December THIRTEENTH (5c) the Day of EXACTING CRAFT:

The Jack of Clubs Club

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  "Well, York, I hear you have captured the whole damned German army." - Alvin C. York

Those born on December 13 not only have a feeling for the big line but also the details. Painstaking in their work, they craft what they have slowly, carefully, precisely - without losing sight of their long-range goals. Thus they are able to combine the qualities of expansion and limitation in their personalities, enhancing greatly their chances of success. However, they run the danger of getting stuck in an overly minute examination of the matter at hand, becoming overcautious or fearful, perhaps getting bogged down or even giving up altogether due to discouragement. Thus their expansive ambitions can be a kind of burden if it appears hopeless that they will reach distant and lofty goals in a reasonable amount of time.

STRENGTHS: Attentive, Perceptive, Thoughtful

WEAKNESSES: Disturbing,m Irritating, Fussy

ADVICE: Don't get caught in a trap of your own making. Remember to keep moving on. There is a point at which polishing becomes a wearing away. Allow for the foibles and idiosyncrasies of others, too. You aren't the only one who requires latitude.

BORN ON THIS DAY: Ben Bernanke, Taylor Swift, Heinrich Heine (perhaps Germany's best poet), Alvin C. York, Gustave Flaubert (French novelist, tried for obscenity), Christopher Plummer, Carlos Montoya, Archie Moore, Hugo Fonk (Polish-American designer, inventor Trans-American building), Dick Van Dyke, Van Heflin, Queen Silver (child prodigy, philosopher scientist), Ferguson Jenkins, Prince Karim Aga Khan IV (Ismaili Muslims), Mary Todd Lincoln; Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

MEDITATION: If you are too absorbed with the trees, you may never find your way out of the forest. 

Clubs - Mind - Communication – Intelligence

5 of Clubs - Changes in Mental Attitude

Karma for the 5 of Clubs – Skepticism
FIVE  of Clubs: The MENTALLY and EMOTIONALLY RESTLESS Card: Five of Clubs means changes and restlessness of the mind and we find these people to have a lot of curiosity and restlessness in their lives. Their Five of Hearts Karma Card tells us that they also have many changes in their romantic life as well and for this reason they are not usually well suited for marriage. They have the Ace of Spades in Venus and that Venus and that speaks of secret love affairs and indecision about which to choose. Their Seven of Diamonds in Jupiter is a millionaire's card and many of them have lots of money, though they often spend it as fast as they get it. Speculation & gambling should be avoided. Their natural curiosity brings them much knowledge, but they often do not apply it or stick to one train of thought. This tends to make them skeptics, not even getting satisfaction from their own self- created belief structures. An interest in spiritual studies brings more satisfaction in their later years and provides answers that bring more peace to their lives. A spiritual teacher is helpful in this regard.
Your Karma Cards are the: five of hearts FIVE of Hearts - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. four of clubs FOUR of Clubs - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.
FIVE  of Clubs BIRTHDAYS: March 31 (Aries), April 29 (Taurus), May 27 (Gemini), June 25 (Cancer), July 23 (Cancer/ Leo), August 21 (Leo), September 19 (Virgo), October 17 (Libra), November 15 (Scorpio), December 13 (Sagittarius III);


FAMOUS FIVE  of Clubs: Woodrow Tracy "Woody" Harrelson is an American actor, activist and playwright. He is a double Academy Award nominee, seven-time Emmy Award nominee and one-time winner. July 23, 1961 (age 53), Midland, TX. 

FAMOUS FIVE  of Clubs: Wild Bill Hickok, Pavel Bure, Gordie Howe, Ben Bernanke, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Al Gore, Andre Agassi, Uma Thurman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Daniel Day-Lewis, William Randolph Hearst, Henry Kissinger, Monica Lewinsky, Kim Cattrall, Jim Abbott, Eminem, Evel Knieval, Woody Harrelson, Archie Moore, Jamie Foxx; Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards 

five of clubs FIVE of Clubs: Versatile, restless, inquiring, and forever seeking with an ever changing mind; the 5 of Clubs is a young soul who is never satisfied with the answers they find. They need constant movement and wide travel -- eager to go anywhere rather than remain where they are. The positive natives of this card fight against their inherent restlessness, which otherwise lures them away from building a solid base. Those 5 of Clubs will then choose to educate themselves in some specialty that interests them, and will pursue it to a successful outcome. Marriage is never easy for the 5 of Clubs as they are prone to jealousy and suspicion. They also experience changes in their mental attitudes towards their partner and cause the marriage to falter. The Five of Clubs must have an outlet for their natural keenness. Education is of supreme importance if they are to succeed in life. And peace of mind comes from a willingness to accept their life as it must be lived -- constructively!

SAGITTARIUS III (Fire): The Week of the TITAN - December 11-18: Born in the Week of the Titan, SAGITTARIUS III's think on a grand scale. Their minds are usually geared to big projects, whether planning a family get-together or mapping out a business strategy. Disliking pettiness in all forms, they see the total picture first, and generally avoid getting hung up in the details. SAGITTARIUS III's are big-hearted, and give shamelessly, but are realistic enough to expect something in return.

Strengths: Big-Hearted - Self-Assured - Aspiring

Weaknesses: Self-Unaware - Secretly Insecure - Fussy

SAGITTARIUS III NOTABLES: Taylor Swift, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Steven Spielberg, Beethoven, Liv Ulman, J. Paul Getty. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

ADVICE: Learn to enjoy the little things, the simple pleasures of life. Try to be more understanding of others. Apply your ethical standards to yourself and concentrate more of your energies on personal growth. Find a way to blend in when necessary and avoid ruffling feathers. 

Astro-Psychometric Quadrants

March 31  (Aries I),   April 29  (Taurus I),   May 27  (Gemini I),   June 25  (Cancer I),   July 23   (Cancer-Leo Cusp),   August 21  (Leo-Virgo Cusp),   September 19  (Virgo-Libra Cusp),   October 17 (Libra III),   November 15   (Scorpio III),   December 13  (Sagittarius III)



         Self                                                          Ego

December THIRTEENTH the Day of EXACTING CRAFT: turns the unlucky number 13 to their advantage with a magic SEVEN  of Diamonds Ego, "The Card of Spiritual Values." Every other year the 7  of Diamonds switches places with the NINE  of Hearts "The Universal Love Card."

The Self, the FIVE  of Clubs "The Truth Seeker" remains supreme and karmically at the same time full of Skepticism. The EXACTING CRAFT moniker, fits because December 13 people fear screwing up their idealistic goals. 


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