time. There are limitations to the powers of governments and of peoples that inhere in the constitution of things, and that neither despotisms nor democracies can overcome.


Nixon 1971, Greenspan 1987, Bernake 2008, Powell, Trump & Mnuchin 2020



Pisces-Aquarius Age 2017-2029


They (Mnuchin, Trump & Powell) keep the world economy afloat until Trump gets reelected. Sometime between March and June 2021, the 'diamond trio' (Putin, Trump & Xi) have a sit-down to reset the global financial system, Deja Vu Bretton Woods style.



December 21st 2020 Trump is reelected. 

The Diamond Trio sign the Mar-a-Lago agreement, setting the Gold price at $10,000/oz on Trump's 75th birthday June 14th 2021

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