48 Degrees of Dharma

The Law of Dharma or Purpose in Life

"Everyone has a purpose in life, a unique gift or special talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal." - Deepak Chopra

I will put the Law of Dharma into effect by making a commitment to take the following steps:

1. Today I will lovingly nurture the god or goddess in embryo that lies deep within my soul. I will pay attention to the spirit within me that animates both my body and my mind. I will awaken myself to this deep stillness within my heart. I will carry the consciousness of timeless, eternal Being in the midst of time-bound experience.

2. I will make a list of my unique talents. Then I will list all the things that I love to do while expressing my unique talents. When I express my unique talents and use them in the service of humanity, I lose track of time and create abundance in my life as well as in the lives of others.

3. I will ask myself daily, “How can I serve?” and “How can I help?” The answers to these questions will allow me to help and serve my fellow human beings with love.

  1 The Way of ARTISTRY - Rebirth to Beauty: Those on the Way of Artistry are destined to discover for themselves the nature of beauty and what, at the deepest levels of their hearts, they truly value. To do this, they must become more acute observers and appreciators of the world around them. In the process of doing so, individuals on this karmic path often recognize an ideal or ideal form of beauty and make it their guiding light, their polestar, that becomes the very ground of their being. Though not necessarily artists themselves, they have the task of sharpening and shaping their aesthetic sensibilities and putting them at the service of their inspirational ideals and visions, whether with regard to the arts, to political and economic structures, or in other life areas. The Secret Language of Destiny - Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

  2 The Way of DISCIPLINE - Child to Perfectionist: The life purpose of those on the Way of Discipline is to develop a sufficient level of detachment to be able to comment on the lives of those around them, thereby lending insight into the workings of their society. Individuals on this path are born with a desire to illuminate, correct problems, and right wrongs. Indeed, such work is their destiny. Their karmic path is to discover their unique ability to observe, analyze, and reflect on others - both their intimates and their community - thereby lending insight into the psychology that is at work in various situations: once adequately articulated, this will guide and inspire. However, before the skills needed to achieve such results can be developed, those on this karmic path must learn to temper a sometimes overzealous and childlike enthusiasm that can hinder the kind of impartial analysis needed if they are truly to influence the world around them. No matter how difficult developing the necessary detachment may be, those on the Way of Discipline must labor unceasingly to develop. The Secret Language of Destiny - Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

The Way of COMPASSION - Star to Society: It is the destiny of those on the Way of Compassion to learn to mute their own ego drives so that they can become a part of what goes on around them rather than forever demanding to be at the center of things. Those on this karmic path are here to develop a greater commitment to, understanding of, and concern for others. Because these individuals are gifted with the ability to implement their visions, by developing a deeper compassion they have the potential to help create a better world by working toward a greater good - whether for their own families, their community, or society in general. Learning selflessness is an extremely difficult assignment for these individuals, entering the world as they do with a radiant energy that attracts attention and inspires admiration. However, in order to grow spiritually, they must learn to direct the spotlight away from themselves and onto the more important concerns, ideas, or causes of others. Instead of being a single star at the center of their own solar system, 

The Way of INSTRUCTION - Pioneer to Theater: Those who find themselves on the Way of Instruction are destined to share or impart some unique expertise or experience with others - sometimes simply the wisdom achieved by living. Thus, one finds these individuals acquiring or developing a system of knowledge or a skill early in their lives. Their journey, however, does not stop there. Those on the Way of Instruction must learn to share their expertise with others. Inherent in the character of these people is a natural leadership ability. They truly have a desire to lead but must work hard to develop the skills to do so. Rising to the top of a profession or a social system may to not come easily to them. Once they have arrived, however - and they always do - their mission is to learn how to teach what they know without falling prey to their inborn didacticism. The Way of INSTRUCTION - Pioneer to Theater: CORE LESSON: Discovering that the best leaders are also the best teachers and that the best teacher guides a student to the student's own conclusion; GOAL: To lead and teach democratically while also considering the feelings of others; RELEASE: The need for others; REWARD: The joy of sharing what one knows; Gifts: POSITIVE - DIPLOMATIC - SACRIFICING; Pitfalls: DIDACTIC - SELF-PITYING - WORLD-WEARY; Balance Point: Education and Learning; SUGGESTION: Be open to all ideas; any one could prove useful. Assuage feelings of loneliness by developing a relationship with spirit. NOTABLES: Madonna, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, Jack Nicklaus, Al Pacino, Harry S. Truman, Alexander Graham Bell, Kit Carson, Ed Sullivan, Thomas Alva Edison, Alex Haley, Nancy Reagan, Jamie Lee Curtis.

