February THIRTEENTH (Qd) the Day of LIVELINESS:

The energetic individuals born on February 13 are usually up for most anything stimulating, within reason. They seek out exciting events and themselves enjoy being in the circle. In fact, many born on this day qualify as outright exhibitionists. Those who do not seek the notice of a wider public may still command a great deal of attention in their family or social circle. February 13 people tend to be emotionally demonstrative, wishing to share their feelings, whether joyful or melancholy. Volatile individuals, those born on this day find it difficult to keep secrets or contain their thoughts for very long. indeed, their frankness and emotional spontaneity can land them in plenty of trouble, particularly in regard to matters of love. February 13 people generally believe in letting it all hang out, but sometimes do so in only one or two specific areas of their lives. in those particular areas, there is little chance of holding them back or bringing them into line. Their rational side is actually well developed, and their minds facile, but sometimes there is an apparent split between their brain and their body, their head and heart. Thus they can be quite disconnected, failing to apply the brakes to their feelings or on the other hand bring some emotionality into their detached mode of thinking.

STRENGTHS: Spontaneous, Outgoing, Energetic

WEAKNESSES: Impulsive, Reckless, Distracted

ADVICE: Observe yourself living. Remain in contact with the feelings and opinions of others. Cultivate greater willpower and self-control. Natural behavior is generally admirable but not always pleasing to others or appropriate for a given situation.

BORN ON THIS DAY: Eileen Farrell, Bess Truman, Nicolaus Copernicus, Georges Simenon (French mystery writer), Chuck Yeager, Kim Novak, George Segal, Amy Tan, Tennesse Ernie Ford, Jerry Springer, Grant Wood; Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

MEDITATION: The quietest place to be found rests inside a peaceful soul.

Diamonds - Values - Security – Dharma

Queen of Diamonds ~ Domination in the Realm of Values

Karma ~ Financial Security At All Cost

QUEEN of  Diamonds - The PHILANTHROPIST Card: Like some other cards in the deck, the Queen of Diamonds has much indecision about values (Three of Diamonds Karma Card). Although they are in the royal suit of money, they are often worried about money and have some difficulty in managing it. Queen of Diamonds are known to be charming and enjoy the finer things in life. Often they spend beyond their budget and this adds to their financial  worries. Their Three of Diamonds Karma Card speaks of indecision about what they want that has them constantly seeking new adventures and sometimes relationships as well. Many of the world's greatest givers are Queen of Diamonds, though personal relationships are usually difficult because of the indecision about what they want and their changeable nature. If they adopt a spiritual path in life and realize that they have a mission, they can achieve the heights of spiritual realization and self-mastery (Queen of Spades in Neptune). This realization will also dispel all of the problems that they have with money and love.

Your Karma Cards are the: three of diamondsTHREE of Diamonds - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. nine of diamondsNINE of Diamonds - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.
QUEEN of  Diamonds BIRTHDAYS: January 15 (Capricorn), February 13 (Aquarius III), March 11 (Pisces), April 9 (Aries), May 7 (Taurus), June 5 (Gemini), July 3 (Cancer), August 1 (Leo);

FAMOUS QUEEN of  Diamonds: Montel Williams is an American television personality, radio talk show host, and actor. July 3, 1956 (age 58), Baltimore, Maryland.

FAMOUS QUEEN  of Diamonds: Charo, Martin Luther King, Pancho Villa, Aristotle Onassis, Chuck Yeager, Jerry Springer, Hugh Hefner, Dennis Quaid, Eva Peron, Mark Wahlberg, Tom Cruise, Montel Williams, Yves Saint Laurent, John Maynard KeynesSource: Robert Camp's Love Cards www.7thunders.com 

queen of diamonds QUEEN of Diamonds: Some of our greatest philanthropists are the Queen of Diamonds. In the world of art, some of our greatest poets, painters and musicians have contributed their wealth. It is these Queen of Diamonds people that have learned the true meaning of value. They are people fitted for authority and should have it! The path for the Queen of Diamonds is a hard one - so beset with difficulties and obstacles - they are continually sapped of strength as they struggle to overcome one thing after the other. Those born under this card are diligent and dependable. They are strong of character, and determined, but they must guard against hardness and domination. They have much to contend with, and much should be forgiven them. The men strive to provide their partners with security, but can be overly sensitive and prone to temper tantrums. The women enjoy sharing in their partner's business affairs. http://www.metasymbology.com/

AQUARIUS III - The Week of ACCEPTANCE February 8-15: The theme of acceptance runs strong in the lives of Aquarius III's. Some of them are hardheaded and not particularly open to unusual ideas and people but become increasingly tolerant as the years go by. Others are overly accepting from an early age and allow themselves to be unduly manipulated or influenced by stronger, more selfish types. The challenge for Aquarius III's is to remain open to the world while at the same time retaining the ability to be selective in screening out harmful influences.



ADVICEAccept your need for other people and cultivate meaningful social interaction. Remain open and accepting, but demand that others accept you as you are, too. Your psychic abilities are valuable - use them constructively. Beware of allowing rejection to lower your self-esteem.

AQUARIUS III NOTABLES: James Dean, Mia Farrow, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Jules Verne, Galileo, Charles Darwin, Jack Lemmon. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

The February 13th QUEEN  of Diamonds "The Philanthropist Card" Karma ~ Financial Security At All Cost, pretty much explains why they have all their cards in the Diamond corner. They are on a perch observing the world around them but not coming down to labor with the masses. Their Ego Card, the FIVE  of Diamonds, "The Seeker of Worth" is forever scanning the horizon of life, for people, places and opportunities for them to exercise their Philanthropic talents. The absence of Spades, Clubs, and Hearts, puts the February 13th person in the category of "among us, but not one of us."

The -karma THREE  of Diamonds "Financial Creativity" is a blessing and a curse, bringing creativity to the   Undecided Values mindset and a karmic Fear of being dependent on others. The +karma NINE  of Diamonds "Universal Values - the Giver" carries with it a karmic and confusing debt of Faith in the Golden Calf. All these odd cards the Five, Three, and Nine, of Ego and Karma stuff, puts them in the outer world of La La Idealism. The charm of the QUEEN  and the Salesmanship of the FIVE  guarantees that we all want to hear what they have to say, even if we don't agree with them.

Jerry Springer, February 13, 1944, sprung on the Cincinnati world stage in 1971 as the City Councilman, who wrote a check "for services rendered" to a Newport, KY, hooker. Talk about leaving a paper trail. Everyone liked his confession and charming ways so much they made him Mayor for a year and the most popular TV news anchor for ten years. The rest is history and here is Jerry 'idealism personified' Springer after Trump won.