Diamonds represent the harvest season, both in the year and in our life. It is the suit of values and accumulation of value, material or otherwise, but too often the “otherwise” is overlooked. Where people of the Clubs suit accumulate knowledge, Diamonds people prefer money and things. To Diamonds, all things, including people and relationships, have a value. The Diamonds person is the one who assigns this value and in truth, through the accumulation of things and money, the Diamonds person is seeking his or her own value in the world. All the money cards in the Cards of Life are Diamonds, the good ones and the bad ones.

The Diamond Boys - now you know why Abe was the King of the Presidency




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Truman Ford Carter Bush Obama Trump
Hitler Putin Bush Sr. Xi Jinping

As the adults of the deck, Diamonds can’t stand being told what to do. Even children who are Diamonds do not like being treated as a baby. And they generally choose to hang out with kids a little older than themselves. Some of the greatest money people in the world have Diamonds cards. The Diamonds person is ultimately seeking self-worth and are on the planet to clarify values. They do like to spend money and like nice things. Diamonds on a positive path are generous and philanthropic. A truly positive Diamond individual should be able to recognize and accept spiritual as well as material responsibility. When their material know-how is positively applied, family, communities, and even nations benefit. The negative-minded Diamonds can be greedy or miserly. They can be trapped by material concerns, devoting lifetimes to an ever-increasing spiral of acquisitiveness.

The Diamonds suit rules merchants, manufacturers, large corporations, producers, investors, bankers and world traders. Careers for the Diamonds person include banking, investing, merchandising, politics, retail, producing and big business.

The Diamonds suit governs 131 birthdays. Its ruling planets are Jupiter and Neptune. Olney Richmond said that while Jupiter rules the Diamonds from the standpoint of wealth, Neptune rules from the standpoint of commerce.

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