The Way of AWARENESS - Power to Drama and Criticism: Born with a powerful nature that needs to assert iself and control most situations, individuals on the Way of Awareness are here to gain insight into how power works and to learn how to use it in the most intelligent manner. Although their need to express power is usually unconscious rather than calculating, this karmic path teaches that the possession of conscious awareness and the insights gained from it are more powerful than all the brute force in the world. Power is only one type of energy in the universe, and the pre-occupation that these individuals have with it can severly limit their life experience. If they can open themselves to the world more fully and with heightened awareness, experiencing its enchantment in their daily lives, they may learn that appreciation of beauty is more valuable than power. By bringing this awareness to those around them, whether by words or example, they will encourage others to raise their own consciousness. CORE LESSON: Falling in love with the beauty of life and communicating it to others; GOAL: To develop a full consciousness of the world around them: Gifts: CHARISMATIC - CREATIVE - PERSUASIVE; Pitfalls: OVERCRITICAL - ADDICTIVE - MANIPULATIVE; Release: The need to control; Reward: The joy of enchantment with life; SUGGESTION: Open your eyes to all that exists around you. Power is just one form of energy in the universe. Learn to express what you feel. Always relect on the power of truthfulness. BALANCE POINT: Power and Love; NOTABLES: Lord Tennyson, Mario Lanza, Sugar Ray Robinson, Dolley Madison, Lee Harvey Oswald, Grace Slick, Sharon Stone, Betty Hutton, Paul Revere, Lloyd Bentsen Jr.

6 Those born on the Way of INTENTION: are here to learn how to concentrate fully on any matter at hand, to eliminate the superfluous from their life and work, and to acquire greater mastery. While these thoroughly practical men and women have an innate ability to focus, too often this ability is more sporadic than consistent in nature. While they are already able to concentrate in short, intense spurts, these individuals are here to learn how to focus over the long haul. For this to occur, those on this karmic path must learn to set an intention and hold it. The development of such a capacity for intention is, in essence, about harnessing one's own mind for a specific purpose. For the individuals on this path, who are easily knocked off balance and blown off course, this is far more difficult than it may seem.

CORE LESSON: Developing the self-mastery not to permit distraction at any cost

GOAL: To remain focused over the long term



Reward: The joy of accomplishment

Release: The attraction to short-term amusements

SUGGESTION: It's often not enough to have a goal in mind; usually one must also have the intention to achieve it.

BALANCE POINT: Work and Pleasure

NOTABLES: Margaret Mead, Charles Darwin, John Steinbeck, Franz Kafka, Maureen O'Hara, Toulouse-Lautrec, Marlene Dietrich, Charles Lindberg, Abraham Lincoln, Ansel Adams. Source: The Secret Language of Destiny, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

February TWELFTH (Kd) the Day of the UNIFIER

7 The Way of INTROSPECTION - TEACHER to DEPTH: Those on the Way of Introspection are here to explore deeper aspects of themselves and others fearlessly and fully. Because they are naturally attracted to social involvements and causes, they must periodically withdraw from the world in order to touch base with their unconscious, reflect on its workings, and use what they learn in the development of a greater understanding of their fellow human beings. Only then will they be able to renew their societal contacts in a more meaningful fashion. Born with a naturally helpful nature, those on this path too often neglect themselves and their own personal development by devoting themselves to others. At some point they must learn to place themselves first and to put their energy in service of their own spiritual growth. Introspection can be an extremely painful and difficult process for those on this karmic path. However, it is usually only after they learn how to do battle with their inner demons and to periodically check in on their inner life that they can unlock the true source of spiritual power within themselves.

CORE LESSON: Surrendering judgments that prevent opening to one's inner life;



GOAL: To develop a deeper understanding of one's own inner process and that of others; RELEASE: The need for an audience;

REWARD: The joy of a deeper viewpoint from which to see others;

SUGGESTION: Open yourself to all that resides within not with fear but with love. Once there, reserve all judgment.

BALANCE POINT: Social Life and Solitude;

NOTABLES: Gloria Estefan, Kahlil Gibran, Tina Turner, Howard Cosell, Walt Disney, Peter Fonda, Melanie Griffith, Toshiro Mifune, Louis Armstrong.

Source: The Secret Language of Destiny, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.


