Conscious Self-Expression

In Toastmasters we are taught the objective of our one to seven minute speech presentations is to get intimate with our audience. To that aim every presenter receives a one to three minute peer evaluation. In Hollywood they equip focus groups with a 'like' - 'don't like' button to arrive at a 'Q' score. The same Q-scoring business goes into selecting political candidates. 

 Doris Roberts, co-star on "Everybody Loves Raymond," had the highest Q score in Hollywood -not only due to her sixty years in the business - but because on screen she was able to come across as Authentic - Reciprocal - Transparent and Vulnerable, the four pillars of intimacy.

If, I auditioned in Hollywood and they gave me my Q-score, that wouldn't tell me how to improve in the art of Conscious Self-Expression. Twelve years, and a zillion, 1-7 minute, speeches helped me realize that my crappy 'In Conclusion' closes, were due to a fear of rejection. Obviously, another twelve years of practice was not going to get me to Carnegie Hall or closer to Conscious Self-Expression. How can Psychological-Astrology Readings do any better?

Authenticity: it is challenging to be authentic one on one, without knowing Who We Are. Where are we supposed to rake-in all this wonderfulness of Self-Awareness?

Doris Roberts, the THREE  of Diamonds, November FOURTH "The Day of the PROVOCATEUR," was just being her Provocative, 100% right-brained, mother-in-law self. A Birthday Reading for Doris, or any birthday, can provide insight into the Who We Are mystery but its greatest benefit is Present-Past & Future script outlines of what's happening now, yesterday, and tomorrow.

Reciprocity - Transparency and Vulnerability, the other three pillars of intimacy, only reveal themselves in the daunting mirror of relationship. I blamed my mother in my Parent Child Relationship, my wife in my first marriage relationship and myself in the subsequent three Relationship Readings. Finally, on the fifth time around, I cast aside my fears of rejection (vulnerability) and gave the shortest, Open-Body-Close, speech in my 68 years. "I would like to have an intimate relationship with you." When she reciprocated with a Yes, my little Q-factor heart went off the charts.


Always looking for an excuse to rationalize my life failures away, I blamed it all on Fate. How were Esther and Marion Gregory supposed to know all this good stuff, when they became parents of their first born son, back in 1943? And how could I have possibly made any sense of the Pseudo-Science of Astrology when the first mainstream books on the subject weren't published by Gary Goldschneider until 1994? Robert Camp didn't publish his work on future predicting, "Cards of Your Destiny" until 1996 and user friendly software edition in 2015.

In conclusion: my idea for the Conscious Self-Expression Reading is use the Relationship Reading software to mirror the relationship to the Self - an Astrological Selfie. Take a person's mm/dd/yyyy and compare their relationship dynamic with someone with the same mm/dd/yyyy. In the Gregory family of four, little sister Sue, preferred Esther to poor ole Marion. The Freud-Jung-Erickson explanation for this sibling difference of opinion is birth order - first born mirrors the father, second born mirrors the mother. In 2018, we can examine in detail, what the mirrors are saying.

Well, I was born on Marion's 30th birthday and if I adjust the reading to the same year I get the same result as if we were twins. The Fourth, Fifth and Eighth  connections explain how are karma cards are there to help us in reciprocal ways

The Fourth Connection Between You


Teg owes the QUEEN  of Diamonds Person

     In my life experience when I encountered a QUEEN of Diamonds female, it felt like I was about to be trapped in a spider's web. That if I got any closer I would be a slave to a very attractive slave owner.


The Fifth Connection Between You


Teg must acknowledge that the JACK   of Diamonds is his teacher.

     I found out that posthumously, that in my marriage to a CPA/Systems analyst that she was teaching me Entrepreneurship. 


The Eighth Connection Between You

TEG is the Uranus Card to the TEN  of Hearts

      I was very successful with groups until I became Treasurer of two Toastmasters clubs concurrently. I did't intentionally cook the books, I left them unattended of the stove too long.

 In Conclusion: My suggested recipe for Conscious Self-Expression is an almost 'Full Monty': 1) Birthday Reading; 2) Finding Dharma: 3) Relationship Reading with significant other; 4) What's the Plan Stan? essentially a life reading: and 5) a Relationship Reading with yourself. Five Readings for the price of Four $19.95.