Conscious Self-Expression

Conscious Self-Expression

The Jack of Clubs Club

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In Toastmasters we are taught the objective of our one to seven minute speech presentations is to get intimate with our audience. To that aim every presenter receives a one to three minute peer evaluation. In Hollywood they equip focus groups with a 'like' - 'don't like' button to arrive at a 'Q' score. The same Q-scoring business goes into selecting political candidates. 

 Doris Roberts, co-star on "Everybody Loves Raymond," had the highest Q score in Hollywood -not only due to her sixty years in the business - but because on screen she was able to come across as Authentic - Reciprocal - Transparent and Vulnerable, the four pillars of intimacy.

If, I auditioned in Hollywood and they gave me my Q-score, that wouldn't tell me how to improve in the art of Conscious Self-Expression. Twelve years, and a zillion, 1-7 minute, speeches helped me realize that my crappy 'In Conclusion' closes, were due to a fear of rejection. Obviously, another twelve years of practice was not going to get me to Carnegie Hall or closer to Conscious Self-Expression. How can Psychological-Astrology Readings do any better?

Authenticity: it is challenging to be authentic one on one, without knowing Who We Are. Where are we supposed to rake-in all this wonderfulness of Self-Awareness?


"What you wanted to be and do when you grew up, but were afraid to find out."

The seventh spiritual law of success is the Law of Dharma. (Dharma is a Sanskrit word that means "purpose in life.") This law says that we have taken manifestation in physical form to fulfill a purpose. You have a unique talent and a unique way of expressing it. There is something that you can do better than anyone else in the whole world--and for every unique talent and unique expression of that talent, there are also unique needs. When these needs are matched with the creative expression of your talent that is the spark that creates affluence. Expressing your talents to fulfill needs creates unlimited wealth and abundance. There are three components to the Law of Dharma. The first says that each of us is here to discover our true Self. The second component is to express our unique talents; the expression of that talent takes you into timeless awareness. The third component is service to humanity. When you combine the ability to express your unique talent with service to humanity, then you make full use of the Law of Dharma. "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" - Deepak Chopra.


The Karmic Mantra for all JACK  of Clubs: "Fear of Established Wisdom"   

You can't tell the players without a scorecard. The old pick-up line: "What's your sign?" has been replaced by the way more definitive, "What's your card?" Understanding yourself, is the first step to understanding others. 

If, Freud or Jung had you on their couch they could learn more about you simply by knowing your Birth Card.

What's My Card?

I met Sam on a train from Kars to Istanbul, the US equivalent of Portland, Maine to Seattle. He explained that he was Australian, recently graduated from law school and before joining a law firm in London, had decided to backpack around  the world. When's your birthday? January 5th. That's an easy one to remember, Jan 1 KING, Jan 2 QUEEN, Jan 3 JACK, Jan 4 TEN and Jan 5 makes you a NINE of Spades. I'm so happy to meet you because NINE of Spades people are the most unique creatures on the planet.

All 52 cards have a - karma or hidden talent that hopefully the individual becomes aware of from their life experience. The + karma talent is more consciously apparent as a natural success factor.


 - karma Hidden Talent: Super-Salesman              + karma Aware Talent: Success with Groups

Our Birth Card, is our Self, our Soul, our Who We Truly Are Card. It represents in Jungian speak, "our collective unconsciousness, our shadow self." 

Open Loop Limbic System


All twelve JACK  of Clubs share a common Self (birth) card but differ in Ego and Sign.

January 29   (Aquarius),  February 27  (Pisces),  March 25   (Aries),  April 23  (Taurus),  May 21  (Taurus/Gemini),  June 19  (Gemini),  July 17  (Cancer),  August 15  (Leo),  September 13  (Virgo),  October 11  (Libra), November 9   (Scorpio), December 7  (Sagittarius)



On alternate Friday-Saturdays, our 40 student Organizational Behavior class broke-out into quadrilles, to address some touchy-feely topic. This particular day we were charged with date-stamping the most significant event in our childhood from 0-19. Even though we were not required to spill-the-beans on what happened, it was the 'when' of Six Stages of Childhood Development that would help us identify our Achilles's Heel.

Our foursome soon became a trio, when an engineer colleague objected to paying $30,000 in EMBA tuition for public amateur psycho-therapy sessions.  After class I learned that our OB (psych) profs, (8 out of 10 graduates of the University of Michigan), were disciples of Erik Erikson's eight stages of psychosocial development,

Check your childhood development from 0 to 19 here.

  “I don't know what it is, I just don't like the guy,” former president George W. Bush's comment about Ted Cruz. A third of people we think are cool, one third we can't stand and one third we can take or leave.. When you want to know why you don't like your relationship with your boss, partner, children enter birthday here.