8 The Way of INFLUENCE: A path of steadily increasing maturity, individuals are called to work on developing the character traits that will enable them to take on a mantle of quiet authority. Ultimately, those born on the Way of Influence are to become leaders of others not by rule but by example. Thus, those born to this path must learn to have more self-control by subduing or taming their passions and to develop the qualities in themselves that will engender respect: trustworthiness,sound judgement,, resourcefulness, and calm under pressure. In this way, they will influence those around them in an objective purposeful fashion. This path tends to be a relatively easy one since it is a path of steady escalation, not necessarily one that creates inner conflict or struggle. This is because though opposites, the goal of the Way of Influence, Scorpio II Charm, is simply a higher octave of the origin, Taurus III, the Natural; thus this process is one more of maturation than transformation. Rather than being called on to learn a whole new set of skills, individuals on this karmic path must learn how to use their gifts more consciously and capitalize on them to achieve their goals. To earn the societal success they secretly yearn for, those on the Way of Influence must temper their own desire for freedom, desire that frequently gets them into hot water. Too often these individuals behave like teenagers when they should be working on being adults. It is only when they choose to be grown-ups that they can utilize their naturally vibrant, imaginative, and charming personalities to be a source of inspiration to others.

9 The Way of REFORM - Energy to Revolution: The tremendously energetic individuals born on the Way of Reform came to this lifetime to overthrow established systems and institute new ways of viewing or doing things. On this karmic path reform has many meanings. In one respect it represents a revolutionary toppling of existing mores or organizations. However, it can also mean a return to a more traditional approach, sometimes after an extended period of innovation. Moreover, it also implies "re-creation," an act of creativity that gives something a new or more vital form. The individuals who find themselves on this karmic path will be called to involve themselves in all the aforementioned aspects of reform. In order to do this, they must first deeply involve themselves in the status quo, for only by understanding the traditions of the past and present can they make revolutionary corrections that will be of benefit to all. Finally, as much as they would prefer otherwise, those on the Way of Reform must not be content to merely change society but are also fated to learn how to reform their own moral and value systems. CORE LESSON: Committing fully to a cause, project, or even another human being. GOAL: To be a catalyst for change. RELEASE: The use of seduction as a tool. REWARD: The joy of changing other people's lives for the better.


10 The Way of RESPONSIBILITY - Freedom to Independence: The individuals born to this karmic path are destined to learn the lessons of responsibility. Coming into this life with a nature that is freedom-loving and rebellious, these individuals rail against all limitations. Thus it is their nature to avoid responsibility. However, it is precisely the duty and accountability deriving from the acceptance of responsibility that will fulfill their destiny and lead them to a true sense of Sagittarius I independence. Often these individuals have a kind of manic fear of being controlled by others. But those born to this path must learn not only to free themselves from such control but to realize that an ongoing negative reaction to authority is itself a form of being controlled. Having no reaction at all to authority may be the real freedom for these men and women. Moreover, this path demands that those born to it not only throw off the yoke of their self-imposed fear of restriction but also give birth to an inner sense of responsibility through discipline.

CORE LESSON: Knowing that fighting limitations can itself be a form of limitation; GOAL: To develop self-control and discipline through the acceptance of responsibility: GIFTS: HONORABLE - EXPANSIVE - FAIR; Pitfalls: VOLATILE - TYRANNICAL - IMPULSIVE; RELEASE: The fear of domination; REWARD: The joy of feeling secure in one's inner authority; SUGGESTION: Drop the obsession with life's flaws and believe in its possibilities; there you will find true freedom. BALANCE POINT: Freedom and Restriction; Notables: William Randolph Hearst, Eva Duarte de Peron, Jane Fonda, Bjorn Borg, Anita Hill, Anthony Hopkins, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Nat King Cole, James Joyce, Drew Barrymore, Virginia Woolf, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Redford, Michael Landon.

11 The Way of INSPIRATION: Those on the Way of Inspiration are here to use their naturally expressive energies to give rise to a unique form of creativity. The individuals born to this karmic path are gifted with a facility of mind that manifests itself in a quick wit, the enjoyment of language, and technical proficiency. It is their task to put these skills to some extraordinary and productive use, to put their ideas into action so that they may contribute something original to the world. They must learn to hear their inner voice of inspiration, their intuition, and to act upon it. When it speaks to them, they know it in their hearts, and it is for this that they truly live. Feeling spirit moving through them, they become their most authentic and are best able to ignore their ego's demands.

