What Does Melania See in Him, Anyway?

I know, I know you're going to say it's the money, however, I can't believe a classy woman like Melania would have to stoop to Trumpian levels. A quick check of Best Marriage and Hottest Sex prospects say you may be right since, there is no attraction for either Trump's Birth Card, the THREE  of Diamonds or his Ego Card the ACE  of Spades.

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According to Robert Camp's Love Cards, Trump is Pluto (challenge) to Melania. 

This connection produces a sort of 'fated' quality to relationships.  Because of a past life of being together, Donald and Melania may feel drawn together by some unexplainable force, in order to complete some issues they left unresolved in that former time together. Essentially, there was unfinished business in which Donald was a catalyst for Melania's transformation on a  deep level. In this lifetime this business may have a chance to be completed if both partners are aware of this connection and its implications.

Donald  Melania

Donald represents certain qualities or characteristics that are a part of Melania's personal transformation in this lifetime. He may challenge Melania  at times, making her feel confronted or even threatened. This may or may not be intentional because in Pluto relationships merely the presence of the Pluto person is enough to effect a lot of change in the other person. Each of us has a Pluto Card that represents an important area in our life where we need to die and be reborn in some way. It represents something or things that we need to  let go of or change in order to progress to the next step in our evolution. Someone who is our Pluto Card will in some way remind us of this change we need to make and at the same time, act as a catalyst to get that change happening.

"I'll buy that Melania might envy Trump's out-goining-ness, showmanship, success in business but Geeze-Louise..."

Melania may feel that there are qualities about Donald that she wants for herself. He may do things or have qualities that Melania would like to do or have. Indeed, she may have attracted Donald to encourage these things within herself. However, we know that Melania will have to make some fundamental changes in herself if she is ever to have these qualities or things. That means that she must do things differently in her life. Donald will remind her of this and she may not always appreciate this reminder. Even though Melania may realize that Donald is playing an invaluable role in her life in helping her to change, she may resist this change at times. Sometimes Pluto acts as an unrelenting force that keeps confronting us over and over again. 

What does Trump see in Melania? The quick and dirty scan of the Don's misogynist cards looks like this: 

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Trump is not interested in Melania's  Birth Card or her  Ego Card. If he's not attracted for the obvious, what is their connection? This is hard to believe but Donald is Venus (true love) to Melania in the Spiritual World.
 Donald  Melania

This is one of those 'love at first sight' connections that is responsible for many successful marriages and friendships. This connection tells us that  Donald and Melania have shared some past lives together. In at least one of those lives, they were involved in a long-term relationship into which they  each had to put a lot of effort in order to maintain harmony and compatibility. In that lifetime, they developed a deep love and respect for each other, as well as trust. Now, when they meet in this lifetime, they almost immediately sense this other soul with whom they have shared so much. They may or may not actually  enter  into  a  committed  relationship  during  this  lifetime,  but  what matters most is that a love exists between them that was already there, which will remain forever more.

Cry not for Melania, when all ten love connections are displayed Melania has Trump by the MARS, JUPITER and SATURN balls.

MARS   Melania is the Mars Card to Donald. This is one of those 'instant recognition', past-life connections that is responsible for many marriages and friendships. This connection tells us that Melania and Donald have shared some past lives together. In one of those lifetimes they developed a strong Martian energy between them, which in this lifetime seeks resolution. Now, in this lifetime, there is a strong likelihood that Melania and Donald will feel some sort of familiarity when they meet, and there could be a strong attraction that draws them together. Martian energy is either passionate and aggressive or competitive and hostile. Often it is a  curious mixture of the passion and hostile energies.

JUPITER   Melania is the Jupiter Card to Donald. This is a wonderful connection that is often found among the cards of happy and productive relationships. One of the main benefits of it is the financial end but it has other significant benefits as well. Jupiter is known among astrologers as the 'great benefic'. It is the only planet in our solar system that gives off more energy than it receives from the Sun. Its location in our natal astrological chart always points to some area of our life where things come easily to us and where we have many blessings to be thankful for. In this relationship, Donald has much to be thankful for, thanks to Melania, because she is a major blessing in Donald's life.

SATURN    Melania is the Saturn Card to Donald 

Saturn has traditionally been known as the planet of hardship, coldness and difficulties of all kinds. And in fact there are some Saturn relationships in which these qualities predominate. However, there are many Saturn relationships that have other qualities, and in these we see the more positive aspects of Saturn's influence. We cannot predict exactly how this relationship between Melania and Donald will be affected by this connection because that will depend upon how consciously they choose to apply the energy of this connection. It can be very constructive or it can be difficult and depressing. So, here we will define some of the qualities more specifically so that it can be understood fully.

"If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, make your father your wife."

In this relationship Donald has somehow chosen Melania to be his teacher. Though this may not have been a completely conscious choice, it is so just the same. Melania, being his Saturn Card, will experience a natural inclination to help Donald by making suggestions for improving his life or career. Just having Melania in his life is a reminder to Donald of things he needs to do in order to make his life better than it is. A Saturn person teaches  us how to be more responsible, grown-up, practical, disciplined, conscientious and fair. They will help us to become more aware of how our words and actions affect those around us. These lessons can result in Donald becoming more successful in his work, especially if he has strong career aspirations or goals of things he wants to attain. On some level, Melania is a father figure to him and indeed she may remind Donald of his father in many ways.

  Gary Goldschneider, my hero in this relationship stuff, has divided the twelve signs of the Zodiac into 48 weeks. Goldschneider classified Melania and others born on April 26th as TAURUS I - The Week of MANIFESTATION April 25-May 2: The Don and June 14th people became GEMINI III - The Week of the SEEKER June 11-18: Empirical analysis of 20,000 life stories for common personality traits were distilled into 48 weeks which led to the dynamics of 1,125 relationships in Love, Marriage, Friendship, Work and Family. www.thesecretlanguage.com

What we have here is another Bill and Hillary arrangement:

Best: Partner, Co-Worker;

Worst: Love.


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