February SIXTEENTH (9d) the Day of ANIMATION:


Those born on February 16 are spirited individuals, courageous and demonstrative, who bring life to whatever they take part in. They admire spontaneity and dislike plodding, measured or constrained behavior. Also, they instinctively recognize that flexibility is at the essence of life and that hardness and stiffness, an ability to change, presages that which dies away. The themes of birth, rebirth, foundation and innovation - in short, beginnings of all kinds - are central to their lives.  

However, when something has been brought into existence, it may well need to be maintained. Here a problem arises, namely the fact that when things are not going well February 16 people can grow very discouraged and perhaps unable or unwilling to go on. But though they are not long-suffering individuals, concluding a relationship, a job, or a life process can be very painful for them for the simple reason that they are not the most skilled at bringing things to a close. This is particularly true when this is a process or endeavor which they themselves have created or implemented. It is therefore important that February 16 people find the most gainful way to effect change in their lives, whether bowing out of a job or ending a relationship. They are quite capable of quitting endeavors abruptly, of simply getting up and leaving right in the middle of things, especially if they feel powerless to make a meaningful difference. Those born on this day may be correct in their appraisal of a losing proposition and the need to move on, but can benefit by leaving the bridges they cross standing, not for the purpose of going back but perhaps to allow past associations to be part of their future. February 16 people must learn to round off some of their rough edges and to not only bring fluency and grace to what they do, but also to who they are and how they interact with others. 
ADVICELearn to deal with the downside, accept it as a fact and then move on. Remember that everything has to come to an end sometime. Keep in mind that others may not be moving as fast as you, physically or mentally. Take time to be more deliberate. 


BORN ON THIS DAY: John McEnroe, Edgar Bergen,  Mario Pei, Sonny Bono, Max Baer, Ice TSource: The Secret Language of Birthdays, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.
MEDITATION: Death is as essential to life as life itself.

Diamonds - Values - Security – Dharma

9 of Diamonds - Generosity or Selfishness

Karma for the 9 of Diamonds Faith in the Golden Calf 

NINE  of Diamonds: The Card of Universal Values and The Giver's Card:  Nine of Diamonds people are here to let go and complete a major chapter in their evolution. This entails a lot of giving to others. If they have not heeded the call to give and let go of others, money, relationships, and love, their life can be filled with disappointment and remorse. Those on the positive side are philanthropic and generous,  happy and productive. All have the opportunity to experience first hand, the heightened consciousness that comes from living a "universal" life. Despite losses from time to time, these people can do very well in business, especially when it involves selling or other creative enterprises. If they keep money in proper perspective they may even attain affluence. A disregard for the higher laws will inevitably result in misfortune and misery. They should be careful while driving and in taking other chances. They can be reckless. Marriage is usually karmic and often long lasting. The men should always beware of female Clubs cards.

Your Karma Cards are the: queen of diamondsQueen of Diamonds - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way.

 five of diamondsFive of Diamonds - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.

NINE  of Diamonds BIRTHDAYS: January 18 (Capricorn), February 16 (Aquarius-Pisces Cusp), March 14 (Pisces), April 12 (Aries), May 10 (Taurus), June 8 (Gemini), July 6 (Cancer), August 4 (Leo), September 2 (Virgo).


FAMOUS NINE  of Diamonds: David Michael Letterman is an American television host, comedian, writer, producer, and actor. He hosts the late night television talk show Late Show with David Letterman, broadcast on CBS. April 12, 1947 (age 67), Indianapolis, IN.


FAMOUS NINE  of Diamonds: Kevin Costner, Ice-T, Sonny Bono, John McEnroe, Billy Crystal, Albert Einstein, David Letterman, Paul Bono Hewson, Fred Astaire, Jerry Stiller, Joan Rivers, Barbara Bush, 50 Cent, George W. Bush Jr., Sylvester Stallone, Queen Mother, Keanu Reeves, Barack Obama. Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards, www.7thunders.com 


nine of diamonds NINE of Diamonds: There seems to be no middle ground for the Nine of Diamonds. These people are either philanthropic, generous and protective towards others, or they live for themselves alone; unable to acquire the money and power they want, and dissatisfied with life because of it. For the most part, the people born under the 9 of Diamonds are slated for success. They are gregarious, inclined to materiality and may be mercenary, but the natural tendency is towards generosity; even though they will never forget to protect themselves first. While there are no weaklings amongst this Card, the early life of the Nine of Diamonds is filled with stressful situations and feelings of inadequacy. They are usually dominated by either a family member, or develop a deeply personal connection with their community or church. Once that control has been broken however, the Nine of Diamonds can become manipulative and domineering towards others, mainly in an attempt to get even with their past! http://www.metasymbology.com/ 

AQUARIUS-PISCES CUSP - The Cusp of Sensitivity February 16-22:Those born on the Cusp of Sensitivity are often success-oriented individuals who give top priority to their career. They are usually fighters, an attitude sometimes based on underlying insecurity and the need to prove themselves. A chip-on-the-shoulder attitude in many Aquarius-Pisces makes them aggressive toward others and belligerent when attacked. A real personal challenge for Aquarius-Pisces, then, is to rediscover and acknowledge their inner makeup and to break down some of the barriers they have built up. The tough, even aggressive exterior of many born on the Aquarius-Pisces Cusp belies the sensitive personality inside. Extremely vulnerable as children, Aquarius-Pisces react to criticism or abuse from others by building a wall around themselves. Carried with them into adulthood, this armor may give the impression of an inner self far different from the reality.
Strengths: Success-Oriented, Concerned, Caring
Weaknesses: Insecure, Pessimistic Isolated

ADVICE: Don't give up on the world or retreat behind fences. If necessary tear obstructions down to rediscover your sensitive self. Learning to trust may mean ceasing to fear. Without denying your need to explore the depths and the heights, take the middle road more often.


AQUARIUS-PISCES CUSP NOTABLE: Michael Jeffrey Jordan, also known by his initials, MJ, is an American former professional basketball player, entrepreneur, and principal owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets. February 17, 1963 (age 51), Brooklyn, NYC, NY.


AQUARIUS-PISCES CUSP NOTABLES: Frederic Chopin, Michael Jordan, John Travolta, Toni Morrison,Yoko Ono, Ansel Adams, Sidney Potier, John Travolta, Charles Barkley, Julius Irving, Sonny Bono, John McEnroe, Edward Kennedy, Barbara Jordan, Marian Anderson.  Source: The Secret Language of Relationships, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers. 


The February 16th NINE  of Diamonds "Universal Values - The Giver" is the only NINE  of the NINE, NINE  of Diamonds, that lives on the Cusp. What a Cusp it is, the Aquarius (All-Knowing) - Pisces (Seeing both sides of every issue) Cusp. Notice, how they have their Birth Card, Ego Card and both Karma Cards squirreled away in Upper Right-Brained Dreamland. Fortunately, the Ego FOUR  of Diamonds "Stability in Values" keeps them on the "Do no harm" track. The +karma FIVE  of Diamonds "The Seeker of Worth" prods them like an ideological Superman or Wonder Woman to swoop down to earth and right every wrong as they see it. The -karma QUEEN  of Diamonds "The Philanthropist Card" indicates that they are going to do all their good works, like a Queen, in Style. John McEnroe, certainly exemplified the February 12th Day of ANIMATION on the tennis court and Sonny Bono went to Washington as a Congressman, to share his Gift of Universal Values with the Nation. But watch Ice T, on his 60th birthday, share his philosophy, that music is the most universal of Universal Values, because it is animated.