CORE LESSON: Developing a means of communicating directly with spirit;

GOAL: To operate from an authentic source of inspiration;


PITFALLS: Fearful of Criticism, Prone to Dissemble, Restless;

RELEASE: The need for recognition;

REWARD: The joy of channeling original ideas;

SUGGESTION: Actively develop physical routines to help you center and ground yourself. Make time for quietude;

BALANCE POINT: Introversion and Extroversion;

NOTABLES: Bill Cosby, J.D. Salinger, Cecil B. DeMille, William Edward Boeing, Warren Beatty, Colin Powell, Jack Nicholson, George Carlin, Morgan Freeman, Dustin Hoffman, Ted Williams, Billy Graham, Robert E. Lee, Paul Harvey, Rita Hayworth. Source: The Secret Language of Destiny, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

12 The Way of AMPLIFICATION: Seeker to Titan: The life purpose of those on the Way of Amplification is to choose a path and live it large - to live out loud. To do this, they must learn to think for the long term and see the big picture, rather than wasting their energy flitting from one project, interest, or person to another. Individuals on the Way of Amplification are asked to create a life that is greater than who they think themselves to be or even the sum of their parts. These individuals come into the world as Seekers and thus naturally exhibit a desire to learn about larger or more universal concepts and issues. On this karmic path, they will eventually learn to live according to such higher, broader, more expansive views. Born with a pragmatic orientation, those on the Way of Amplification must take care not to be bound down or tethered by the mundane details of life but rather to dare to dream and to reach for the stars. Of course, the hard-heraded, commonsensical attitude that is their blessing is a fine gift and should never be abandoned, particularly in financial matters. But unless those on this karmic path are ready to go for greatness when the opportunity arises, they will sell themselves short and fail to achieve what they are capable of.

CORE LESSON: Developing the ability to focus one's attention to cultivate growth; GOAL: To live a life that is greater than the sum of its parts; GIFTS: Exploratory, Risk-Taking, Aspiring; PITFALLS: Insecure, Nit-Picking, Flighty; RELEASE: The belief in their unworthiness; REWARD: The joy of living life on a grand scale; SUGGESTION: Learn to release all that is petty or small within yourself. Always remember that your destiny is larger than your concerns. Never forget that your myth is not who you really are. BALANCE POINT: Individual and Mythic. NOTABLES ON THIS KARMIC PATH: Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Sam Walton, Betty Ford, Ella Fitzgerald, Jack Parr, Billy Bob Thornton, Noel Coward, Lou Rawls, Mike Wallace, O. Henry, George Washington, Humphrey Bogart, Yo Yo Ma, Ingmar Bergman, Boris Spassky, Maria Shriver, Mary Tyler Moore, Anna Pavlova, Vanessa Redgrave; Source: The Secret Language of Destiny, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

13 The Way of Expression - Magic to Prophecy: Individuals on the Way of Expression come into this lifetime with spiritual faculties that allow them to look into the hearts and minds of others. Not only are they highly empathic, but their intuitive and even psychic abilities are so well developed that one may ask, What were they up to in previous incarnations? Blessed with many magical gifts, the individuals on this karmic path are fated not only to be in touch with unseen realms but to express their visionary views. Though the fact that their intuitive side is highly developed means they could easily withdraw from the world into religious retreat, it is their destiny to participate fully in the world through the full and positive articulation of their gifts. Those on the way of Expression are called to be a prophet of a sort.

However, the most successful prophets are perhaps those who do not make elaborate calculations or inspired guesses but rather create the future through their own actions, thus ensuring the success of their prophecies.

SUGGESTION: Remember to focus on the positive. Know that the light of truth eliminates all darkness.

CORE LESSON: Taking the unseen forces of spirit and giving them creative form or manifestation;

GOAL: To fully and in detail express their experience of the NUMINOUS;

Gifts: Prophetic, Charismatic, Affectionate;

Pitfalls: Intense, Withdrawn, Dangerous;

RELEASE: The tendency to be depressed;

REWARD: The joy of bringing magic to others;

BALANCE POINT:  Public and Private Life;

NOTABLES ON THIS KARMIC PATH: Fred Astaire, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Vaclav Havel, John Grisham, Reba McEntire, Duke Ellington, Kris Kristofferson, Greg Norman, Gary Sinise, E. B. White, Ernest Hemingway, Alfred Hitchcock, Wilt Chamberlain, Jim Henson, Indira Gandhi; Source: The Secret Language of Destiny, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

