What If the Elephant In the Room, Is Not the Problem?

When Tricky Dick's motorcade, in his 1968 presidential campaign, came through my neighborhood on Madison Road at Mooney Avenue, from the curb I got a good look at Nixon - standing in an open convertible waving his V-victory pose at my side of the street and he was creepy. Similar to the Hillary, "I am a phony," persona but much more sinister, more along the lines of a mafia boss. After, graduation in June, I got drafted the second time and on my way to basic training (a nice way to say boot camp) I checked off George Wallace as my protest vote.


The Room isn't a Living Room, or Dining Room it's the RACE, RELIGION, SEX, POLITICS & MONEY Drama Room. Back then we had two elephants in the room Vietnam and Race Riots. 

RACE"I'm not gonna help nobody get something my negroes don't have. If I'm gonna die, I'll die now right here fighting you, if I'm gonna die. You my enemy. My enemies are white people, not Viet Congs or Chinese or Japanese. You my opposer when I want freedom. You my opposer when I want justice. You my opposer when I want equality. You won't even stand up for me in America for my religious beliefs, and you want me to go somewhere and fight, but you won't even stand up for me here at home." Muhammad Ali.

RELIGION: JFK broke the Catholic-Protestant divide so in 1968 RELIGION was out-of-the-room.

SEX: White, Black, Brown, Yellow, or Red if you were a male between the ages of 18 and 26 you were eligible for the draft.

POLITICS: Timing is everything. Jerry Rubin (Gerald R. Ford, CONVINCING STORYTELLER, Jul 14) graduated from Walnut Hills High School, in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1956 just five years ahead of me, but too old for the draft. Jerry and his buddy Abbie Hoffman, (Winston Churchill MEASURED ATTACK Nov 30) founded the "Yippies" raised the ruckus in Lincoln Park at the "68 Democratic convention and along with Bobby Seale  (Annette Funicello, ALLURE Oct 22) achieved notoriety as the Chicago Seven. Seven years of college made me one year short of the magic number twenty-six. As a consolation prize I was given Mt. Fuji, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines and two passes of Danang five miles off shore.

Why I voted - doubled my $27 contribution - for the Sep 8 Peter Sellers, PUZZLING PURIST, Bernie Sanders  b/c he was born in 1941, protested the war and didn't get drafted b/c he was 27. However, the POLITICS of then and now is the same. Embers of War traces the build up from de Gaulle to Truman to Eisenhower to Kennedy and H. R. McMaster Trump's National Security Advisor, blames McNamara, LBJ, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the State Department and POLITICS for Vietnam. 


 MONEY: I got my last pay check at the end of November '67. I was working as an architectural coop student, an intern, an apprentice and a high paid draftsman. I was earning $23.62 in today's dollars but that was nothing compared to Bruno, our class hero, at $47.59/hr. I was acting as a sales engineer in 1985 when the company bought these huge and expensive Auto/Cad machines. Within two years all the architects and engineers more than 2000 in sixteen offices worldwide, were replaced by $40/hr high school grad, CAD jocks. Today nobody's going to get drafted. You can be whatever SEX you want. Regardless of RACE today, there's a 95% chance you can't write a check for $500 and not have it bounce. You can vote, protest, resist, scream and yell but without MONEY you can 


As we say in flyover country "Can you weld?" This is replaced with "Can you code?" in urban areas.

The RACE, RELIGION, SEX, POLITICS & MONEY Bread & Circuses Forum is really a scary place. Bernie is the only honest politician on the planet and he agrees with me, it's all about MONEY. My advice: if you are under 30 learn how to weld or code. If you are under 60 teach ESL in China and if you are over sixty become an expat in a non-English speaking country with a good climate.




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