March THIRD (7s) the Day of DESIGN:

Those born on March 3 usually have a pretty clear picture in their minds of what they wish to accomplish. Although highly imaginative, they have a firm pragmatic side that enables them to put their ideas into practice. Unlike those that seek acclaim or reward before finding a way to be useful, they recognize first a substantive need, and then apply whatever talents they have to provide for that need. Not only able to see the big picture, those born on this day are capable of focusing on details as well. It doesn't hurt that their skills are generally well developed.
Strengths: Directed, Conceptual, Well-Prepared
Weaknesses: Biased, Compulsive, Self-Unaware
ADVICE: Get to  know yourself better. If you don't like what you find, do something about it. Don't let a self-critical attitude hamper you. Also beware of making plans without setting reasonable deadlines. There is a time to take action.

BORN ON THIS DAY: Alexander Graham Bell,  Perry Ellis (designer), Chief Joseph, Rob Reiner, George Pullman (Railroad coach manufacturer), Jean Harlow, Diana Barrymore, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Hershel Walker; Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

MEDITATION: The grand pattern of the universe is God's design.

Spades - Wisdom - Labor - Acceptance

7 of Spades - Victory of Materiality Peace in the Higher Self

 Karma for the 7 of Spades - Recognition of Power 

 SEVEN  of Spades: The Card of FAITH This card is regarded as one of the most spiritual in the deck and these people can have great success in their life as long as they do not disregard the wisdom that is intended to guide them through life. These people are here to learn to TRUST and keep going in spite of circumstances. Their main challenges will come in the areas of work and health. The underlying King of Diamonds  mandates that they must live the higher values they know if they are to have the blessings and power that is inherently available to them. Being the Seven of Spades puts them on the line. They must think, speak and act from a higher perspective or suffer innumerable ills. They are protected by a high, spiritual force but even this is not as powerful as their own actions and attitudes. They must live what they know and follow their intuitive guidance. Many marry into money or receive support from associations. They can always do well if they work hard and maintain honesty. Nothing can stop them but themselves.
Your Karma Cards are the: king of diamonds KING of Diamonds - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way.  EIGHT of Hearts - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.

SEVEN  of Spades BIRTHDAYS: January 7 (Capricorn) February 5 (Aquarius) March 3 (Pisces II) April 1 (Aries) 

FAMOUS SEVEN  of Spades: Nicolas Cage, Katie Couric, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Henry "Hank" Aaron, Alexander Graham Bell, Jessica Biel; Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards

SEVEN  of Spades: The 7 of Spades are powerful people and quick thinkers. Illness may come through worry over business - or a frustrated desire to live beyond their means. Their heritage of power is sometimes misdirected to a longing for magnificence until they learn to awaken to understand their greater wisdom. Seven of Spades will work quietly, often secretly, and are usually willing to remain behind the scenes. For that reason they are valuable in secret service and their instinctive discernment of truth or falsehood. They have many friends but few loves. Generosity is a strong point and willingness to serve. In business they are honest and reliable and in love they are generally faithful.

PISCES II - The Week of the LONER March 3-10: Pisces II's tend to live in a private world of their own. This is true not only internally but outwardly for their homes are often retreats from the world, places to which few are admitted. The healthier Pisces II's can give equal weight to their careers, on the one hand, and to their social and personal lives, on the other; less balanced individuals born in this week may choose to isolate themselves more than is good for them.

ADVICE: Try to remain realistic in your outlook. Resist the lure of escapes, in all their varied forms. On the one hand, leave a window open to the world. Continue to strive for trust and acceptance, but remember to stand up for yourself as well. Improving your social position may make certain things easier for you. Your suffering may neither be unique or, for that matter, necessary.



PISCES II Notables: Alexander Graham Bell, Michelangelo, Bobby Fischer, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Cyrano de Berggerac. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

The March 3rd SEVEN  of Spades "The Faith Card" is powered by their twin engined EIGHT  of Hearts "The Emotional Power Card" as their Ego and their +karma. No one can say no to them, which allows the March 3rd person to make a fortune with their -karma KING  of Diamonds "The Successful Business Person" Card. The only hitch in their get-a-long to sainthood for the 7 of Spades - Recognition of Power. They are so powerful that on occasion scare the living daylights out of their employees and associates. Picture, January 7 of Spades, Nicolas Cage, doing one of his rants and you are on the receiving end of his wrath. The story of Chief Joseph who embraced Christianity, led his people in a Gandhian struggle with the White Man's Government, only to die of a broken heart is my March 3rd hero.

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