14 The Way of CONSOLIDATION: Empath to Ruler: Those on the Way of Consolidation are here to secure their sense of self and learn to stand firm in who they are. Those who travel this path must learn to be more grounded, operate from a core of strength, deal resolutely with their emotions, and toughen their egos in order to be fully in charge of their lives. Coming from a place of deep empathy and sensitivity, men and women this karmic path may find themselves buffeted by the winds of feeling, their own as well as that of others. In fact, so impressionable and psychic are they that, like mirrors or pools, they reflect the feelings of those closest to them. Moreover, since they don't have a clear understanding of who they are to begin with, it is easy for them to confuse their own feelings or personality traits with those of others. Driven by an innate desire to please and corresponding fear of rejection, it is common for them to become what others need them to be. Consequently, chameleon-like, their personality will adapt itself to that of anyone they spend much time with.

The Way of Consolidation will force those born to this path to come to some conclusions about who they want to be. Furthermore, it will then make them pull it all together in an act of consolidating who they are into a healthier whole. Above all, this path will teach them how to know their true self, how to nurture it, and how to defend it.Core Lesson: Establishing psychological and psychic boundaries; Goal: To create a firm internal structure and identity; Gifts: Empathic - Financially Astute - Caring; Pitfalls: Ruthless - Overly Structured - Miserly; Release: The need to be mothered; Reward: The joy of a strong sense of self. NOTABLES ON THIS KARMIC PATH: Denzel Washington, Lena Horne, Monica Lewinsky, C.S. Lewis, Leonardo da Vinci, Helen Keller. SUGGESTION: Develop a philosophy of life. Know that what you feel one moment may change the next. Create a sense of balance and wholeness within yourself and in your environment. Remember to nourish your soul by giving it what it needs.

15 The Way of Articulation - Unconventional to Determination: Those on the Way of Articulation are here to make a commitment to their unusual thinking or way of doing things by articulating it and bringing it to the attention of a broader audience. Highly observant, they have a unique talent for seeing things in a different way, and their resulting opinions and insights are always original, to say the least. Frequently, the singular viewpoints of those on this karmic path are brilliant, and, once others are convinced, they will surely come to share them. Too often, the trouble is that individuals on the Way of Articulation keep their quirkier ideas to themselves for fear of being viewed as strange. However, if they can learn to be more secure in their approach and make a commitment to doing things their way, they will be propelled to the heights of career success. This karmic path does entail some struggle, however, since those who travel it must learn to employ their considerable determination, as well as some patience, if they are ultimately to achieve the recognition they so sorely desire.

Remaining true to themselves at the same time means they will have to work all the harder to get it. In fact, one of the requirements of this karmic path is that these often rather shy and retiring types must learn to articulate their goals clearly to themselves so they can remind themselves of their destination when they hit the rockier parts of the road. Luckily, these determined individuals rarely give up once they have begun. Strengths: FREETHINKING-FINANCIALLY ASTUTE-DETERMINED; Weaknesses: HUBRISTIC-FEARFUL-TYRANNICAL; Core Lesson: Overcoming the fear of rejection or humiliation; Goal: To dare to be different; Release: The attraction to the darker side; Reward: The joy of celebrating one's unique view of the world; SUGGESTION: Focus on what you enjoy and let life take care of the rest. Believe in yourself and honor what you believe. Balance Point: Popular and Private Viewpoints;

16 The Way of MASTERY - Persuader to Dominance: Those on this karmic path are here to lay claim to an area of expertise and make it their own. Although money and ambition are attractive to those on the Way of Mastery, their orientation is not necessarily materialistic. Rather, their goal is to develop a talent or skill to a level of mastery. Achieving such a lofty aim often requires these people to renounce or sacrifice other desires or interests in order to give all their energy to their prime focus.

CORE LESSON: Finding and studying with a mentor

GOAL: Mastering a craft or art



Release: The tendency to workaholism

Reward: The joy of perfecting one's craft

SUGESTION: Try to be kinder to yourself by occasionally lowering your standards. Remember to indulge in fantasy and to cultivate your imagination once in a while.

