Birthday Reading

My theme: "Find the Fear You Feel" is embedded in all my 'Readings' because there is a NEED. The Tenth Promise of Alcoholics Anonymous: "Fear of people and of economic insecurity will leave us," sums it up for me. Twenty-five years ago I became convinced that our Childhood 'Wound' was the answer to Finding  Fear and why I was afraid of people and economic insecurity. Ten years ago I discovered the Psychology of Astrology that the two emotions of Love & Fear are our first birthday presents.

A 153 year old Birthday Reading of Abraham Lincoln. The Fear that every February 12 person suffers with along with Lincoln and Charles Darwin (2/12/1809) is Denial of the Power of Love.

I have borrowed from Carl Jung "The Father of Analytical Psychology" and avid student of Astrology, his Quadrant Theory on the Four Functions of Consciousness: Thinking, Feeling, Sensation, and Intuition


February 12th in the US is Abe Lincoln's day, maybe in the UK it's known as Charles Darwin day? What fascinates me about February 12th the Day of the UNIFIER is what makes them take that role in society. Their birth card the KING  of Diamonds "The Successful Business Person" in their minds becomes the Successful People Business Person." The theme or mantra of their business stems from their Ego the SIX   of Diamonds "Financial Responsibility" but it is more than money, they continuously evaluate the True Worth or True Value of the political, societal, family, team situation they encounter. As Abe said, "I wouldn't want to be a slave, therefore I don't want make another a slave."

The February 12th person has no Heart Cards, they prefer to approach every issue using the logic of their +karma SEVEN  of Spades "The Faith Card" the Spiritual Heart and the -karma THREE  of Clubs "The Writer's Card" the investigative reporter seeking the greater good side of the debate. 

All of Linclon's super attributes couldn't help him recover from his Denial of the Power of Love.

"Lincoln did suffer from what we now call depression, as modern clinicians, using the standard diagnostic criteria, uniformly agree. But this diagnosis is only the beginning of a story about how Lincoln wrestled with mental demons, and where it led him." - Joshua Wolf Shenk, The Atlantic October 2005

Shenk's treatice suggests Abe's intense struggles with melancholy provided the psychic energy for Lincoln to make the necessary right choices to save the Union.

Birth Birth Card     Ego Card Ego

There are two Lincoln's, two everybodies save those born a Leo. The most important is the Birth Card, the 'Who You Are' and sometimes referred to as the Soul card. The second identity card is the Ego Card, the 'Who You Think You Are' Card, always ever present in your head, just to keep the flames of Fear stoked.

So, what was on Abe's higher consciousness self 153 years ago on his 65th birthday?

 "The Missionary Card" 

The Six of Clubs is the card of intuition and of finding one's personal or professional path or destiny. If you are inclined towards development of your  psychic ability or if you use it professionally, this could be a year of much progress  in those areas. Your natural intuitive abilities are heightened for this year and they become more the focus of your attention. Overall this should be a year of relative stability for you. Peace and harmony with respect to all your communications are the order of the day. To maintain this harmony one often has to make compromises and to be willing to see things from other people's point of view.

Many with this card have discovered a special purpose in their life in the year that it appeared, a purpose that was very meaningful and fulfilling. If you listen to  the voice within, you may discover such a destiny for yourself too.

  How about Abe's nemisus  Ego? What was going on in the mind of the Great UNIFIER 

 "Mental Satisfaction" 

This will be a year for you of mental stability and general satisfaction in all affairs. Regardless of your occupation and interests, you will find that you are able to maintain a inner peace that tends to allow things to go the best for you time after time. This is a very positive influence since the mind is usually the source of our problems. This influence can be applied with great success to any intellectual endeavor, such as writing, teaching or learning new subjects and you should have satisfaction in any of those areas by virtue of this card. The only negative side of this card is a tendency to be mentally fixed and often narrow minded. But if things are going so well for us, why should we change anyway? As they say, 'Why fix it if it isn't broken?'.

So, Lincoln had every right to feel satisfied, vindicated and looking forward to knitting the country back together, now that Lee had surrendered at Appaomattox. Why not kick back and take Mary Todd to the theater? Never leave home without checking the cards in your hand.

  "The Card of Ambition, Secrets & Sometimes Death"

This card represents secret activities, communications or short trips. This can be a secret about a brother or sister. This can also be a desire for secret knowledge, either mundane or spiritual or an unexpected and secret desire for somebody or something. This card can signal an unexpected change or even a death in the family, though this is not a strong possibility. It can also represent a powerful spiritual experience that changes your life.

Shenk mentioned in his article that Darwin, same birthday and year as Lincoln, also suffered from mood swings and bouts of depression. Therefore, I had to see what happened to Charlie on his sixty-fifth birday. While Abe was fighting the Civil War, Darwin published his Origins of Species in 1859 and stuck around to put the word Evolution of Man in the text of the 1872 6th edition. He lost three children and suffered perpetual bouts of illness from the bite of the "Kissing Bug" in Mendoza, Argentina in 1835. Darwin's Denial of the Power of Love Fear, like Lincoln he feared that he would die before his epic work was done. Comparing the two February 12 boys at age 65 Abe was satisfied in what he had accomplished and Darwin realized that he knew he was right but his real contribution to mankind had just begun.

Abe's Fear of Love and marriage forced him to accept the no other alternative pressures of Mary Todd. Darwin used the scientific approach, making a list of the pros and cons, deciding in favor of companionship and married his cousin Emma.

In conclusion - my greatest Fear is coming to a conclusion - Lincoln, Darwin and February 12 people, need a Relationship Reading a lot more than a Birthday One.