The Current Saturn-Pluto Cycle: 1982-2020

The Saturn-Pluto cycle lasts between 33 and 38 years. The most current cycle began with the 1982 Saturn-Pluto conjunction. The seeds of U.S. economic revival were probably started at this time by Regan anti-inflation, tax-reduction policies.(4) The rapid expansion and prosperity of the 90's was driven by explosive growth and technological and telecommunication innovation, upon which the foundation of a whole new world economy and communication system was built. During the expansive period between the conjunction and the opposition, there was the perception that technological advances would continue to fuel never-ending prosperity. However, "all economic boons eventually reach a peak, and the momentum of progress recedes".(5)

The current Saturn-Pluto opposition coincides with the end of the technological boom, a terrorist attack, and stock market collapse. Saturn in Gemini, opposing Pluto has the signature of a classic case of bankruptcies, an economic slow-down, and naked accountability in the field of communications, transportation and corporate finances.

The period between the opposition and the waning square (in this case the next 8-9 years of the Saturn-Pluto cycle) is "typically a stressful one in terms of world economies and financial markets".(6) Historically, "the American economy and stock market top out during - or close to - the time when Saturn opposes Pluto",

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