BALANCE POINT: Craft and Inspiration

The Way of MASTERY NOTABLES: Walter Cronkite, Frederick the Great, John Travolta, Hans Christian Andersen, Golda Meir, Norman Vincent Peale, Christo, Cameron Diaz, James Herriot, Francois Mitterrand, Kim Basinger, Betty Grable, Oprah Winfrey, Ron Howard, Howard Stern, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

17 The Way of ELECTRICITY - Oscillation to Mystery and Imagination: Serving in a capacity akin to a lightning rod, those on the Way of Electricity are here to bring crackling energy down from the heavens, to ground it in the here and now, and, in so doing, to generate a kind of excitement and enthusiasm that will infect all those who come in contact with them. Whether serving as a public icon for their time or as a behind-the-scenes instigator, those on the Way of Electricity will always make their influence felt. These individuals have been brought into this life to stir things up, serving as a catalyst to impart new ideas, modes of thought, or revolutionary concepts to their society, whether for good or ill. Movers and shakers, these people lend spice and verve to family gatherings and other social events.



Core Lesson: Replenishing their personal electricity by honoring their feminine, intuitive side.

GOAL: To Generate excitement for new ideas in others.

RELEASE: The desire to escape.

REWARD: The joy of planting the seeds of positive change.

SUGGESTION: Engage in physical routines to stay in balance. Work to build communication pathways to those you love. Pursue a spiritual path with rituals and routines that calm the mind.

NOTABLES: Albert Einstein, Elvis Presley, Sonny Bono, Annie Oakley, Ingrid Bergman, William Faulkner. Source: The Secret Language of Destiny, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

18 The Way of FREEDOM - Authority to Genius: The feisty individuals on this karmic path strive to do things their own way. Often those on the Way of FREEDOM come into life with a strict set of standards or codes of behavior to which they feel themselves compelled to adhere. Freeing themselves of such principles, traditions and modes of thought is the requirement of this karmic path. The individuals here are called to have the courage either to be different or to think differently. Particularly fated individuals, those on the way of FREEDOM are often required to leave the safety of known quantities behind and strike off on their own, following a path that depends more on learning from experience rather than learning from established educational institutions. The lure of the unusual or exotic is strong, and thus travel and its broadening effect on one's perspective will always entice those on the Way of FREEDOM. This karmic path can engender brilliant breakthroughs in thinking since those following it will learn that they need not be limited by the way others see things. Such a metamorphosis is not easily accomplished, particularly for these people, who like to feel secure within the protective womb of an established system of social philosophy, religion, or family morals.

CORE LESSON: Being true to oneself by living an authentic life;

GOAL: To experience full freedom;



RELEASE:  The need to be popular;

REWARD: The joy of being oneself;

NOTABLES: Edith Pilaf, Gregory Peck, Jackie Gleason, Frank Sinatra, Carl Sagan, Sophia Loren, Georgio Armani,  Tony Blair, Frank Capra, Andrew Jackson, Barbara Eden, General Norman Swartzkopf, Roger Maris, Brigitte Bardot, Winona Ryder, Cyndi Lauper;

SUGGESTION: Realize when you are replaying old scripts or projecting fears onto others. Embrace who you are, and you'll find that others begin to accept you.

BALANCE POINT: Acceptance and Rejection. Source: https://www.thesecretlanguage.com/

19 The Way of RELEASE - Balanced Strength to Youth and Ease: Born with the tendency to hang on to habits, people, and things, those on this karmic path are here to learn how to release all that has outworn its usefulness. Learning how to release is a highly individual, finely nuanced art. It is one that is not easily acquired by these somewhat fixed and often longsuffering people. However, the rewards of releasing the burdens of self-imposed negativity, worry, and crushing responsibilities are considerable since it results in a lightening of the spirit and an easing of the soul. More than many, this is a progressive path, one that must be taken one step at a time. Each instance of release is a small victory and often will lead to another, so that over time the process becomes easier and the person's psychological load lighter. Ultimately, these individuals will transform themselves and, discovering the capacity to break the ties that bind them to the earth, spread their wings to soar unfettered as they live in the moment. With a newfound joyfulness and sense of freedom, those on this karmic path will come to influence those around them positively. However, focusing on their own metamorphosis must take precedence over any other considerations.

GOAL: To let go of all that does not serve the highest and best in oneself;



Release: The need for suffering;

Reward: The joy of forgiveness;

LESSON: Practicing unflinching and objective self-assessment;

SUGGESTION: Work with a professional to review your strengths, weaknesses, and other patterns of behavior. Be objective, but do not condemn yourself, problems can be opportunities for growth. Forgive and forget.

