Business Relationship Readings

Business Relationship Readings

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66,978 Relationship Pairs


All you have to do when you enter into a trust (especially money) relationship is ask them when there birthday comes? This works well from hiring a cleaning lady to Trump negotiating with Xi Jinping. The secret three ingredients in business are 1) Expertise, 2) Customer Relations, and 3) Price.

It doesn't matter when the prospective cleaning lady was born if she can clean but long term knowing which of the potential 66,978 relationship pairings you belong will determine how to maintain good 2) Customer Relations. Using Trump's relationship with China's Xi Jinping as an example of a Bigly Business relationship, the First Connection, the most important connection of eight: XI Jinping is the Moon Card to Donald Trump in the Spiritual Spread



Of all the connections that exist among the cards in the deck, the Moon connection is probably the single most powerful one when it comes to decisions about long-term commitments. When someone is our Moon card, we feel very close and comfortable with them. When this connection is found in the Spiritual Spread, we feel even closer, and at the same time we sense that we have been together before. This is what we call an 'earned connection' in that it has a sense of familiarity to it that comes from having spent time together in a former lifetime. Couples who have this connection often experience instant recognition of each other, or love at first sight. Because they had been together before in a meaningful way, there is a certain sense of intimacy and emotional closeness when they meet, even if they have never seen each other before in this lifetime. This unexplainable sensation is one of the most attractive situations to those seeking a partner. It is not surprising how many people with this connection have gotten married, or at the least, had significant relationships together.


In this relationship, XI is a Moon Card influence to Donald. His presence in Donald's life is like a healing balm that soothes him. He provides Donald with nurturing support and a sense of foundation, security, home and settledness. Donald, on the other hand, brings many good things into the life of XI. He brings new ideas, fresh perspectives, new information, a broadening of experience and important direction for the relationship. Whether they realize it or not, Donald is the so-called 'leader' of this relationship. That is the nature of being the Sun Card in a Sun/Moon relationship.

So, Trump is not lying when he says he has a great relationship with Xi and even though Trump is the defacto leader of the karmic partnership, they equally have their work cut out for them.

Vladimir Putin is the Moon Card to Donald Trump in the Spiritual Spread because Putin just like Xi Jinping is a TWO of Diamonds and the THREE of Diamonds Trump thinks the Moon of them.

Trump is their leader but with Putin, Trump is also Pluto-Man.


Donald Trump is the Pluto Card to Vladimir Putin in the Spiritual Spread

This connection produces a sort of 'fated' quality to relationships. Because of a past life of being together, Donald and Vladimir may feel drawn together by some unexplainable force, in order to complete some issues they left unresolved in that former time together. Essentially, there was unfinished business in which Donald was a catalyst for Vladimir's transformation on a deep level. In this lifetime this business may have a chance to be completed if both partners are aware of this connection and its implications.

Donald represents certain qualities or characteristics that are a part of Vladimir's personal transformation in this lifetime. He may challenge Vladimir at times, making him feel confronted or even threatened. This may or may not be intentional because in Pluto relationships merely the presence of the Pluto person is enough to effect a lot of change in the other person. Each of us has a Pluto Card that represents an important area in our life where we need to die and be reborn in some way. It represents something or things that we need to let go of or change in order to progress to the next step in our evolution. Someone who is our Pluto Card will in some way remind us of this change we need to make and at the same time, act as a catalyst to get that change happening.



Everyone is in our life for a reason and thanks to the Cards there are 66,978 reasons why. Understand the why's of any relationship work, home, friend, affinity group or team.