Of all the connections that exist among the cards in the deck, the Moon connection is probably the single most powerful one when it comes to enhancing compatibility and creating a great association. When someone is our Moon card, we feel very close and comfortable with them. Both parties enjoy communications with each other on a high level. When this connection is found in the Spiritual Spread, we feel even closer, and at the same time we sense a familiarity that goes beyond normal descriptions. It is as though we knew this person, even before we met. People who have this connection often experience instant recognition of each other. This connection provides a foundation upon which any sort of successful relationship or partnership can be developed. It can create a working situation where things go so smoothly and easily that it seems amazing.


DONALD is the Pluto Card to VLADIMIR

This connection produces a sort of 'fated' quality to relationships. DONALD and VLADIMIR may feel drawn together by some unexplainable force, for reasons that they may not be aware of at first. This connection is one that guarantees a certain amount of intensity in the association between DONALD and VLADIMIR. VLADIMIR will be affected the most. It will be up to him to determine whether this pairing can be successful or a huge problem.

In most cases, however, this connection has a very positive effect. VLADIMIR will have the opportunity to use DONALD as a role model for personal and professional change. VLADIMIR may even see DONALD as someone he would like to emulate. In doing so, VLADIMIR will be able to make some important changes that could lead him to greater success and the acquisition of some important goals and dreams.

DONALD represents certain qualities or characteristics that are a part of VLADIMIR's personal transformation in this lifetime. He may challenge VLADIMIR at times, making him feel confronted or even threatened. This may or may not be intentional because in Pluto relationships merely the presence of the Pluto person is enough to effect a significant change in the other person. 

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