BALANCE POINT: Retention and Release;

NOTABLES: Gloria Steinem, Bill Moyers, Shirley MacLaine, Roseanne, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Bobby Unser, Lance Armstrong, John James Audubon, Arthur Miller. Source: The Secret Language of Destiny, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

20 The Way of CONSIDERATION - LEADERSHIP to ACCEPTANCE: The individuals on this karmic path are here to develop consideration for the feelings, viewpoints, and lifestyles of others. The type of understanding or sensitivity implied by the Way of Consideration is more than a onetime ability to have empathy for another. What is important is continuity; that is, the development of an ongoing capacity to think of others from moment to moment. First one must become open to, and accepting of, views or feelings other than one's own. Second, one must consider these views or feelings in one's dealings with people, whether one agrees with or understands them or not. Such a process requires a certain detachment, since it requires a thoughtful or contemplative regard of another as a prelude to understanding. Moreover, developing the art of reflection will aid those born to this karmic path to see their own actions and their effects more objectively, thus enabling them to think before they act more and more frequently over time. CORE LESSON: Releasing the ego's need to judge; GOAL: To develop an ongoing, thoughtful consideration of others; RELEASE: The need to be infallible; REWARD: The joy of being there for another; Gifts: HEROIC - AFFECTIONATE - INVENTIVE; Pitfalls: DOMINEERING - INSENSITIVE - JUDGMENTAL; Suggestion: Realize that we are all one and that hurting another only hurts yourself. Try to remember that needing to do things your own way is only your ego's way of asserting itself. Think before you speak. BALANCE POINT: Acceptance and Rejection; NOTABLES: Nelson Mandela, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Orson Welles, George Strait, Billie Holiday, Ulysses S. Grant, Dan Aykroyd, David Rockefeller, Ruth Gordon, Jean Paget, Auguste Rodin, Nolan Ryan, Christopher Reeve, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Source: The Secret Language of Destiny, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

Thor Heyerdahl was a Norwegian adventurer and ethnographer with a background in zoology, botany, and geography. October 6, 1914, Larvik, Norway.

21 The Way of REVELATION - EXPOSURE to SENSITIVITY: Sensitive, though often closed and secretive, the individuals on the Way of Revelation are here to break down the emotional barriers that keep them from sharing their feelings, ideas, or concerns with others. Coming into this lifetime with a talent for shrouding themselves in mystery, those born to the Way of Revelation can be so adept at hiding their true natures that they may not be sure of who they really are or what they really feel. Thus, the process of revelation necessitates that the men and women born to this karmic path go within and become reacquainted with themselves.

Often those on the Way of Revelation nurse pain and resentment over wounds inflicted in the past and possess elaborate defense mechanisms that are carefully crafted to protect themselves from pain. Developing a sense of hope and trust will allow these souls to heal their scars and, ultimately, to reveal themselves openly to others. It is essential for those on the Way of Revelation to cultivate their social skills and practice interpersonal interaction. However, this cannot be attempted until they begin to strip away the armor that holds them back from meaningful contact with their fellow human beings.

CORE LESSON: Learning to trust;

GOAL::To strip away the defenses built up to protect their sensitive natures and reveal who they are to both themselves and the world;



RELEASE: The need to feel superior;

REWARD: The joy of being oneself;

SUGGESTION: Observe yourself more closely and notice the reasons behind your superior attitudes and judgments of others. Develop a relationship with trust in spirit;

BALANCE POINT: Safety and Risk;

Way of REVELATION NOTABLES: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Dylan Thomas, Wallis Warfield Simpson, Thor Heyerdahl, Eli Whitney, Joan Collins, Ralph Waldo Emerson, F. Lee Bailey, Jerry Falwell, Roman Polanski, River Phoenix, Conway Twitty, Matt Damon, Jackie Cougan, Jonas Salk, Lorne Green, Claude Monet, Giacomo Puccini, Thomas Hardy. Source: The Secret Language of Destiny, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

22 The Way of EXTENSION - SYSTEM BUILDERS to SPIRIT: The life purpose of those on the Way of Extension is to take their talent for structuring their ideas, work and lives and to extend it beyond mundane concerns and average thinking into the structuring of universal or spiritual ideas or inspirations. Moreover, it is their calling to teach their theories to others so that they can be put to practical use. To do this, those born on the Way of Extension must learn to orient themselves to the metaphysical. No matter how practical or down-to-earth they may be, it is their destiny to strive towards the higher realms of consciousness. Transcending barriers of space and time, such individuals must push their powers of discrimination to the maximum so that they can perceive a kind of order in the chaotic realms of spirituality, philosophical or political ideas, and even conceptual systems.

