The June 1st ARTIST Card

The June 1st ARTIST Card

  "I am deeply hurt by your calling me a woman hater. I am not. But I am a monster. I am the "Son of Sam." -  David Berkowitz



Heidi Klum

June 1st  BIRTHDAYS: Marilyn Monroe, Brigham Young, Morgan Freeman, Heidi Klum, Nelson Riddle, Andy Griffith, Pat Boone, David Berkowitz (Son of Sam killer), Norman Foster (Gerken architect), Amy Schumer, Jacques Marquette (French explorer); 



Labor - Wisdom – Health 

  Difficulty in Finding Solutions

THREE  of Spades: The ARTIST Card:  The Three of Spades have the opportunity for success in their life if they are willing to work for it. They have a heavier load than most, indicated by their position in the Saturn line. But if they work hard, they will receive the Jupiterian blessings from their column position. The Six of Diamonds Karma Card tells us that there is a karmic debt to pay and often they are associated with Six of Diamonds persons.


 "Emotional Intelligence"


The Three in Spades means indecision about work or health and they should watch their health carefully and stick to sound medical practices and advice. The more they worry about their health, often the worse their condition gets so they have a responsibility to watch their thoughts and feelings as they relate to health matters. Having the Queen of Spades with the Ten of Diamonds (underlying influence) in Jupiter gives them the opportunity for great business success through mastery of their values and business lives. However, with the Jack of Clubs in their Saturn position, they will always meet with some disappointment if they stray from honesty. Only the straight path will bring them the success they want.


Karma: Finding Peace

Your Karma Cards are the: six of diamonds SIX of Diamonds - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. jack of diamonds JACK of Diamonds - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.


 Morgan Freeman

Relationships: The Three  of Spades is a highly creative and romantic person and needs a partner with whom they may share these interests. There are hurdles in love based upon inner fears of abandonment or rejection that must be dealt with, but overall they have good marriage potential. They need an outlet for their creativity, because their extra-marital affairs are usually the result of not giving themselves a positive creative outlet.


Pat Boone

THREE  of Spades BIRTHDAYS: January 11 - Capricorn, February 9 - Aquarius, March 7 - Pisces, April 5 - Aries, May 3 - Taurus, June 1 – Gemini;



Norman Robert Foster

FAMOUS THREE  of Spades: Norman Robert Foster, Baron Foster of Thames Bank, OM, is a British architect whose company, Foster + Partners, maintains an international design practice famous for high-tech architecture. June 1, 1935 (age 82), Reddish, Stockport, UK.


Andy Griffith

FAMOUS THREE  of Spades: Jean Chretien, Naomi Judd, Mary J. Blige, David Gallagher, Joe Pesci, Carole King, Luther Burbank, Andy Griffith, Tammy Faye Bakker, Lord Snowdon, Colin Powell, Betty Davis, Spencer Tracy, Alanis Morissette, Marilyn Monroe; Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards. 



THREE  of Spades (Swords) in Tarot

three of spades  THREE of Spades have come to labor for whatever achievement is theirs and unless they are willing to struggle for their prescribed spiritual enlightenment, they run the risk of giving up everything, resigning themselves to a life of drudgery. Health can be a problem for people born under this card. Due to their mistrust of doctors, they often make changes and experiments with both the Doctor and the medicines they are prescribed. As a rule, the majority fare better with natural methods than with conventional drugs. Doubt and indecision is the biggest bugaboo for all the 3's. However, once a 3 of Spades does make up his or her mind, they have the willpower and tenacity to abide by their decision until the very end.


Gemini  May 21 to June 21


Gemini  Marilyn Monroe

Open Loop Limbic System



    Self "Difficulty in Finding Solutions"     



     Ego "Disappointment in Love"  


Experiential Learning Cycle 



Norman Foster


THREE  of Spades (Swords) Connections 


Best Marriage











 Hottest Sex 














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