February TWENTY-FOURTH (Ad) the Day of SACRIFICE:

Sacrifice is a pivotal theme in the lives of February 24 people, and can manifest in a variety of ways. Those born on this day often sacrifice their own concerns - to a cause, parental wishes, or the desires of a mate or family. Typically they themselves demand a great degree of sacrifice from others, particularly loved ones. The theme may also recur in more abstract or philosophical forms, where sacrifice becomes a kind of acceptance of life as it is, a sacrifice of ego so to speak. In the best cases this is a true unselfishness and desire to work for the common good.
Strengths: Giving, Open, Accepting
Weaknesses: Self-Absorbed, Demanding, Static

ADVICE: Learn to stick up for the real you. Don't respond so readily to the suggestions or wishes of others. Augment your talents and your willpower. Resist the temptations of ego massage.

BORN ON THIS DAY: Wilhelm Grimm, James Farentino, Steve Jobs, Lance Reventlow, Winslow Homer, Michel Legrand, Michelle Ross (playwright), Floyd Mayweather;  Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

MEDITATION: Many tragedies are enacted in the name of love.

Diamonds - Values - Security - Dharma

Meaning of the Ace of Diamonds - I AM Worth

Karma – Acquisition. 

ACE of  Diamonds: The Card of Desire for Money and Love: The inherent passion in this card can be expressed in a variety of ways but it always seems difficult for them to have both money and love at the same time. Perhaps this is because there is not enough energy to acquire as much as they want of both. In any case we find these people striving to attain one or both most of the time. They are often loners in spite of their desire for love contact. They can be impatient and mercenary, or they can be the greatest givers. These people are creative and capable of working two jobs at once. They meet new people every day and much of their good fortune comes from these meetings. Romantically, they are often indecisive, or they attract others that have difficulty making decisions. They like to be away from their loved ones for periods of time. All of them are inclined to be psychic. If money or power does not take top priority in their values, they can have lives of great satisfaction and accomplishment.
Your Karma Cards are the: two of diamonds TWO of Diamonds - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. ace of heartsACE of Hearts - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.

ACE of  Diamonds BIRTHDAYS:  January 26 (Aquarius), February 24 (Pisces), March 22 (Aries), April 20 (Aries/Taurus), May 18 (Taurus), June 16 (Gemini), July 14 (Cancer), August 12 (Leo), September 10 (Virgo), October 8 (Libra), November 6 (Scorpio), December 4 (Sagittarius);

FAMOUS ACE of  Diamonds: Paul Newman, Wilhelm Grimm, Wayne Gretzky, Douglas MacArthur, Ellen DeGeneres, Eddie Van Halen, Kristin Davis, Steven Jobs, Reese Witherspoon, Carmen Electra, Adolf Hitler, Pope John Paul II, Stan Laurel, Gerald R. Ford, John Derek, Ryan Phillippe, Matt Damon, Maria Shriver, Tyra Banks. Source: Love Cards, by Robert Camp, www.7thunders.com

ace of diamonds ACE of Diamonds: Ambition is the key word for this card, and usually in form of cold, hard, cash. Contacts are very important to the Ace of Diamonds. They like secrecy in connection with their associations; both business and personal. The Ace of Diamonds can be incredibly charismatic, able to focus their magnetism to achieve success. They are curious about metaphysics and spirituality, but they have a hard time believing in such things unless they can profit from them. There can be a lot of obstacles and difficulties for this card - and it's mostly the women who suffer in the realm of relationships and matters of the heart. The negative Ace of Diamonds has issues with greed for money and power. The positive Ace of Diamonds are willing to love for love's sake alone, thus able to reap the personal and material success so strongly desired. http://www.metasymbology.com/

PISCES I The Week of SPIRIT - February 23-March 2: Those born on the Week of the Spirit value the non-material side of life. It's not that they lack either respect for money-making and business or abilities in these fields. It is simply that, whether engaged in the arts or in finance, in religion or in administration, PISCES I's generally approach their work devotionally, elevating it to an idealistic plane. Nor are they without strong physical drives, or a love of the pleasures of the table and the bed. A blend of a spiritual and a sensual approach is at the heart of their personalities. Many PISCES I's do not see spirituality as denoting an ascetic approach that would ask them to cut their bonds with the everyday world. On the contrary, since those born in this week seek the spirit in everything around them, they rarely feel the need to reject worldly considerations.

Strengths: Spiritual - Sensual - Transparent

Weaknesses: Emotional - Irresponsible - Catastrophic

PISCES I NOTABLES: Elizabeth Taylor, Linus Pauling, Enrico Caruso, George Harrison, Mikhail Gorbachev, Steve Jobs. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

The February 24th ACE  of Diamonds "Desire for Love & Money" lives totally, in their right-brained ivory tower. They are the true Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience with only a half of a brain, however the half they do have is perfect. The Day of SACRIFICE moniker comes from 1) the FIVE  of Diamonds Ego "The Seeker of Worth." 2) The meaning of the ACE  of Diamonds "I am Worth." 3) Their karma: Acquisition, they are driven to acquire both Love & Money simultaneously, because both brain lobes have the 'pedal to the metal.' The lower right 'emotion-feeling' quadrant has the +karma ACE  of Hearts "The Desire for Love Card," not any ole Love, but idealized perfect Love. 4) No FEEDBACK Loop, every now and again Reality brings a Sacrificial awakening in their Human experience. When this happens they bring out their -karma TWO  of Diamonds "The Wheeler-Dealer Card" to get them back on the road to successful acquisition. Does this sound like the life and loves of Steve Jobs?

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