April SECOND (6s) the Day of the IDEALIST:

Those born on April 2 are extremely idealistic in their approach to life. Largely because of this characteristic, they may have problems getting to where they want to go in their careers. The sometimes naïve view of the world embraced by their childlike natures does not always complement a hard-driving urge to succeed. Only after finding their purpose in life and accepting the limitations of their capabilities, perhaps even reconciling themselves to a lower station, are they able to utilize their considerable energy to the fullest. Until they reach this point, however, they may well flounder.

STRENGTHS: Honest, Sincere, Hard-Working

WEAKNESSES: Naive, Repressed, Unaware

ADVICE: Force yourself to be realistic. Don't live in a dream world. Idealism is admirable, but it doesn't pay the bills. Listen to others, even when they voice negativity, their criticism may be valuable if you give it thought.

BORN ON THIS DAY: Jack Webb, Joseph Bernadine, Linda Hunt, Sir Jack Brabham, Hans Christian Andersen, Emile Zola, Alec Guiness, W. P. Crysler, Giovanni Casanova, Max Ernst (sculptor), Dana Garvey, Emma Lou Harris, Buddy Ebsen, Marvin Gaye, Michael Fassbender, Rodney King; Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

MEDITATION: By keeping alive to what is happening we live in the present; 

Spades - Wisdom - Labor – Acceptance

6 of Spades - The Law of Life

Karma for the 6 of Spades - FAITH 
SIX  of Spades: The Card of FATE - The SIX of Spades is called the card of Fate because it is the strongest symbols of the Law of Cause and Effect. What we sow, we shall reap, for good or ill. When our birth card is a Six, we can expect there to be 'fated' events at different times in our lives. These are events that were set in motion by our actions or words in previous lifetimes whose effects were set aside to be experienced later, when conditions are right to create an equalizing of those events. Some of these events can be positive and helpful, while others may show us what it is like to be on the receiving end of some negative occurrence. For the most powerful of the Sixes, the (), life just seems to have more of these fated events than most, so much so that many () begin to equate life as a place where they have few choices and little power to change its outcome. It is true we cannot change events once they are set in motion, but there are still many events in life over which we have tremendous responsibility, and our choices in this life are always important in this regard. This is one of the major lessons for the ().
Your karma cards are the nine of spadesNINE of Spades and the  two of spadeTWO of Spades. You owe the 9 of Spades and the 2 of Spades owes you.
This is a powerful card, and the card of a person who is here to learn the responsibility of such power. These people either align themselves to a higher purpose and vision and achieve great success, or have their power turned against them for their own downfall. As a rule, these people are very responsible for their actions but a strong Neptune influence can lead many of them down the road of escapism and time lost in fantasy. They are dreamers to be sure. They must latch on to the highest dream they can and use their power to attain it. Nothing can stop them once this vision is clear. Fulfillment on every level is guaranteed. 

This card has some of the greatest potential for success and recognition of any card in the deck and many of them are slated for great achievement. The (8d) in Mars and the (Ks) in Jupiter hint of the huge potential for financial gain. Of course, for this to be realized, they must take action and be willing to bear great responsibility. They must watch a tendency to fall into a comfortable rut. They can also be very stubborn. Through the acquisition of knowledge they find great fulfillment, life purpose, direction, and many good friends. Some of their greatest challenges come in the area of love and romance. Their own indecision works against them.

ISSUES CONCERNING RELATIONSHIPS: The  cannot stop thinking about love and romance. At the same time they have a somewhat mental approach to the whole situation that causes them to undergo many experiences, both up and down, while they gather experiences to back up their concepts and ideas.They can tend to be drawn into multiple relationships and this usually has negative consequences for them. The desire for multiple relationships is usually rooted in their hidden fear of not getting enough affection that underlies these attempts. This fear is symbolized by the 3of Hearts in Saturn, can make it very difficult to have true intimacy with another until it is recognized and acknowledged.

SIX  of Spades BIRTHDAYS January 8 (Capricorn), February 6 (Aquarius), March 4 (Pisces), April 2 (Aries I).

FAMOUS SIX  of Spades: Stephen Hawking, Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Axl Rose, Bob Marley, Ronald Reagan, Emmylou Harris, Marvin Gaye, Alex Guinness; Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards,www.7thunders.com

ARIES I (Fire) - The Week of the CHILD March 25-April 2: Because Aries I's show the frank and open demeanor of the child, they are sometimes accused of having a naïve or superficial view of life. But the so called naivete that they project is only one manifestation of the awe and wonder they experience in response to the world around them, which they are constantly rediscovering. An intense need to express wonder, and to share their observations with others, is also characteristic. Like children, they not only exhibit spontaneity and liveliness themselves but also appreciate these qualities in others. In fact, many may not understand how deep their need for direct expression really is.

Strengths: Frank, Spontaneous, Dynamic

Weaknesses: Naïve, Transgressive, Overidealistic

ADVICECultivate your quite side, yet do not neglect your aggressive urges or let them get bottled inside. When you feel frustrated, try to understand the problem and then take the initiative. Acknowledge your need for affection and support. Do not hesitate to ask for help when you need it.

ARIES I NOTABLES: Al Gore, Gloria Swanson, Leonard Nimoy, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Eric Clapton, Vincent van Gogh, Tennesse Williams, Warren Beatty, Casanova, Hans Christian Andersen, Cesar Chavez, Joseph Campbell, Arturo Toscanini, Rene Descartes; Source: The Secret Language of Relationships Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

The April 2nd SIX  of Spades "The Card of Fate" is the fourth and last Fate card of the year. The Ego Card always seems to separate the identities and paths of the individuals with the same Birth or Who They Are Card. January 8th THREE of Hearts, February 6th ACE of Clubs, March 4th QUEEN of Clubs and today's April 2nd Ego Card is the EIGHTof Diamonds. 

The Karma for every 6 of Spades - FAITH means they fear that their Faith in their dreams coming true is not strong enough or they have doubts about their eventuality. The Ego Fear for April 2nd is Material Control because all 8 of Diamonds are Financial Management trustees of Values (Not only money) and fear losing control over their resources.

Their 'action-Jackson' karma cards, the +karma TWO  of Spades "The Friendship Card' and the NINE  of Spades "The Universal Life Card" gifts them with a larger than life persona.  Those born on the Day of the IDEALIST all share success stories based on Fated Events. I like Linda Hunt's story for keeping the Faith in her dreams.

April 2 Birthdays: Jack Webb, Joseph Bernadine, Linda Hunt, Sir Jack Brabham, Hans Christian Andersen, Emile Zola, Alec Guiness, W. P. Crysler, Giovanni Casanova, Max Ernst (sculptor), Dana Garvey, Emma Lou Harris, Buddy Ebsen, Marvin Gaye, Michael Fassbender, Rodney King;

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