There's Blue Monday and Black Friday but the most important day of the week is PAYDAY. Ever noticed that your mood changes from day-to-day? Why is that teg? I thought you'd never ask. You see there's Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Jupiter is the best day because it's PAYDAY. Herein lies the rub, you have to know on what day you were born. Now, who knows on what day they were born?

Go here, enter your birth month, day & year. a click on Find My Cards will reveal today, yesterday and tomorrow. Here's the tricky part: depending on what day you entered your info, you're going to get one of the following...

 MERCURY: The Solar First Day of the Week "Get Cracking"

 VENUS: Make Love not war

 MARS: Make War or take Viagra and make love

 JUPITER: PAYDAY, you can't screw this up - get out of bed, go past go and...

 SATURN: School Day Lessons to be learned - pray for snow

 URANUS: Mystery Day you don't know what's going to happen

 NEPTUNE: Dream Day - contemplate, meditate and do Yoga if you must

Get synchronized, keep clicking day after day - or if you're an engineer calculate - until you get a MERCURY Card and that is the day on which you were born. Count on your fingers, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter PAYDAY!

Try it for 30 days and notice if you don't feel better on your Jupiter day no matter what the day is according to the calendar.



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