The February 2nd WORK SUCCESS Card

The February 2nd WORK SUCCESS Card

 “As a kid, courting the girl I later married,” he once said, “we used to drive 15 miles to a certain place that had good ice cream." - Howard Johnson


Christie Brinkley

February 2nd  DAY: James Joyce, Jascha Heifetz, Stan Getz, Ayn Rand, Giscard D'Estaing, Garth Brooks, Farah Fawcett, Elaine StrichHoward JohnsonChristie Brinkley, Barry Diller, John CornynTom Smothers.


Wisdom - Labor – Acceptance

Glorification of Labor 

TEN  of Spades -The WORK SUCCESS Card: The TEN of Spades person can be very materialistic and workaholic types. When they are, their home life always suffers, and they suffer with it. Home and family are very important to them as well. What their main focus in life is depends upon the individual, but many of them will have a conflict between these two basic desires. 

John Cornyn


The women especially, have trouble keeping a satisfying family life while pursuing a career at the same time. There are many spiritual influences present in their life path that can make these people the masters of their destiny and lead them to great heights in helping others. However, there is a pull toward material accomplishment that can blind them to their possibilities and limit their growth potential. As Spades, they have the opportunity to transcend the material through spiritual awareness.



Your karma cards are the four of hearts FOUR of Hearts and the queen of heartsQUEEN of Hearts.

Elaine Strich


TEN  of Spades BIRTHDAYS: January 4 (Capricorn),  February 2 (Aquarius);


Louis Braille

FAMOUS TEN  of Spades: J. Edgar Hoover, Isaac Newton, Ayn Rand, Jacob GrimmJames Joyce, Shakira, Farrah Fawcett, Louis Braille, Christie Brinkley:  Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards.


TEN  of Spades (Swords) in Tarot

ten of spades TEN of Spades: For these people, home and business are closely associated - and one may seriously interfere with the other. Often times the Ten of Spades is found conducting business at home, hampered by constant interruptions and lack of application! The position of the 10 of Spades is a combination of good mind and good judgment and these qualities may be especially operative in the realm of finance.


 Tom Smothers

During their early adulthood, there can be emotional disturbances in the home caused by financial limitations. They expect to work and don't want to be dependent on anyone, but uncertainty about what sort of work will bring them the speediest returns, often lands them in jobs that are beneath their capabilities. The Ten of Spades can appear aloof or secretive, but they are actually very sensitive people with quick, ever-changing


AQUARIUS January 20 - February 18


AQUARIUS  Garth Brooks




    Open Loop Limbic System



      Self "Glorification of Labor"



         Ego "The Wanderer"


Farrah Fawcett



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