Those born on March 19 have the dogged persistence needed to achieve their ends and know how to use their charm and allure to help them. These highly directed people are both dreamers and doers. They are able to translate their imaginative ideas into reality. Though assertiveMarch 19 people may not be the most self-aware individuals, and indeed a strong unreality factor may be at work here.


Advice: Get to know yourself better; examine your motives. Beware of having undue influence on the lives of others and maintain respect for them. Don't push so hard, cultivate modesty and keep your egoism under control.

BORN ON THIS DAY: David Livingston, Sir Richard Burton, Wyatt EarpWilliam Jennings Bryan, Glenn Close, Harvey Winestein, Earl Warren, Bruce Willis, Ursula Andress, Sirhan Sirhan, Alexis Mikhailovich, José María Velasco Ibarra, Adolf Eichmann, Albert Speer. Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

MEDITATION: All life is sacred

Diamonds Values - Security – Dharma

4 of Diamonds - Concentration on Security

Karma for the 4 of Diamonds - Overcoming of Self

FOUR  of Diamonds - The Card of SOLID VALUES:  The Four of Diamonds is a card of protection in finances, however that protection is only accessed through hard work. This card, above most others, must put forth the effort to reap the rewards, but the rewards are surely there. To achieve this, they often have to come to terms with their own inner restlessness (Five of Spades Karma Card) and dissatisfaction. They never receive anything without paying some price for it. Often the work they must do involves their marriage or their closest relationships. These people are very sociable, meet many people, and usually have many friends. They have high ideals concerning love and often these ideals can cause confusion in real life romantic situations. There are difficulties to be dealt with in their life and they must watch a tendency to get into a rut and get stuck there. However, all they need to do to have more happiness is to work. Once they get into action, everything smooths out, and their fears are laid to rest.

Your Karma Cards are the:   FIVE of Spades - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. five of heartsFIVE of Hearts - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.

FOUR  of Diamonds BIRTHDAYS: January 23 (Aquarius), February 21 ( Pisces), March 19 (Pisces-Aries Cusp), April 17 (Aries), May 15 (Taurus), June 13 (Gemini), July 11 (Cancer), August 9 (Leo), September 7 (Virgo), October 5 (Libra), November 3 ( Scorpio), December 1 (Sagittarius);

FAMOUS FOUR  of Diamonds: Princess Caroline of Monaco, Andy Murray, Jasper Johns, Bruce Willis, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Garner, Madeleine Albright, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Leon Spinks, Whitney Houston, Elia Kazan, Nikki Hilton, Roseanne, Woody Allen. Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards 

FAMOUS FOUR  of Diamonds: Philip St. John Basil Rathbone MC was a South African-born English actor. He rose to prominence in the United Kingdom as a Shakespearean stage actor and went on to appear in more than 70 films, primarily ... June 13, 1892, Johannesburg, South Africa.

PISCES-ARIES CUSP - The Cusp of REBIRTH March 19-24: Those born on the Pisces-Aries cusp are unusually direct in their approach to life, and their outspokenness can make them alternately admired or misunderstood. Born on the primal cusp, they are basic, elemental individuals. The puzzling thing about Pisces-Aries is that although they themselves think that they see things in a simple and unclouded way, those who know them well often describe them as unrealistic dreamers, unable to get a handle on the harsh realities ot the world. These individuals outwardly present a dynamic directness that often belies a sensitive, emotionally complex, even troubled inner life. Thus they are doers as well as dreamers and have a no-nonsense, "what you see is what you get" attitude that actually tells only part of the story. 



AdviceLearning patience is your most important task. Develop social skills through working alongside others. Try to curb your impetuous side - weigh alternatives and consider consequences before speaking or acting. Get to know yourself better.

PISCES-ARIES CUSP NOTABLES: Johann Sebastian Bach, Spike Lee, Holly Hunter, Glen Close, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Joan Crawford, Ursula Andress, B.F.Skinner, Clyde Barrow, Fanny Farmer, Wyatt Earp, Lynda Bird Johnson, William Shatner, Bruce Willis, William Jennings Bryan, Wernher von Braun. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.


Harvey Winestein, was not the first person, to besmirch the good name of the March 19th FOUR  of Diamonds "Stability in Values." Adolf Eichmann, and Albert Speer were the bad guys of their day, and the Sirhan Sirhan, assassination of RFK, seems like it was only yesterday. The flip side of March 19 has Wyatt EarpWilliam Jennings Bryan, and Earl Warren, on the right side of Law & Order. Bruce Willis, has based his whole acting career on shooting bad guys. So, what makes the people born on this day tick? It's complicated.

They have a Star crossed Limbic System, their PISCES (Limbic, Feeling, FIVE of Hearts "The Emotional Adventurer," Water sign)-ARIES (Limbic, Sensing, FIVE  of Spades "The Wanderer," Fire sign) CUSP birth creates a perpetual 'out of body' experience for their Cerebral Being: the 4 of Diamonds 'Who They Are' and their EIGHT  of Diamonds "The Sun Card" Ego - 'Who They Think They Are.'

Of the full dozen 4 of Diamonds, birth months, only March 19 and February 21 are Cusp babies, and also, the only two possessors of the powerful Ego 8 of Diamonds "Money is Power", which is possessed by the karmic fear of Material Control. 

The March 19 Day of DOGGED PERSISTENCE is illustrated by José María Velasco Ibarra, an Ecuadorian politician. He was elected five times to the post of president of Ecuador: 1934–1935, 1944–1947, 1952–1956, 1960–1961, and 1968–1972.

This March 19th: in mindout of body, quality comes in handy for actors, Sir Richard BurtonGlenn Close and Bruce Willis and in this Stephen Colbert interview, Glenn Close, shares insights into the mind-body dynamic of a March 19th birthday personality.

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