Why Washington & Hamilton Were Best Buds

The Washington-Hamilton Alliance

'Feb. 22, 2019—George Washington deserves to be celebrated in his own right, but I am going to devote this brief Washington’s Birthday post to the Washington-Hamilton alliance.  The two men shared a vision of developing this vast country into a strong continental republic, committed to the “blessings of liberty” and technological progress. They would admit they didn’t achieve all they wished, or all that was necessary, but they got us off to a good start.

From their collaboration—for which the groundwork was crucially laid by Benjamin Franklin—the American System of Economics was born.

In this context, I highly recommend the book Washington and Hamilton: The Untold Story of the Extraordinary Alliance That Forged Our Nation and the Unlikely Duo Behind It. This book by Stephen E. Knott and Tony Williams was published in 2015, and I had the pleasure of reading it a couple years ago. After short discussions of the divergent backgrounds of the two men, the book follows their collaboration from the Battle of New York through to the period of the Quasi-war with France (1798-99), when Washington died.

In their postscript, Williams and Knott emphasize the teamwork between the two men, concluding that Washington’s “emotional intelligence” and Hamilton’s genius at the “science of politics” led to a team which was greater than the sum of its parts. Clearly Hamilton and Washington did not always agree on how to achieve their common goals of building a strong continental, technologically progressive republic in which slavery would be abolished, but the bonds which they forged during the Revolutionary War ran deep. Their ties were especially close during Washington’s second administration, Williams and Knott write, when the Jeffersonians unleashed their newspaper filth against President Washington, as well as Hamilton.'  - By Nancy Spannaus

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Top Eight Connections for Hamilton & Washington

George Washington is the Saturn Card to Alexander Hamilton 
[Spiritual Spread] This connection tells us that George and Alexander have some score to settle from a past life. There was some unfinished business that now has an opportunity to be resolved in this lifetime. This is especially true if Alexander is strongly attracted to George. Now, in this lifetime, they can take up where they left off. The essential message of this connection is that George has something to teach Alexander. 

George Washington is the Uranus Card to Alexander Hamilton 
[Spiritual Spread] This is one of the past-life connections that tells us that George and Alexander have already been together before. In fact, in that previous lifetime, they developed a true friendship and mutual respect for each other that has carried over into this lifetime. Now, they can enjoy those qualities and use that to build an even stronger relationship.

George Washington and Alexander Hamilton are Jupiter to each other 
[Life Spread] This connection promises a lot of compatibility to George and Alexander and presents some unique opportunities for them to take advantage of. It is considered to be one of the most beneficial influences that exists and is relatively rare, occurring in less than 1% of the population. If taken advantage of, this connection can bring some wonderful blessings of many kinds into their lives.

George Washington and Alexander Hamilton are Mars to each other 
[Spiritual Spread] This is a powerful, past-life connection that often draws two people together like a magnet, in order to resolve some unfinished business from before. Because it is Mars energy, the reasons and ways that it can be expressed in this lifetime can vary. Mars can either be expressed as passion and activity, or as anger and hostility. Either one or both of these sides may be expressed in this relationship between George and Alexander and it is largely up to them as to how this connection will affect them.

Alexander Hamilton is the Mars Card to George Washington 
[Spiritual Spread] This is one of those 'instant recognition', past-life connections that is responsible for many marriages and friendships. This connection tells us that Alexander and George have shared some past lives together. In one of those lifetimes they developed a strong Martian energy between them, which in this lifetime seeks resolution. Now, in this lifetime, there is a strong likelihood that Alexander and George will feel some sort of familiarity when they meet, and there could be a strong attraction that draws them together. Martian energy is either passionate and aggressive or competitive and hostile. Often it is a curious mixture of the passion and hostile energies.

Alexander Hamilton is the Pluto Card to George Washington 
[Spiritual Spread] This connection produces a sort of 'fated' quality to relationships. Because of a past life of being together, Alexander and George may feel drawn together by some unexplainable force, in order to complete some issues they left unresolved in that former time together. Essentially, there was unfinished business in which Alexander was a catalyst for George's transformation on a deep level. In this lifetime this business may have a chance to be completed if both partners are aware of this connection and its implications.

Alexander Hamilton is the Jupiter Card to George Washington 
[Spiritual Spread] This is one of the past-life or 'earned' connections, and it happens to be one of the better ones in terms of what it brings into the lives of Alexander and George. This particular connection indicates that Alexander and George shared a past life where they held the same spiritual or philosophical views. There is a strong possibility that during that lifetime, these philosophies and beliefs were a major theme in their life. Perhaps they were members of a religious group, or somehow entered into a life of spiritual disciplines and study. This lifetime had a powerful and enlightening influence upon both of them, revealing many truths about life and the laws of the universe that they still draw upon for guidance and direction.

Alexander Hamilton is the Cosmic Reward Card to George Washington 
[Life Spread] This connection is often found between individuals who are committed to being together. Our Cosmic Reward Card is often someone with whom we are destined to be with, usually later in our life. It doesn't have to be in the later years of our life, but usually, this is the time in our life when we have completed much of our own personal transformation and have gotten to know just what things and people make us the most happy. In this relationship, Alexander is the Cosmic Reward, or Blessing, Card of George's. Therefore he is the one who is receiving this blessing and reward energy from Alexander and this connection affects him the most.


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