Birthday Reading

Birthday Reading

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What are the benefits of a Birthday Reading?

  • Outline of the Goals, Challenges and Results for both the Self and the Ego
  • Defines the yearly Situations to be encountered by each one of 366 individuals
  • Provides wisdom on how best to apply the knowledge of the future to the present circumstance


  Self                                                                  Ego

What is the difference between an Astro-Psychometric Reading and a Traditional Astrology reading?

  • Astro-Psychometrics combines static Analytical Psychology (Psychometrics) with the dynamic Astrological personality narrative on an individual basis for each of 366 birthdays
  • Astro-Psychometrics is an extension of Carl Jung's Quadrant Theory applied to the Four Elements (Earth, Fire, Air & Water) of astrology
  • The typical psychometric quadrant chart is derived from the Ego's responses to a questionnaire. By adding the Self, +karma and -karma characteristics and placing them on the four quadrant matrix we have the most complete picture of the individual's personality, that is easily understood by the psychologist, the astrologer and most importantly, the individual reader.

Birthday Reading for Trump, Washington & Bernie

Today, at the age of 72, Donald J. Trump is following the same script that Bernie used when he was 72 and that George Washington used 243 years ago when he was 27, because they are THREE  of Diamonds personalities with a Selfie Karmic Fear of Financial Insecurity.


Trump starts off his 72nd year like a house afire with two 'Yuge' Cards.

The ACE  of Spades in the Mercury Period: 14 Jun - 5 Aug '18

"This card represents secret activities, communications or short trips. This can be a secret about a brother or sister. This can also be a desire for secret knowledge, either mundane or spiritual or an unexpected and secret desire for somebody or something. 

The KING  of Clubs in the Mercury Period 14 Jun - 5 Aug '18

"This powerful card of applied wisdom guarantees success in all your mental pursuits this period and this year. Your ability to distinguish the truth from illusion and to sort out the myriad of details, seems amazing. You can apply the mind power of the ""King of Knowledge"" to any mental pursuit with success. 

What can you do with the Birthday Reading?

  • Compare the reading for the Self (Birth Card) with the reading for the Ego (Planetary Ruling Card). The Self is the boss and the Ego needs to align its efforts accordingly.
  • The readings, since time began, are the same for each individual year from birth to age 45, then the cycle repeats to age 90 and again to 135. For those under 45 ask yourself, "If money was no object, what would I like to do?" For those over 45 ask yourself, "Where did I go wrong and why?"
  • Get a Finding Dharma reading to match-up with the current situation.
  • Read biographies of the same birthday notables, to see how others followed the same script at your age

In conclusion - my greatest Fear is coming to a conclusion - in my opinion, not understanding myself was my nemesis in life, love and career. I sought relief from my insecurities by psychoanalyzing others, when a significant other, in 2008 psyched me out with, "You don't know who you are."

That led to my study of astrology, the study of astrology in pictures, the 52 playing cards. If it wasn't for the cards, I never would have received the wonderfulness of astrology and I'd still be ignorant of Who I Am.

After, Birthday Readings and an appreciation of Self and Ego the Relationship Reading for lovers, friends and business is my most trusted resource. However, they are called Readings, because only the Reader can interpret how the information relates to their situation.