TWO of Diamonds

Nothing motivates a Two of Diamonds person like money. A willingness to throw themselves into a business venture, coupled with a refined intuition, makes a Two of Diamonds a steady business partner. Some of their most ideal partners are family and friends; people with whom they feel most familiar and to whom they have a deep sense of loyalty and responsibility. They are happiest working in a union of shared values and least happy when working alone.

Their Four of Spades♠ in Jupiter offers good fortune in career opportunities. Coupled with their Ten of Diamonds in Uranus, these opportunities can bring huge rewards and often include new expansive and innovative ideas that reach the public in a profound way. This is further supported by their Eight of Spades♠ in Neptune, which offers the ability and vision to achieve their dreams.

Meaning of the Two of Diamonds - Need for Financial Security

Karmic Challenge: Fear of Lack 

Another influence of their Eight of Spades♠ is a powerful psychic ability. When following their guidance, the Two of Diamonds experiences fewer road blocks to success. However, their Ace of Hearts in Pluto can lead to self-doubt.  Learning to trust their intuition is a life long mission for Two of Diamonds people.

While quite adept in the mundane, material world, the Two of Diamonds♦ also feels a certain calling, a special mission of sorts, brought forth by their Six of Clubs♣ Challenging Karma Card (-KC): the card of a messenger and/or a missionary. They often feel lead to share the “truth” – at least their version of the truth, whatever it is to them. A fulfilling life for a Two of Diamonds would be to combine their innate business sense with sharing their truths and spiritual knowledge.

When the Two of Diamonds person weaves together their business acumen with their strong intuition, the result is a solid sense of self-worth – represented by their Ace of Diamonds Result Card. They will find satisfaction by initiating new ventures that further their sense of worth and purpose in the world. From this abundance, their instinctual altruistic nature has an opportunity to blossom and grow to benefit the public in profound ways.

People of this card and suit are here to experience life and themselves through values, acquiring worth, both material and immaterial, commerce, evaluation, financial matters and business.

Two of Diamonds

Two of Diamonds Karma Cards:
Challenging Karma Card (-KC)  Six of Clubs♣
Supporting Karma Card (+KC)  Ace of Diamonds

Two of Diamonds Birthdays:  January 25, February 23, March 21, April 19, May 17, June 15, July 13, August 11, September 9, October 7, November 5, December 3

Famous Two of Diamonds:  Ayatollah Khomeini, Vladimir Putin, Jerry Falwell, Desmond Tutu, John Astor IV, Laurence Gardener, Cliff Robertson, Peter Fonda, Alicia Keys, Dakota Fanning, Matthew Broderick, Rosie O’Donnell, Harrison Ford, Sugar Ray Leonard, Maria Sharapova, Ice Cube, Adam Sandler, Kevin Jonas, Brendan Fraser, Kate Hudson, Cheech Marin, Corazon Aquino, Timothy Dalton, Jayne Mansfield, Maureen O’Sullivan, Courtney Cox, Waylon Jennings, Arlene Dahl, Michael Keaton, John Cougar Mellencamp, Bryan Adams, Ike Turner, Hulk Hogan, Holly Marie Combs, Ashley Judd, Virginia Woolf, Howard Jones, Bill Paxton, Al Unser Jr., Hugh O’Brian, Dennis Hopper, Dina Meyer, Patrick Stewart, Alex Haley, Billy Preston, Tatum O’Neal, Art Garfunkel, Vivien Leigh, Ozzy Osbourne, Dudley Moore, Jack Kemp, Darryl Hannah, Tim Curry, Bob Saget, Helen Hunt, Jim Belushi, Mario Cuomo, Bob Crane, Andy Williams, Hugh Grant, Otis Redding, R. D. Laing, Sam Shepard, Elke Summer, Roy Rogers, Colonel Sanders, Amanda Seyfried, Simon Cowell, Tomi Lahren

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