Birthday Reading

Birthday Reading

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When I discovered Robert Lee Camp's Cards of your Destinythe Rosetta Stone, for translating astrology into psychology, I laboriously, did cut and paste partial readings for only the Birth Card,  and just the three most important ones: Long Range, Pluto, and Reward Cards. After we moved to Antalya in 2015, I licensed Camp's Card Science Software for PC's, which allowed me to generate a full report for both the Self (Birth) and Ego (Planetary Ruling) Cards in about 15 minutes.

This past August, I went a step further and subscribed to Camp's Web Based Destiny Software, which has much improved graphics, better explanations of the information and takes a lot less time to produce. Additionally, the information is easier to digest. My contribution to these generic reports is to illustrate how the two readings Birth (Self) & Planetary Ruling (Ego) mesh with the corporate world of Behavioral Psychology.



        Astrological Wheel                  Robert Camp's Love Cards           Jungian Quadrant Theory

Counting Leap Year, there are 366 discrete birthdays, but only 52 Birth (Self) Cards. For example: I am a September 13, JACK  of Clubs but there are twelve JACK's, January 29 Oprah being the most famous. Some have two Ego Cards like the November 9 Scorpio II Hedy Lamarr and the Leo III, August 15, Maxine Waters with an Ego and Self  that are one and the same. 

January 29   (Aquarius),  February 27  (Pisces),  March 25   (Aries),  April 23  (Taurus),  May 21 (Taurus/Gemini),  June 19  (Gemini),  July 17  (Cancer),  August 15  (Leo III),  September 13  (Virgo),  October 11 (Libra), November 9   (Scorpio II), December 7  (Sagittarius)



      Hedy  Lamar                                                        Maxine  Waters   



Astro-Psychometric Quadrants: Examples of different Ego structure for same Birth (Self) card

Hedy Lamarr Scorpio II  November 9                    Maxine Waters Leo III August 15 

DISC Behavioral Psychology Quadrants

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