What's the Plan Stan?

What's the Plan Stan?

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Everyone gets a 100 year plan at birth, divided into seven 13-year increments. How they follow their life script is up to them, depending on the situation they encountered upon arrival. Elvis, Bowie and Kim Jong-Un's SIX  of Spades "FATE" Card is the most challenging, second only to Trump's Birth Card the THREE  of Diamonds "Dependence on Others." Kim Jong-Un just had his 34th birthday on January 8th, so he is about mid-way in his 13-Year Mars Period.

Life Path and the Thirteen-Year Cycle Ruling Cards for the SIX

 The Life Path for January 8th Birthdays








Ages 0-12

Ages 13-25

Ages 26-38

Ages 39-51

Ages 52-64

Ages 65-77

Ages 78-90








Kim's third 13-Year Mars Period is from 1/8/2010  till  1/8/2023

 The Mars 13-Year period begins at Age 26 and ends when we turn 39 and enter our Jupiter period. It is during this period that our passions are expressed, when most of us begin working in life in a real sense, and when most of us work off a great deal of our past-life karma. Whatever really turns us on in life is explored during this period and the cards here will describe something about that, or how its expression is responded to by those around us.

Our Mars Cards indicate what turns us on and what irritates us. Thus the Mars  period can have a lot to do with passion and competition. Most competitive sports figures make their mark during this period of life. Each of us will make our mark as well, exerting the power of our Mars card for better or worse. Since Mars governs sex this is a period when many will have children as a result of their passionate expression.

The Mars period is usually associated with work. In this case is represents putting  our Mars energy to work. Your Mars cards may describe your approach to work or even what kinds of work you do at this time. The Mars period is one in which we try different kinds of work to see which fits us best. It is preparation for the coming Jupiter period,  when our efforts are more financially rewarded.

Kim Jong-Un at work in the field 

Kim's 3rd - 13-Year Mars Card:

 The EIGHT  of Diamonds Rules for the entire 13-year Mars Period

This will likely be one of the better periods of your life, one in which you have not only financial success but also recognition from others. You could even become somewhat famous during this period, especially if you have ambitions to do so.

The EIGHT  of Diamonds is called the 'Sun Card'. It sits in the most prominent place in the Grand Solar Spread, in the Crown Line, in the place of the Sun. Now, it is time for you to shine like the Sun yourself. If you have dreams of reaching a lofty goal in your life, this  is the time to do it.

At the same time, be prepared to work hard during this period. The underlying Queen  of Spades: "Self-Mastery" is usually an indicator of this. But also, this is a card of spiritual self-mastery. Some of you will take the opportunity of this card to develop a deep sense of inner power, power that is greater than making the world do what you want it to with money, power and fame. There could even be a woman of the Spades suit who plays a prominent role in your life during this period. Keep an eye out for her. She will be hardworking and proud.

Depending upon your age in this period you could also experience a certain amount of instability in your personal relationships. An inner sense of uncertainty about who or what you want, in terms of love, could lead to changes and challenges as this period progresses.

But, remember, this is the time for you to shine. You are the Sun now. Rise up to your place in the heavens.

Auspicious Events Occurring at Age 34

Each year most people's Birth and Planetary (Ego) Ruling Cards move to a different location in what we call the Grand Solar Spread. Each position has a unique significance and is described in the section about the Displacement Card. However, some of these positions are more significant and represent times in life when special events will occur. There are also special events determined by our age and by certain cards that fall into prominent positions in our Yearly Spreads. This section of your report will define what, if any, of these auspicious events will occur for you this year. The text given further emphasizes their unique importance in the overall fabric of your cards for this time of your life.

This is a Major Completion Year for You


Because you have a NINE card in a prominent position this year (Long Range, Pluto, Result, Environment, or Displacement), we know that this will be a year in which you achieve an important ending in your life. This Nine may occur in either your Birth Card or Planetary Ruling (Ego) Card Spread. Endings can be seen as disappointments if we disregard their true meaning. In truth they  represent graduations from chapters of our life that were important, but are now no longer helpful for our personal growth and development. What is also beautiful about endings is the wonderful freedom we feel after we have passed through it and are on to our next stage of work and development.

Whatever the nature of the endings in your life this year, be glad that you have reached the point in your development that you are ready to move on to better things and relationships. We are often afraid to let go of things that have become so familiar to us. Sometimes we are not even able to see that these things are no longer of any real use to us. Rest assured that this is the case for you. You are ready to move on and by this time next year, you will be in an entirely new and better place for your personal and professional development and expansion.

If you have more than one occurrence of a Nine in these prominent positions, the significance of this completion year becomes even greater and the stronger the likelihood that many areas of your life are coming to an end in preparation for a new phase of development.

Study whatever Nines you may find in your Yearly Spreads carefully. Each one will reveal the specific areas that you may be encountering some important completions.

You Have Good Career Influences This Year

Elvis  January 8, 1935, his career took off at age 33

Because of the position of your Planetary Ruling Card this year, there are opportunities for you to achieve a larger measure of recognition in your work. Of course, if you are not career or business minded, this influence will have little effect on you. But for those who are trying to get more recognition or wish to become better known, this is a year when some of those dreams will come true.

The cards in your Planetary Ruling Card's Yearly Spread will rise up to the 'Crown Line' sometime this year and because of this, people will pay more attention to what you are doing. You could achieve some sort of award or merely become more recognized in your field. Many people receive promotions during years such as these. Just how it will manifest will depend upon the nature of your work or aspirations. Knowing, however, that these influences are present,  it would be advantageous to put more effort into becoming recognized.


Auspicious Events Occurring at Age 34  (continued...)

 You can find your True Purpose this Year

David  Bowie, January 8, 1947 at age 33

 There is at least one occurrence of a Six card in your reading in a  prominent position (Long Range, Pluto, Result, Environment or Displacement). This might be in either your Birth Card Spread, or your Planetary Ruling Card spread. Either way, this gives you a special opportunity, but one that is only  taken advantage of by those who are aware of it. Sixes give us an opportunity to discover what our true purpose is for our life. Most people search their entire life to discover what their life is about and whether or not they have some special purpose or goal that they are to achieve during their time here on the planet. Many never find this purpose at all. Because of the presence of a Six card in a powerful position this year, you will have a special opportunity to discover what your purpose is. Of course, this only applies to you if you have the desire to know. If you are not that interested in knowing more about your life's direction, this will probably manifest itself as a year of steady progress towards existing goals.

Sixes can be frustrating as well because they often represent static and unchanging conditions in our life. However, they also bestow upon us a special ability to perceive that which is usually hidden from our conscious minds. By listening to our inner voice, we can receive great inspiration and direction when these cards are present and you have at least one of them for this entire year. If you have more than one Six in a prominent position in either your Birth Card or Planetary Ruling Card Spreads, then this message becomes even  more significant.

Study any and all Sixes that you find in these prominent positions this year, along with other Sixes that appear in your Yearly Spreads. They will reveal   much about the special destiny that is coming your way.

Good luck, Kim Jong-Un, on your path to inner discovery. 

What Is Your Plan?