February SECOND (10s) the Day of CLASS:


Not only are February 2 individuals apt to be polished, sophisticated and classy, but also likely to embody many of the typical qualities (both the very best and worst ones) of the social group or nationality from which they spring. Thus, no matter how unusual they are, they tend to stay attached to their cultural beginnings. February 2 people are able to "do the impossible" and make it look easy. It is because they have great facility with their medium that they can operate in a relaxed fashion. Though they give the impression that such fluency comes naturally, in fact a great deal of discipline and hard work stands behind it. Classically, those born on this day prefer to work hard in private, not in public. It is extremely important to their image that they remain objective, in complete control of what they are doing - in a word, masterful. February 2 people generally think the best way to avoid problems is to just do things their way. In fact, however, pushing difficulties away, or eschewing any sort of trouble in interpersonal relations can be a subtle form of fascism, which coerces others to play by February 2 rules or not play at all. Cultivating a controlled but easy manner can be just the thing to rid themselves of the bothersome frictions others cause. Indeed, those born on this day seek to make life in general a smooth ride

Strengths: Sophisticated, Dynamic, Original

Weaknesses: Insulated, Aloof, Dispassionate

ADVICE: Be more aware of yourself and the figure you cut. Keep in tune with the language of others. Retain humility and a sense of your roots.

BORN ON THIS DAY: James Joyce, Jascha Heifetz, Stan Getz, Ayn Rand, Giscard D'Estaing, Garth Brooks, Farah Fawcett, Elaine Strich, Howard Johnson.Tom Smothers. Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

MEDITATION: The simplest tastes are often the most elegant.

Spades - Wisdom - Labor - Acceptance

Ten of Spades Meaning: Glorification of Labor 

Karma for the 10 of Spades - Awareness 
TEN  of Spades -The WORK SUCCESS Card: The TEN of Spades person can be very materialistic and workaholic types. When they are, their home life always suffers, and they suffer with it. Home and family are very important to them as well. What their main focus in life is depends upon the individual, but many of them will have a conflict between these two basic desires. The women especially, have trouble keeping a satisfying family life while pursuing a career at the same time. There are many spiritual influences present in their life path that can make these people the masters of their destiny and lead them to great heights in helping others. However, there is a pull toward material accomplishment that can blind them to their possibilities and limit their growth potential. As Spades, they have the opportunity to transcend the material through spiritual awareness.
Your karma cards are the four of hearts FOUR of Hearts and the queen of heartsQUEEN of Hearts.

TEN  of Spades BIRTHDAYS: January 4 (Capricorn),  February 2 (Aquarius);

FAMOUS TEN  of Spades: J. Edgar Hoover, Isaac Newton, Ayn Rand, Jacob GrimmJames Joyce, Shakira, Farrah Fawcett, Louis Braille, Christie Brinkley:  Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards website, www.7thunders.com.


ten of spades TEN of Spades: For these people, home and business are closely associated - and one may seriously interfere with the other. Often times the Ten of Spades is found conducting business at home, hampered by constant interruptions and lack of application! The position of the 10 of Spades is a combination of good mind and good judgment and these qualities may be especially operative in the realm of finance. During their early adulthood, there can be emotional disturbances in the home caused by financial limitations. They expect to work and don't want to be dependent on anyone, but uncertainty about what sort of work will bring them the speediest returns, often lands them in jobs that are beneath their capabilities. The Ten of Spades can appear aloof or secretive, but they are actually very sensitive people with quick, ever-changing http://www.metasymbology.com/

AQUARIUS II: The Week of YOUTH and EASE January 31-February 7: "No hassles" could be the motto of most AQUARIUS II's. Listening to those born in this week, one would gather that they do not like trouble in any form and would do practically anything to avoid it. They value their happiness highly, both in the long term and in the short. AQUARIUS II's generally ask to be left alone to travel their own path with as little interference as possible. Not much interested in controlling others or meddling in their affairs, those born in this week are happy to accord the same treatment to other people that they demand for themselves.

AQUARIUS II NOTABLES: Charles Dickens, Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Adlai Stevenson, James Michener, Clark Gable, Nolan Ryan, James Joyce, An Wang, Mary Leakey, Phil Collins, John Ford, Ida Lupino, Gertrude Stein.Source: The Secret Language of Relationships Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.


                             Weaknesses: IMMATURE - TORTURED - CUT OFF

ADVICE: Try to get in touch with your own deeper feelings. Sometimes it is better to meet problems head on. A bit of pain now may prevent much more latter. Don't be too dependent on others' opinion of you. Have the courage to be yourself and don't feel you have to please or entertain.


The 2 February TEN  of Spades "the Work Success Card," their Who They Are Soul card, coupled with their FIVE  of Spades "the Wanderer" Ego card, makes them a Limbic Adventurer. There is not a cerebral bone in their body because their -karma the FOUR  of Hearts "Family Love" and the +karma QUEEN  of Hearts "Mother Love" acts as a 'Full-house' in the lower right-brain limbic functions of feelings and emotions. In my overly Cerebral opinion, Farah Fawcett, demonstrated all the best qualities of 2 February on and off stage.

TEN of Spades Connections 
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