April FOURTH (4s) the Day of INITIATIVE:

Those born on April 4 have the initiative needed to bring their unusual personalities to the forefront. Perhaps they must have this quality, for the odds are often against them. This may be because of reactions to their peculiarities or because they themselves are their own worst enemy. Whatever the case, they have to fight for what they want; the problem is that it may take them quite a long time to find out just who they are and what it is they seek. Therefore perseverance is another quality which is important for their success.

Strengths: Innovative, Lively, Ambitious

Weaknesses: Impulsive, Unstable, Rebellious

ADVICE: Learn the value of contemplation and silence. Become a better team player and discover ways to share more with others. Try to hold back; don't give everything away. Cultivate depth and sense memory.

BORN ON THIS DAY: Arthur Murray, Muddy Waters, Anthony Perkins (Psycho actor), Maya Angelou (poet, writer), Robert Downey Jr., Chloris Leachman (actress), Marguerite Duras (French novelist, The Lover).Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

MEDITATION: To remain still may be humanity's greatest challenge.

Spades - Wisdom - Labor – Acceptance

4 of Spades - Peace Gained Through Work

Karma for the 4 of Spades - Uncertainty in Values

FOUR  of Spades: The Card of SECURITY and SATISFACTION: The FOUR of Spades ( Jan 10, Feb 8, March 6, April 4, May 2 ) is the card of satisfaction and protection through hard work. They have one of the most fortunate life paths in terms of money and success and usually enjoy the work they do. Their Saturn card, the ACE  of Diamonds, tells us that even though they are fortunate, they usually worry about money anyway, and this can interfere with their own success if not checked. The TEN  of Hearts in Mercury usually gets them instant acceptance at social occasions and they make good communicators or speakers.

Fours can be very stubborn and the FOUR  Spades has the right to be, with the TEN  of Clubs Karma Card. They know a lot and must live by their truth. The TEN  of Diamonds in Venus gives them wealthy friends but they should not place too much emphasis on money with their choice of friends. They usually have a good constitution and health is best cared for by natural methods. They are a worker card and it is in their work that they find true peace and satisfaction. Often they will align themselves with a humanitarian mission and find great satisfaction there. 
Your Karma Cards are the: ten of clubs TEN of Clubs - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. four of heartsFOUR of Hearts - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.

FOUR  of Spades BIRTHDAYS: January 10 - Capricorn, February 8 - Aquarius, March 6 - Pisces, April 4 - (Aries II), May 2 – Taurus; 

FAMOUS FOUR  of Spades: George Foreman, Pat Benatar, David "Phoenix" Farrell, Nick Nolte, James Dean, Shaquille O'Neal, Tom Arnold, Nadia, Rasputin, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Linda Lovelace, Jamie Lynn Spears, Heath Ledger Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards,www.7thunders.com

four of spadesFOUR of Spades: At first glance, the Four of Spades have one of the best line-up of cards on the spread. Trouble is, so much of a good thing is not necessarily a good thing, if you know what I mean... The Four of Spades are incredibly sensitive people. They conceal this sensitivity behind a brusque demeanor. This often leads to a sense of loneliness or being continually misunderstood by the world in which they live. The finer things in life are very important to the Four of Spades, yet the karma of this card is to work hard for what they want, and they must enjoy the work along the way. When young, many 4 of Spades are led to believe they are entitled to abundance, instead of rewarded for their efforts. When this happens, they can experience seriously dark moods in their later years, as their ambitious drive for wealth translates into frustration, false entitlement and loss. For those 4 of Spades who have learned the value of good work, and look beyond the superficial trappings of prestige and glamour, a life of satisfaction and peace is theirs for the taking! http://www.metasymbology.com


ARIES II (Fire)  - The Week of the STAR April 3-10: Aries II people need to be at the center of things. They often feel lonely, even in the midst of a crowd, and consequently they rarely allow themselves to be alone. Born in the Week of the Star, they must have satellite planets revolving around them: admirers, supporters or co-workers. These individuals may seem self-centered, but even as they insist that their central position not be jeopardized or threatened, many are able to let go of their ego to a surprising degree by giving themselves fully to a project, cause, movement or religion. Aries II's can be swept away by their own vanity, and this can be unpleasant for those around them. Unfortunately, however, it is an ever-present pitfall for them that they fall in love with their own ideas, projects and even, in extreme cases, themselves.



Advice: Resist overwhelming people with your energy. Act responsibly. Try not to be too needy of attention and beware of leading others on. Confirm your inner values and develop hidden talents.

ARIES II NOTABLES: Marlon Brando, Colin Powell, Billie Holiday, Eddie Murphy, Helmut Kohl, Maya Angelou, Francis Ford Coppola, Bette Davis, Spencer Tracy, Gregory Peck, Betty Ford, Merle Haggard, Robert Downey, Jr., Mary Pickford, Omar Sharif, Andre Previn, Doris Day, Harry Houdini, Carmen McRae, Ravi Shankar. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

What makes the April 4th FOUR  of Spades "The Satisfaction in Work Card" so super sensitive? Why can't they just go about their work and be satisfied? I am glad you asked. The Ego determines the direction of their sensitivity. The 4 of Spades Jan 10 Feb 8 March 6 April 4 May 2  ) each seek satisfaction in work however April 4th's EIGHT  of Spades "The Power in Work Card" Ego wraps their identity in their work - they think they are their work.

 Muddy Waters,  the "father of modern Chicago blues" just doing his job, that he loved, influenced not just the blues, rhythm and blues but on rock and roll, hard rock, folk music, jazz, and country music. 

 Anthony Perkins, was an extremely shy person, especially in the company of women. Rreportedly, had his first heterosexual experience at age 39 with actress Victoria Principal. However, Alfred Hitchcock exploited Perkins' Ego, by type casting him in four episodes of Psycho.

 Maya Angelou, stated that she played cards in order to get to that place of enchantment and in order to access her memories more effectively. She stated, "It may take an hour to get into it, but once I'm in it—ha! It's so delicious!" She did not find the process cathartic; rather, she found relief in "telling the truth". It took her Seven Autobiographies to discover her true self and helped all mankind in the process.

 Robert Downey Jr., told Oprah Winfrey in November 2004 that "when someone says, 'I really wonder if maybe I should go to rehab?' Well, uh, you're a wreck, you just lost your job, and your wife left you. Uh, you might want to give it a shot."

"Yes, Downey is Iron Man, but he really is Actor Man ... In the realm where box office is irrelevant and talent is king, the realm that actually means something, he has always ruled," — Ben Stiller

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