The January 23rd SOLID VALUES Card

The Jack of Clubs Club

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Edouard Manet

January 23rd  BIRTHDAYSEdouard ManetJohn Hancock, Tiffani Thiessen, Princess Caroline (Monaco), Max Keiser, Ernie Kovacs, Rutger Hauer, Potter Stewart, Leon Golub, Frances McDormand, Randolph Scott; 



 Values - Security – Dharma


 Concentration on Security 

 FOUR  of Diamonds: The Card of SOLID VALUES:  The Four of Diamonds is a card of protection in finances, however that protection is only accessed through hard work. This card, above most others, must put forth the effort to reap the rewards, but the rewards are surely there. To achieve this, they often have to come to terms with their own inner restlessness (Five of Spades Karma Card) and dissatisfaction.  They never receive anything without paying some price for it. Often the work they must do involves their marriage or their closest relationships.


These people are very sociable, meet many people, and usually have many friends. They have high ideals concerning love and often these ideals can cause confusion in real life romantic situations. There are difficulties to be dealt with in their life and they must watch a tendency to get into a rut and get stuck there. However, all they need to do to have more happiness is to work. Once they get into action, everything smooths out, and their fears are laid to rest.

KarmaOvercoming of Self

Your Karma Cards are the:   FIVE of Spades - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. five of heartsFIVE of Hearts - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.


 Frances McDormand

FOUR  of Diamonds BIRTHDAYS: January 23 (Aquarius), February 21 ( Pisces), March 19 (Aries), April 17 (Aries), May 15 (Taurus), June 13 (Gemini), July 11 (Cancer), August 9 (Leo), September 7 (Virgo), October 5 (Libra), November 3 ( Scorpio), December 1 (Sagittarius);


Leon Golub

FAMOUS FOUR  of Diamonds: Leon Golub was an American painter and anti-war activist. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, where he also studied, receiving his BA at the University of Chicago in 1942, and his BFA and MFA at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1949 and 1950, respectively. January 23, 1922, Chicago, Illinois.




Princess Caroline of Monaco

FAMOUS FOUR  of Diamonds: Ellen Page, Bruce Willis, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Garner, Tiffani Thiessen, Madeleine Albright, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Raz-B, Leon Spinks, Whitney Houston, Elia Kazan, Nikki Hilton, Roseanne, Woody Allen. 


FOUR  of Diamonds (Pentacles) in Tarot 

four of diamondsFOUR of Diamonds: The importance of work is stressed for all 4's, and this is especially true of the 4 of Diamonds. There is inherent protection for this card, but only if they are making diligent and concentrated efforts in their lives. When this is lacking, poverty and failure - in varying degrees - are the sure results. A life of leisure is just not part of their life plan. This is by no means an easy card to deal with.



 Randolph Scott

They are known to rebel at the restrictions imposed by relationships, work and life circumstances. While they are basically materially oriented people, there is an underlying spiritual interest which should not be neglected! A good earning capacity belongs to this card but it is only through hard work that their dreams become a reality.






Experiential Learning Cycle


Rutger Hauer


Open Loop Limbic System


 Self "Concentration on Security"



    Ego "Mental Illumination"

January 23rd the  Card of Solid Values is a Cerebral Pedagogue of Justice and a Limbic Explorer of Love and War. The Ego TEN  of Clubs "Teacher Card" drives them to instruct one and all on the lessons they have learned. However, the two Limbic karma cards the +karma FIVE  of Hearts "the Emotional Adventurer" and the -karma FIVE  of Spades "the Wanderer" guarantee situations for them to exercise their Social Justice Warrior skill-set.



 Ernie Kovacs

The January 23 person can relate to everyone, whether they are an Owl , Lamb , Tiger   or Bull , but the 'Who They Are,' Tiger, the 4  of Diamonds has an internal relationship challenge - Overcoming of Self. Tiffani Thiessen gives herself permission to be sexy.

 Tiffani Thiessen



FOUR  of Diamonds (Pentacles) Connections


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