The February 3rd UNIVERSAL GIVER Card

The February 3rd UNIVERSAL GIVER Card

  "Go west, young man." - Horace Greeley


 Amal Alamuddin Clooney

February 3rd  BIRTHDAYS: Gertrude Stein, Norman Rockwell, James A. Michner, Fran Tarkenton, Alvar Aalto, Beau Biden, Bob Griese, Horace Greeley, Amal Alamuddin Clooney, Joey Bishop, 'Pretty Boy' Floyd, Walter Bagehot, Shelley Berman, Morgan Fairchild; 


Wisdom - Labor – Acceptance


  Spiritual Awareness

NINE  of Spades: The UNIVERSAL GIVER Card: This is the strongest of the universal nines, with the strongest call towards letting go and completions in life. Among these people you will find those whose lives are filled with losses, and others whose lives are filled with giving and fulfillment. These people can never completely ignore their inherent spirituality or psychic side. Those that acknowledge this important part of themselves are guided to a life of universal giving. In this regard, some of them can make the greatest contributions to the world. Many are successful artists, teachers, or performers.



  Alvar Aalto

The King of Hearts Karma and Venus card gives them strong emotional and love power and wisdom that can bring much success to them as well as guide them through some of the endings they are sure to encounter. Many are artistically talented. The broader the scope of their work, and the more they focus on giving to larger groups, the more their inherent power shines and they rise to prominence on their mission of love. 


Karma Universality

Your Karma Cards are the: king of heartsKing of Hearts - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. six of spadesSix of Spades - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.


Beau Biden

NINE of  Spades BIRTHDAYS: January 5 (Capricorn), February 3 (Aquarius), March 1 (Pisces)


Ron Howard

FAMOUS NINE of  Spades Ronald William "Ron" Howard, is an American film director, producer, and actor, best known for playing two high-profile roles in television sitcoms in his childhood and early adulthood, and for directing ...  March 1, 1954 (age 63), Duncan, OK.


Harry Belafonte

FAMOUS NINE of  Spades: Juan Carlos 1 - King of Spain, Harry Belafonte, Diane Keaton, Marilyn Manson, Norman Rockwell, Gertrue Stein, Morgan Fairchild, Ron Howard, Justin Bieber, Frederic Chopin, Booker T, Roger Daltrey, Paramhansa Yogananda. 


Tarot of the Hidden Realm

NINE  of Spades (Swords) in Tarot

nine of spadesNINE of Spades: Sensitive, idealist, unconventional - none of the 9 of Spades are undeveloped or unaware, and it's that very awareness that either disturbs them or inspires them. The 9 of Spades people need to find a positive philosophical or spiritual ideal to help them cope with their intense inner-emotional conflicts. If not, then psychosomatic illnesses often develop and they may, for a time, be incapacitated for active work.


 'Pretty Boy' Floyd

All 9 of Spades have tremendous personal magnetism, and have a strong paternal nature toward those they love. The Nine of Spades will often be brought into contact with a wise and kindly man - a mentor who sets them back on their feet and instills in them the self-confidence that should never be lacking. These are truly gifted people with much to offer. If only they are made to realize it!


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AQUARIUS January 21 and about February 20


AQUARIUS  Morgan Fairchild


Open Loop Limbic System



  Self "Spiritual Awareness"



         Ego "Need for Financial Security"


Norman Rockwell




NINE  of Spades Connections  


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