February TWENTY-FIRST (4d) the Day of INTIMACY:

Those born on February 21 struggle to express themselves on a personal level. Their early life can be largely tied up with themselves and with internal difficulties they face. They may first see these difficulties as originating with their environment but usually come to realize that their own highly complex natures are the real issue. But problems, of course, can be challenges and opportunities - to grow, to learn, to evolve. Most February 21 people fully accept this challenge to improve themselves and grow enormously as a result. By coming to terms with and perhaps overcoming their own emotional sensitivities they can realize a kind of self-awareness attained by few. They can also display remarkable insight into the emotions of others.
Strengths: Emotionally Deep, Self-Aware, Honest

Weaknesses: Self-Involved, Dissatisfied, Detached

BORN ON THIS DAY: Nina Simone (jazz singer), Sam Peckinpah (film director), Erma Bombeck, Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe dictator), Barbara Jordan (US Congress woman), Givenchy (fashion designer), Santa Anna ( Mexican revolutionary general), David Geffen, Rue McClanahan (Blanche of Golden Girls), John Lewis, Kelsey Grammar.  Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

MEDITATION: One side of the moon is always dark

Diamonds - Values - Security – Dharma

4 of Diamonds - Concentration on Security

Karma for the 4 of Diamonds - Overcoming of Self
FOUR  of Diamonds: The Card of Solid Values: The Four of Diamonds is a card of protection in finances, however that protection is only accessed through hard work. This card, above most others, must put forth the effort to reap the rewards, but the rewards are surely there. To achieve this, they often have to come to terms with their own inner restlessness (Five of Spades Karma Card) and dissatisfaction. They never receive anything without paying some price for it. Often the work they must do involves their marriage or their closest relationships. These people are very sociable, meet many people, and usually have many friends. They have high ideals concerning love and often these ideals can cause confusion in real life romantic situations. There are difficulties to be dealt with in their life and they must watch a tendency to get into a rut and get stuck there. However, all they need to do to have more happiness is to work. Once they get into action, everything smooths out, and their fears are laid to rest.
Your Karma Cards are the: Image result for five of spades meaning FIVE of Spades - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. five of heartsFIVE of Hearts - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.

FOUR  of Diamonds BIRTHDAYS: January 23 (Aquarius), February 21 ( Pisces Cusp), March 19 (Aries), April 17 (Aries), May 15 (Taurus), June 13 (Gemini), July 11 (Cancer), August 9 (Leo), September 7 (Virgo), October 5 (Libra), November 3 ( Scorpio), December 1 (Sagittarius);

FAMOUS FOUR  of Diamonds;  Allen Kelsey Grammer is an American actor, voice actor, comedian, producer, director, writer, singer and activist. Grammer is known for his two-decade portrayal of psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane on the NBC sitcoms Cheers and Frasier. February 21, 1955 (age 60), Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands. 

FAMOUS FOUR  of Diamonds: Princess Caroline of Monaco, David Geffen, Ellen Page, Bruce Willis, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Garner, Madeleine Albright, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Kelsey Grammar, Raz-B, Leon Spinks, Whitney Houston, Elia Kazan, Nikki Hilton, Roseanne, Woody Allen; Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards www.7thunders.com 

four of diamondsFOUR of Diamonds: The importance of work is stressed for all 4's, and this is especially true of the 4 of Diamonds. There is inherent protection for this card, but only if they are making diligent and concentrated efforts in their lives. When this is lacking, poverty and failure - in varying degrees - are the sure results. A life of leisure is just not part of their life plan. This is by no means an easy card to deal with. They are known to rebel at the restrictions imposed by relationships, work and life circumstances. While they are basically materially oriented people, there is an underlying spiritual interest which should not be neglected! A good earning capacity belongs to this card but it is only through hard work that their dreams become a reality. http://www.metasymbology.com/

AQUARIUS-PISCES CUSP - The Cusp of Sensitivity February 16-22: Those born on the Cusp of Sensitivity are often success-oriented individuals who give top priority to their career. They are usually fighters, an attitude sometimes based on underlying insecurity and the need to prove themselves. A chip-on-the-shoulder attitude in many Aquarius-Pisces makes them aggressive toward others and belligerent when attacked. A real personal challenge for Aquarius-Pisces, then, is to rediscover and acknowledge their inner makeup and to break down some of the barriers they have built up. The tough, even aggressive exterior of many born on the Aquarius-Pisces Cusp belies the sensitive personality inside. Extremely vulnerable as children, Aquarius-Pisces react to criticism or abuse from others by building a wall around themselves. Carried with them into adulthood, this armor may give the impression of an inner self far different from the reality.

Strengths: Success-Oriented, Concerned, Caring

Weaknesses: Insecure, Pessimistic Isolated

ADVICE: Don't give up on the world or retreat behind fences. If necessary tear obstructions down to rediscover your sensitive self. Learning to trust may mean ceasing to fear. Without denying your need to explore the depths and the heights, take the middle road more often.

AQUARIUS-PISCES CUSP NOTABLES: Frederic Chopin, John  Travolta, Michael Jordan, Toni Morrison, Yoko Ono, Ansel Adams, Sidney Potier,  Charles Barkley, Julius Irving, Sonny Bono, John McEnroe, Edward Kennedy, Barbara Jordan, Marian Anderson. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.


The February 21st FOUR  of Diamonds "Stability in Values" spend a lot of time dreaming about money. Their EIGHT  of Diamonds "The Sun Card" Ego means they love to 'shine' and be noticed by others. The EIGHT is a power number giving February 21 people a great deal of leadership ability. Much of their karma is worked out through power and control struggles with others. They dislike being controlled and try to maintain power in their relationships. This phenomena comes from their opposing karma cards, the  -karma FIVE  of Spades "The Wanderer" and the FIVE  of Hearts "The Emotional Adventurer." This is their big "Catch 22," their core is stability but their karma is instability. The Spade FIVE causes them to actively seek out new vistas and their Heart FIVE gets them into interpersonal jousting matches. 

Barbara Jordan (US Congress woman), Santa Anna ( Mexican revolutionary general), John Lewis, and Mugabe are the name brand February 21 Sunshine folks, exercising their emotionally charged leadership abilities. John Lewis is still very much on active duty right here in America. 

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