March SEVENTEENTH (6d) the Day of the AERIALIST:

Those born on March 17 live exciting lives taken up with the recurring themes of flying, floating, music, dance, movement and travel of all sorts. They are quite capable of losing themselves in an activity, cause or experience, relinquishing many demands of their ego in the process. Highly evolved individuals born on this day are able to engage in such activities while at the same time expressing a strong sense of self. Less highly evolved individuals tend to be overly self-effacing or passive, unable to direct their lives effectively.

Strengths: Adaptable, Expressive, Enthusiastic

Weaknesses: Self-Effacing, Ineffectual, Disconnected

ADVICE: Ground yourself in experience. Without losing your enthusiasm, partake more in the practical areas of life. Tend to daily tasks, and learn from them. Become more consequent in your endeavors, don't make changes so readily.

BORN ON THIS DAY: Gary Sinise, Patrick Duffy, Pattie Boyd, Rob Lowe, Gottlieb Daimler (Benz), Rudolf Nureyev, Nat King Cole, Kurt Russell; Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

MEDITATION: Flowers and butterflies are delicate, but also surprisingly strong.

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Diamonds - Values - Security – Dharma

6 of Diamonds - Completion of Obligations

Karma for the 6 of Diamonds - True Worth.
SIX  of Diamonds - FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Personality: The number six implies responsibility and karma. The suit of Diamonds relates to finances. (6d) people are keenly aware of financial debts and their repayment. This peculiar trait often manifests as a sort of paranoia about having outstanding debts. For example, a (6d) might pay their phone and utility bill ahead of time, just so they won't have to think about what they might owe in the future. Relationships: Underneath the tough exterior of the 6d lies a person who is having a difficult time meeting their needs for affection. There are often deep fears of abandonment that underlie much of what they do in their personal relationships. Until those fears are dealt with directly, they can have a hard time understanding the repeated failures that make up their love life. There is protection in work and action. On a deeper level, the Six of Diamonds is here to settle karmic debts from past lives. Finances can go from one extreme to the other in this process. If they accept what they inwardly know, they will always be happy whatever the circumstances in their life. If they have discovered their special mission in life, they will not worry about how much money they have. These people make great teachers. They are givers and can be entrusted with great responsibility. What they have to give is a clear knowledge of values and discrimination.
Your Karma Cards are the: nine of clubs Nine of Clubs - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. three of spades Three of Spades - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.
SIX  of Diamonds BIRTHDAYS: January 21 (Cancer-Aquarius), February 19 (Aquarius-Pisces), March 17 (Pisces III), April 15 (Aries), May 13 (Taurus), June 11 (Gemini), July 9 (Cancer), August 7 (Leo), September 5 (Virgo), October 3 (Libra), November 1 (Scorpio);

FAMOUS SIX  of Diamonds: Orenthal James "O. J." Simpson, also nicknamed "The Juice", is a retired American football player, broadcaster, actor, and convicted felon currently incarcerated in Nevada. July 9, 1947 (age 67), San Francisco, CA.

FAMOUS SIX  of Diamonds: Baby Spice, Geena Davis, Seal, Marquex Hemingway, Jeff Daniels, Kurt Russell, Rudolf Nureyev, Leonardo da Vinci, Stevie Wonder, Shia LaBeouf, Jacques Cousteau, Courtney Love, O.J. Simpson, Charlize Theron, David Duchovny, Rose McGowan, Jesse James, Ashlee Simpson; Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards 

six of diamonds  SIX of Diamonds symbolizes the need for understanding VALUE. A very successful and satisfactory life can be built for the Six of Diamonds when money is not made the sole objective. The acquisition of knowledge is not easy for the Six of Diamonds; there are obstacles and frustrations for them. There may be difficulty in acquiring an education in early life -- or there may be unwillingness to bother with it on their own part. Money, however, is vital to the people born under this card. Often times they want to begin earning it even before they know where, or how! The women of this Card should strive not to depend on their personalities for success, and the men not seek a wealthy marriage to promote their own objectives. For both men and woman Six of Diamonds, finances tend to go to extremes and remain in one state for a long time -- either way up, or way down.

PISCES III: The Week of DANCERS and DREAMERS - March 11-18: Strongly philosophical, PISCES III's often spend time contemplating the intricacies of human thought and the wonders of the universe. Their minds roam freely over areas that many would find daunting or at least mysterious. They start wondering about the meaning of life early on, and often continue to puzzle over such questions for a lifetime - indeed, these issues can become the driving force behind their careers and lifestyles.



PISCES III NOTABLE: Gary Alan Sinise is an American actor, director, and musician. Among other awards, he has won an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and has been nominated for an Academy Award. March 17, 1955 (age 61), Blue Island, IL. 

PISCES III NOTABLES: Nat King Cole, Liza Minnelli, John Wayne Gacy, Gary Sinise, Billy Crystal, L.Ron Hubbard, Albert Einstein. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers. 

ADVICE: Be more demanding of yourself in your personal development, and contribute actively to the life around you. Beware of neglecting to build a firm foundation. There is a limit to what you are capable of overcoming - make life easier for yourself, and be willing to compromise when necessary.

The March 17th  SIX  of Diamonds "Financial Responsibility" the Day of the AERIALIST, according to Gary Goldschneider: 

"live exciting lives taken up with the recurring themes of flying, floating, music, dance, movement and travel of all sorts. They are quite capable of losing themselves in an activity, cause or experience, relinquishing many demands of their ego in the process." 

This demanding Ego, the QUEEN  of Diamonds "The Philanthropist Card" puts the March 17 Aerialist in a quandary deciding what they want most. Their karma cards prepare them for success on the world stage in whatever art form they choose. The +karma card, the THREE  of Spades "The Actor Card" pushes them on stage and the -karma card, the NINE  of Clubs "The Universal Knowledge Card" is also the sexiest card in the deck. Maybe they should change it to "The Sexy Librarian Card."

 Gary Sinise, actor, director and musician, has put his QUEEN  of Diamonds"The Philanthropist Card" to epic proportions in the support of US Military Veterans, able and disabled.

 Gottlieb Daimler (Benz), which one is the most handsome, Benz or Daimler? Karl Benz is an EIGHT  of Hearts - The Card of EMOTIONAL POWER and CHARM, a close second in the beauty card contest world.

 Rudolf Nureyev, most passionate ballet dancer and and your typical March 17th handsome guy. Dance and life was one and the same.

 Nat King Cole, exemplifies all of the characteristics of a SIX of Diamonds March 17 Pisces III birthday. Karma for the 6 of Diamonds - True Worth, they evaluate True Worth in terms of their craft. Sixes are fate cards, their life path is fated. Pisces is a Water Sign, Emotional and the PISCES III is The Week of DANCERS Singers, Actors, Designers and DREAMERS. Cole's fate put him on the White man's stage as the first African-American to host a National TV show. Fate also forced him to pick a side in the 'Jim Crow' era of the Civil Rights movement.

 Kurt Russell, is so wrapped up in his craft no sunlight  appears between who he is and who he is portraying on film.

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