August SIXTEENTH (10c) the Day of HIGH VOLTAGE:

The Jack of Clubs Club

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  "We will defend our children. If the hand of any two-footed animal is raised against them, that hand will be cut off, and our children will grow up in joy in the homes of their parents." - Menachem Begin

Those born on August 16 are full-bodied sensualists who know how to get their way. Yet in everything they do, there is a sense of refinement, of style, of highly magnetic attractiveness which endears them to most people who come in contact with them. Even if they appear fresh-faced and wholesome, those born on this day invariably have either a notable interest in and/or drive toward various forms of sensuous as well as sexual expression. The commanding aspects of this personality are marked as well, and because of this, August 16 people can have great difficulty tolerating opposing points of view. Indeed they will seek to triumph over and in extreme cases destroy those whom they see as adversaries or enemies. The drive in them to accumulate power within their sphere of influence is particularly pronounced;

Strengths: Seductive, Electric, Goal-Oriented

Weaknesses: Destructive, Rebellious, Excessive

ADVICE: Learn to transform your voltage when necessary to run conventional human appliances. Try not to burn them out, for their sake. Be a bit kinder to your enemies - you may need them too. Put a little more energy into your inner spiritual life.

BORN ON THIS DAY: Madonna, T.E. Lawrence, George Meany, Frank Gifford, Kathie Lee Gifford, Wilhelm Wundt (empirical psychologist), J.L.Rodale (organic gardener specialist), Edyie Gorme, Fess Parker, James Cameron, Julie Newmar, Menachem Begin; Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

MEDITATION: To those sensitive to it, the language of the bedroom rarely tells a lie. 

Clubs - Mind - Communication – Intelligence

10 of Clubs - Mental Illumination

Karma for the 10 of Clubs - Vacillation of Values

TEN  of Clubs: The TEACHER Card: The Ten of Clubs have come full circle in their quest for knowledge. They have a powerful mind and a consuming desire for more knowledge as well. In this life they must learn to regain the control over their mind which has developed somewhat of a life of its own. The best path back to self-mastery is to direct the mind into right motives and higher principles. Their Three of Hearts in Mars makes for emotional restlessness, which can be a strain on relationships. The strong desire for spiritual wisdom and study of spiritual philosophies will bring contact with many uplifting groups and will increase enjoyment of life. The Ten of Clubs have good luck in work and labor relations and could do very well in the real estate business. Their Three of Diamonds Pluto Card signifies that in this life they will be doing much experimenting as they work towards finding out what really satisfies them. They often spend a lot of time deciding what is their life's work. Once they decide, they can rise to the heights. Choosing things that allow for freedom and travel gives them the best results.

Your Karma Cards are the:  Jack of Spades - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way.  Four of Spades - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.

TEN  of Clubs BIRTHDAYS: January 30 (Aquarius), February 28 (Pisces), March 26 (Aries), April 24 (Taurus), May 22 (Taurus/Gemini), June 20 (Gemini), July 18 (Cancer), August 16 (Leo), September 14 (Virgo), October 12 (Libra), November 10 (Scorpio), December 8 (Sagittarius);

FAMOUS TEN  of Clubs: Dick Cheney, Vanessa Redgrave, James Cameron, Gene Hackman, T.E. Lawrence, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Bernadette Peters, Mario Andretti, Keira Knightley, Steven Tyler, Barbara Streisand, Shirley MacLaine, Naomi Campbell, Sir Laurence Olivier, Nicole Kidman, Errol Flynn, Van Diesel, Hunter S. Thompson, Steve Carell, Madonna, Kim Basinger, Hugh Jackman, Luciano Pavarotti, Richard Burton, Roy Scheider, Mary Queen of Scots. Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards 

TEN  of Clubs: The greatest success for the 10 of Clubs lies within the mental realm. This is also considered the Moon Card; known to astrologers as the emotional mind. Mental strength, assuredness, and will power are the trademarks of those born under this high card, as well as blind ego, and cunning. Ten of Clubs people are often suspicious of others, and demand loyalty from friends and family. They are known as task-masters within the family, and feel they are deserving of that title. They are afraid of being judged, and are insecure on a very deep level. All 10 of Clubs like to work, and for those instilled with a good sense of values early in life, success is theirs for the taking. Clubs - Mind - Communication – Intelligence, 10 of Clubs - Mental Illumination, Karma for the 10 of Clubs - Vacillation of Values.

LEO III: The Week of LEADERSHIP August 11 - 18: LEO III's often assume a commanding role in their family and social or work group. They have highly developed instincts to lead, but not necessarily to dominate or rule; it is simply that action comes naturally to these dynamic individuals. They also make good planners, well capable of organizing an effective plan of attack and seeing it through. Building an effective team is essential to their continued success. -



LEO III NOTABLES: Napoleon Bonaparte, Madonna , Magic Johnson, Sean Penn, Fidel Castro, Annie Oakley, Shimon Peres, Robert De Niro, Julia Child. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

ADVICE: Try to tone down your demanding and commanding side. Hold the mirror up to yourself as well - examine your motivations carefully. Battle to keep the combatant in you more peaceful. Take some distance from yourself. Admitting weakness can be a sign of strength. 

Astro-Psychometric Quadrants

January 30  (Aquarius),  February 28  (Pisces),  March 26  (Aries),  April 24  (Taurus),  May 22  (Taurus/Gemini),  June 20  (Gemini),  July 18  (Cancer),  August 16  (Leo), September 14  (Virgo),  October 12  (Libra),  November 10   (Scorpio),  December 8  (Sagittarius)


          Self                                                                 Ego


August SIXTEENTH the Day of HIGH VOLTAGE: is a Lion who wants to teach us something, whether or not, we want to hear it. August 16 is born under the LEO III: The Week of LEADERSHIP August 11 - 18 astrology umbrella thereby giving the TEN  of Clubs "The Teacher Card" a bigger classroom than others. It is challenging to find a more High Voltage August 16 than T. E. Lawrence.

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