Why did Jay-Z cheat on Beyonce?

It was an Uranus thing. Beyonce is the Uranus Card to JAY Z Location: Spiritual Spread


                                                               BEYONCE           URANUS                  JAY-Z

This is one of the past-life connections that tells us that BEYONCE and JAY Z have already been together before. In fact, in that previous lifetime, they developed a true friendship and mutual respect that has carried over into this lifetime. Now, they can enjoy those qualities and use that to build an even stronger relationship. However, both should know the implications of this connection, which tells us that it is not ideally suited for all couples. BEYONCE and JAY Z have a great possibility here, but also possibly a great challenge. It all depends upon how well they can allow each other that personal freedom, especially when that freedom may scare them or leave them feeling uncertain. The Uranian relationship is certainly not for everyone. It is for those who want to experience the highest form of unconditional love in the context of an intimate relationship.

JAY Z may be the one who is most affected by BEYONCE's behavior. At times she may seem to act in such an unexpected manner that JAY Z is taken off balance by her. If he places big demands or expectations upon her, BEYONCE will seem to be even more uncontrollable and unpredictable, which may engender even more uncertainty for him. This is because JAY Z is the one who is receiving the Uranian energies the most. In any case, the call here is for JAY Z to drop his expectations and learn to appreciate the time and things that he does share with BEYONCE, instead of focusing on the parts that he is not getting the way he wants. This can be an easy lesson or a hard one, it depends mostly on JAY Z and his attitudes.

The First connection of the ten - Uranus  Card: Spiritual Spread - is the most important and BEYONCE holds the high card. The price JAY Z must pay for an intimate relationship with BEYONCE is allow her to be herself and don't try to control her.

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