The Jack of Clubs Club

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  Louis the Sixteenth was the King of France in 1789

  He was worse than Louis the Fifteenth 
  He was worse than Louis the Fourteenth 
  He was worse than Louis the Thirteenth 
  He was the worst since Louis the First


Those born on August 23 often stand aloof from life, and thus appear to be detached and cool. Whether due to disinterest in mundane affairs or preoccupation with their own needs and wants, they can strike others as selfish. In reality they are not so much selfish as self-involved, thoroughly taken up with their interests and what they wish to accomplish in life.

STRENGTHS: Intense, Poised, Technical

WEAKNESSES: Self-Involved, Detached, Emotionally Blocked

ADVICE: Try to stay sensitive to the feelings of others but, more importantly, get in touch with your own needs on a deeper level. Keep aggressive urges under control while remaining uninhibited. Make a conscious effort to give unconditionally. Don't lose yourself in material concerns.

BORN ON THIS DAY: Gene Kelly, Louis XVI, River Phoenix, Harry F. Guggenheim, Vera Miles, Shelley Long, Pete Wilson, Barbara Eden; Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

MEDITATION: The greatest achievement of a truly ambitious person may be simple kindness. 

Meaning of the Three of Clubs Uncertainty in Beliefs

Karma for the 3 of Clubs: Faith
The THREE  of Clubs the 'WRITER'S Card: The creativity in this card can manifest in many ways. On the high side, these people can be highly successful writers, teachers or performers. On the low side, they can worry, become indecisive and spend their time on frivolous activities. Even among the most successful (3c) we find worry and indecision as more-or-less constant themes in their life. Success in life always depends upon the individual and how they use their God given gifts and abilities. (3c) are gifted but their fear of poverty may entice them into using their creativity in questionable ways. If this happens, they seldom get away with it. They make great salespeople and propagandists, but they are ineffective until they decide upon one philosophy and stand behind it. This is one of the strongest business cards. Their (Kd) second Karma Card gifts them with natural business ability. They gravitate toward big money and big business and can easily position themselves in leadership wherever they work. The five of diamonds FIVE of Diamonds first Karma Card, however, causes them to choose occupations where their freedom is not hampered too much. Thus, they will often choose to work for themselves or to freelance. Their natural gifts are creative and many become prominent authors, speakers or producers in the entertainment industry.

king of diamonds KING of Diamonds owes you a karmic debt and they mirror you in some way. They are sure to have some emotional losses - relationships that they think should last forever but don't many of which are destined and karmic in nature. If they see them as 'completions' and graduations to a higher level, they can avoid disappointment. Their love has the potential to be realized on a more universal level. If they utilize their inheritance of spiritual knowledge, much success can be realized. They are here to be transformers of energy - worry into creativity and fear into faith. In this manner they serve as powerful examples for us all. Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards 

THREE  of Clubs BIRTHDAYS: May 29 (Gemini), June 27 (Cancer), July 25 (Leo), August 23 (Leo-Virgo), September 21 (Virgo), October 19 (Libra), November 17 (Scorpio), December 15 (Sagittarius);

FAMOUS THREE  of ClubsBob Hope, KBE, KC*SG, KSS was an American comedian, vaudevillian, actor, singer, dancer, philanthropist and author. With a career spanning nearly 80 years, Hope appeared in more than 70 short and feature films, including a series of "Road" movies. May 29, 1903, Eltham, London, UK.

FAMOUS THREE  of Clubs: LaToya Jackson, John F. KennedyJoseph P. Kennedy Jr. (JFK's older brother), Adrian Paul, Tobey Maguire, H. Ross Perot, Kobe Bryant, Gene Kelly, Nicole Richie, Faith Hill, Bill Murray, Stephan King, J. Paul Getty, Don Johnson, Danny DeVito, Lauren Hutton, Ty Pennington, Evander Holyfield;

three of clubs THREE of Clubs people are incredibly bright, creative and magnetic. And thank goodness because on the flip side, the 3 of Clubs have the worst case of indecision known to man! It is the inherent creativity and personable karma of this wonderful card that gets them where they need to go, bringing rewards of success into their ever-active life. There is often difficult karma with older women for the Three of Clubs, and they tend to suffer at the hands of a troubled mother, grandparent, or older sister. No stranger to emotional disappointments, they have had to learn the art of resilience and developed a terrific personality along the way. Three of Clubs people often change careers later in life. They make excellent realtors, entertainers, and public spokespeople.

LEO-VIRGO CUSP: The Cusp of EXPOSURE - August 19-25: Those born on the Leo-Virgo cusp are an interesting blend of introvert and extrovert. Leo-Virgo people combine the practical, earthly qualities of Virgo with the more intuitive, fiery traits of Leo, producing quietly inspired individuals who keep their light within. Some Leo-Virgos give a muted, almost nondescript first impression while concealing more flamboyant tendencies; others come across as exhibitionistic but are actually sensitive, private types. They may hide certain personal qualities, or facts about themselves, for years, but their inner flamboyance will break out periodically in even the most introverted of those born in this period when one day they reveal themselves to the world, in full awareness of what they are doing. Many of them will come to realize that self-concealment is futile the more they try to hide, the more the world seems to take notice of them. By aiming to be more transparent, letting others see what they really are instead of hiding, Leo-Virgos will even out some of their swings between introverted and extroverted behavior.

Strengths: Self-Contained - Observant - Flamboyant

Weaknesses: Narcissistic - Secretive - Non-sharing

ADVICE: Don't blame the world for not recognizing you if you hide yourself away. Be more transparent - let people see what you are really like. Beware of keeping secrets even from yourself. Allow others in, to share in both your joys and sorrows.

LEO-VIRGO CUSP NOTABLES: Bill Clinton, Sean Connery, Coco Channel, Gene  Kelly, Orville Wright, Deng Xiaoping, Leonard Berstein, Wilt Chamberlain, Gene Rodenberry, Jill St. John, Eero Saarinen, Connie Chung. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

Astro-Psychometric Quadrants
 May 29  (Gemini),  June 27  (Cancer),  July 25  (Leo),  August 23   (Leo-Virgo),  September 21  (Virgo),  October 19  (Libra),  November 17   (Scorpio),  December 15  (Sagittarius)


  Self                                                      Leo Ego                                                         Virgo Ego


August TWENTY-THIRD  the Day of LIVELY PRECISION: is "the third time's the charm" "Writer," "Writer," "Actor." August 23 is on the Leo (Fire) Virgo (Earth) Cusp of EXPOSURE an interesting blend of introvert and extrovert.

Even the most successful "the third time's the charm"  August 23 individuals find worry and indecision as more-or-less constant themes in their life. Gene KellyRiver Phoenix, Shelley Long, Barbara Eden

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