Sometimes this process requires a period of retreat or reflection to gather ideas followed by a return to everyday life with an understanding of higher concepts in tow.  At such a point the individuals on the Way of Extension can share their unique system of thought with the world. On this karmic path, even the most earthbound or practical individuals, those who embrace little or no spiritual or religious belief system, will engage in meditation on what larger forces are at work in the world. Whether they want to or not, they must apply their analytical minds to such musings to extend their need for structure outward, much like a lasso, to rope in and tame such ideas for the benefit of all.

CORE LESSON: Overcoming their propensity to seek emotional security in the small details and routines of everyday life;

GOAL: To structure metaphysical or theoretical ideas into a format easily understood and used by others;

RELEASE: The fear of what you can't control;

REWARD:  The joy of giving understanding to others;



Suggestion: Know your own self-imposed limitations and realize that they can be overcome. Be aware of when you retreat into structure for safety. Protect your health.

22 The Way of EXTENSION NOTABLES: George Patton, Mary Baker Eddy, Edgar Cayce, Juan Peron, Theodore Roosevelt, Yoko Ono, Sting, Louis Farrakhan. Source: The Secret Language of Destiny, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

23 The Way of DEVOTION - ENIGMA to LONER: In some ways, the Way of Devotion is more of a calling than a karmic path. Those born to it must find someone or something to which they can devote their lives. Sacrifice is no stranger to those on this path, since the devotion required of the individuals on it is uncompromising. The men and women born to the Way of Devotion tend to be somewhat enigmatic and solitary. Loners they are fond of puzzling over conundrums or philosophies at length. Sometimes this is merely their sorting through what matters to them. Soulful and sensitive, the men and women on this karmic path may have to search far and wide for the object of their devotion before they find it. Once they do, they will spend the rest of their lives giving themselves unselfishly to their personal divinity.

Core Lesson: Being able to hear what their hearts are telling them.

Goal: To find a person, cause, principle, or deity to which they can unreservedly devote themselves.

Gifts: Discriminating - Sensitive - Humorous;

Pitfalls: Suffering - Over exacting - Fantasy-prone;

Release: The tendency to self-pity, Reward: The joy of following your heart.

23 The Way of DEVOTION NOTABLES: Sally Ride (first American woman in space), Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield (Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream), Stevie Wonder, Alec Guinness, Tyrone Power, Anatoli Karpov, Buckminster Fuller, Alexander Dumas, Peter O'Toole, Patsy Cline, Friedrich Engels, Don King, Pablo Casals, Gypsy Rose Lee, John Ford, Willy Brandt, Richard Burton, Willa Cather; Source: The Secret Language of Destiny, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

24 The Way of TRANSCENDENCE - LITERALIST to DANCERS and DREAMERS. The destiny of those born to this karmic path is to learn how to transcend limitations, even if this means going beyond what ordinary conceptions of time and space may deem possible. Often the limits these individuals must transcend exist only within their own minds. Those born to the Way of Transcendence tend to be hardheaded individuals firmly rooted in the here and now and the practicalities of daily life. Realists first and foremost, these sturdy men and women must learn to overcome their innate attachment to the tangible and to develop a belief in the impossible, for without such a viewpoint, none of the individuals on this karmic path would ever challenge their limitations. Their pragmatic orientation would prevent them from making any attempt to do so, and they would be unable to still the little voice in their heads that tells them, "It can't be done. It can’t be done. It can't be done!"

While part of this karmic path is about breaking records or going beyond what anyone else has achieved in a field of endeavor, its underlying truth is that it calls the individuals on it to an awakening to and belief in the possibility of miracles and divine intervention. Once such beliefs are embraced by these men and women, there's no limit to their soul's growth. In fact, each soul born to the Way of Transcendence is offered the opportunity for the ultimate transcendence, that of overcoming the cycle of reincarnation itself.

CORE LESSON: Overcoming negativity to develop a positive outlook;

GOAL: To transcend the limits imposed by their practical natures;



Release: The need to control;

Reward: The joy of transcending obstacles;

SUGGESTION: Work to break outworn habits. Engage in a spiritual practice or study. Learn how to believe with all your heart and soul. Trust.

NOTABLES: Debbie Reynolds, Della Reese, Dorthea Dix, John Candy, Arthur Murray, Anthony Perkins, Elaine May, Casey Kasem, Mario Cuomo, Steffi Graf, John D. Rockefeller, Menachem Begin, Kenzo Tange, Jesse Owens, Jenny Lind, Vivien Leigh, Mary Martin, J. Edgar Hoover, Babe Ruth; Source: The Secret Language of Destiny, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.